Hey guys, I'm writing this because some people on FanFiction just throw suicide and things like that around so easily. We have no idea how much pain that those people go through to even consider something that serious. If you know someone like that, get help. If you're going through something like this, talk to someone. You'll feel better, I promise!

"Kim, you're pathetic. Do us a favor and…well. You know." Donna dragged her index finger across her neck and shut her eyes, simulating her death.

Scoffing, Kim stormed back to her locker, opened it, grabbed her bag, and then raced out of the opposite side of the school. She had just been kicked off the pep squad, and she was the captain. The emotions racing through her mind were betrayal and hopelessness. Did Donna really mean that? The…suicide comment? Kim had never considered that before, and she wasn't about to now. But it stuck with her. After all, how do you forget something that big? The fact that someone wants you dead? After walking aimlessly for a few minutes, she looked up and realized she was in by the mall's entrance. She turned right and sat under a tree. It was huge, with long branches shielding her from the outside world. Kim rested her head on her knees as the sobs shook her upper body and hazed over her brain. She reached into her pocket and dug out her phone. Just as she unlocked it, Jack's ringtone of "Million Bucks" by Cimorelli pierced the silent landscape. Still weeping uncontrollably, she ignored the call and placed her sweatshirt on the trunk of the tree, using it as a makeshift pillow. She heard Jack calling three more times, and each one she placed her thumb on the "Ignore" button. He would be looking for her now, she knew, but she prayed he wouldn't see her in this state. Weak. Pathetic. No one had ever called her that before. Instead of having the passion to go and slap Donna silly, she sank deeper into the pit of self-hatred she had started to dig.

Then came the rain. In heavy torrents and sheets, and soon thunder and lightning began. Kim only felt an occasional splatter thanks to the dense collection of tree limbs. As suspected, she saw Jack zooming down the sidewalk, phone pressed against his ear, his head swiveling each way. The, her phone commenced singing as loudly as it possibly could, causing Jack's head to turn in her direction. Trying to silence the device, Kim pinched down the volume button, but to no avail. Jack had spotted her golden hair, and was swiftly making his way towards her.

"Kimberly Crawford! I have been looking for you for the past half hour! Why did you keep ignoring my calls? We're going to be struck by lightning if we- oh my god. I'm an idiot. What's wrong?" As soon as he noticed the waterfall streaming down her face, he dropped his stuff and sat next to her. His left arm wrapped itself around her shoulders as her head fell onto his chest. The other pinned her arms to her sides and encircled her next to him.

Then, she cried the hardest she ever remembered doing so. It hurt her so much to know someone felt that way about her. She knew Donna never liked her, but to say something that serious was different. "I just feel like an idiot for…well, thinking her crowd…wanted me alive."

Jack was beyond mad. Kim, his best friend, was being told by some trashy slut that she was useless, and she should…he couldn't even wrap his head around that fact. Kim was amazing to him, if they couldn't see that, it was their loss. So, he held his other half close and whispered "Kim, you aren't thinking about…that, are you?"

Kim raised her head to watch his eyes, which were filled with concern and anger. She knew he was going to go tell Donna off, and this worried her. She didn't want someone watching over her, she could take care of herself. She didn't need to be cuddled and told she was important. What she should be doing, instead of sobbing over some jerk's comment was showing her how her words didn't hurt her. Even if she did try to physically beat her, first, she could take her, second, the bruises would heal, the cuts would heal, and she would heal. She didn't have to sit here, waiting for the next taunt to fly her way. She should ignore this crap. But why is it so hard? She wanted to not care what other people thought of her, but she always had. She prided herself on being pretty and popular, but classy and kind. No one, no one, could tell her who she is. Only she can.

"Jack." All traces of tears dried and left. She was better than this. All the lessons she had learned came rushing back to her.

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me."

"So make your jokes, go for broke, blow your smoke, you're not alone, but who's laughing now?"

"Someday, I'll be living in a big ol' city, and all you're ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?"

"Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper."

"Yeah, Kim?" She had stood during her internal rant, so he followed her up.

"I'm going to go kick Donna now."

"As much as I want you too, you have to be the bigger person, Kim."

Sighing, she agreed. "Yeah,"

"How about…" He embraced her, then continued. "You just ignore that idiot?"

Soon, Kim understood. In none of those songs did anyone ever scoop to their tormentors level, they ignored them. Instead of walking away from them, they just walked past. Not giving them the satisfaction of tears and sour days. This was the only time Kim knew it would be okay to be ignorant. Just to block out the she-devil.

"Yeah," She let out a contented breath. "That'll work."

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