As I said last chapter, this one will be a little short but it will finally get us past this battle and move on towards introducing other Hunters/Hackers.

Xros Heart's Newest Member! The First Step in Becoming Hunter!

School Grounds (DigiQuartz)

"Dracomon! Cho Shinka!" Tyson shouted, swiping it up to the side, forming a green circle with gold rings above him.

Dracomon let out a roar as the circle enveloped him, breaking his body apart. It reconstructed him in a ferocious blue dragon; only he was much larger than before. He had blue scales, a white underbelly and claws. His wings were blue and white, though looked a little tattered but could still be used for flight. He had a red horn on his nose, on his head, and back with matching colored eyes. He roared and struck a pose. "Cho Shinka! Coredramon!"

"Whoa!" Taiki and Tyson exclaimed as the blue dragon appeared before them.

"Dracomon...Digivolved..." Yuu witnessed in amazement.

"That means Tyson's one of us!" Tagiru exclaimed in happiness, to which Tyson smiled sheepishly.

"Not sure what I'm one of exactly, but if this gives us a chance to bring down Myotismon, then who am I to complain." He said looking up at his partner. "So what do I call you again?"

"You can call me Coredramon!" Coredramon exclaimed as his wings stretched out a bit. "But let's save the introductions after we clean up here!"

Myotsimon's jaw dropped at seeing his target Digivolved. He thought it was impossible for Digimon of his kind to achieve Digivolution unless certain steps are performed, according to the rumors he heard about his kind.

"I don't understand how he Digivolved when he was originally so weak, let alone survive my attack like that. Could he maybe have awakened his true abilities?" Myotismon said while he gained some distance.

"Wow! Your Super-Digivolved form is so cool!" Tagiru awed, looking over Coredramon. "With a powerhouse like you on the team, there's no way we can lose!"

"This changes nothing fools!" Myotismon shouted, drawing everyone's attention to him. "All that you've managed to accomplish is making my desire to drink the pure-blooded dragon's data stronger than ever! This just proves how much power he has. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking how it's all going to waste on a weakling like him!"

"Your mask must be on too tight because from where I'm standing Coredramon looks like a lean, mean, Digi-fighting machine!" Tyson said.

"Careful Tyson-san. You don't want to get him riled up or you might regret it later." Yuu warned.

Tyson was about to retort but was cut off by Taiki placing a hand on his shoulder. "We have to hunt Myotismon right now, or else he may try the same trick with someone else." He told Tyson seriously.

Tyson nodded his head, and looked up at Coredramon. "You ready for this?"

"Always, partner." The dragon said back. They both smiled at the thought of being partners with one another. Tyson had a feeling he and Coredramon would get along great, said dragon feeling the same way.

"The time for talk is over! I'll end you all now!" Myotismon declared. "Grizzly Wing!" He summoned his bats again and directed them towards Xros Heart.

"Blue Flare Blast!" Coredramon shouted as ephemeral flames of sapphire burst form the dragon's mouth. The fires completely deleted the vampire Digimon's attack and still raced towards him. Myotismon's eyes widen in fear as the fires hit him directly, sending him flying back a bit. The ultimate growled as the flames died slightly on his coat.

"Wow that's powerful!" Tagiru exclaimed.

"You haven't seen anything yet!" Coredramon stated. Flapping his tattered wings, he flew with amazing speed at Myotismon. The vampire didn't have time to react as Coredramon was already directly in front of him. "Strike Bomber!" He slammed his tail into Myotismon, thrusting him hard into the ground.

"Incredible. I didn't think that little guy could be this tough." OmegaShoutmon commented.

Arresterdramon slammed his tail down in excitement. "Hey, we can't let him hog all the spotlight now, can we Tagiru? I've still got plenty of fight left in me!"

Tagiru smirked. "Right, let's go!"

Taiki nodded. "Let's show him what we can really do!"

"Alright! Charge!" OmegaShoutmon commanded. He and Arresterdramon flew while Tuwarmon ran at high speed.

Myotismon cursed under his breath as everyone unleashed their most powerful attacks on the vampire Digimon.

"Prism Gallet!" Arresterdramon shouted, rotating his body at high speed by becoming countless revolutions of light.

"Omega The Fusion!" OmegaShoutmon shouted, drawing the power of the Omega inForce from his whole body, concentrating it into an Omnimon-shaped aura.

"Ninja Art: FÅ«jin's Waves!" Tuwarmon shouted, generating another powerful downwash of wind.

"G Shurunen II!" Coredramon shouted. His horns glowed brightly, before he fires diffusing laser beams indiscriminately from his mouth.

Myotismon screamed in horror and pain at the power that was thrust upon him. It was too much, he could feel his body breaking apart.

"No, this wasn't how it was meant to end! He promised me power from the dragon! I was so having my wish granted!" Myotismon babbled while taking the onslaught of attacks. No one was able to catch a word of what he said, aside from Taiki.

'What does he mean? Could someone have put him up to this?' Taiki asked himself.

"We-we won!?" Tyson exclaimed as Coredramon glowed bright. The light shrunk the Digimon back into Dracomon, who immediately ran to Tyson.

"Yeah, we did!" Dracomon said happily, relieved that he and his new friends were finally safe.

Tyson looked down at his Xrosm Loader in shock, then back to Dracomon. A wave of mixed emotions washed over him. He was happy they managed to win, scared from the experience he went through, tired from possibly Digivolving Dracomon, and excited from the intense battle he just saw. He was shakened out of his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking over it, he saw Taiki.

"You did a good job out there. Thanks to you we were able to defeat Myotismon." Taiki told the boy.

"Th-thanks Taiki, but if it weren't for me then you guys wouldn't have had any trouble beating him." Tyson said nervously. Great, his nervousness was back, replacing the confidence he held only moments ago. Taguiru ran up to him and threw and arm around his shoulder, his face giddy from excitment.

"Don't be so modest! You deserve to brag! Besides, it's what friends do! They help each other out!"

"F-friends?" Tyson sputtered out as the others nodded.

"Any friend of Taiki-san is a friend of ours." Yuu said. He walked up to Tyson and extended his hand.

Tagiru let go of Tyson to give the older boy free use of his hands again. Tyson smiled and shook Yuu's hand with his own.

"As a sign of our friendship, I think Tyson deserves to be the one to hunt Myotismon, don;t you agree Taiki-san, Yuu?" Tagiru exclaimed. Both boys nodded at the gesture.

"I think that's a wonderful idea Tagiru." Taiki praised. The gogglehead smiled widely at his senpai praise, while Yuu jokingly rolled his eyes.

"What do you mean "hunt" him?" Tyson asked Xros Heart, scratching his head.

"It means that when you defeat a Digimon, you can capture it and store it in your Xros Loader. Then it becomes your friend to help you in battle, or Digi-Xros." Tagiru explained.

"Digi-Xros?" Now he was even more confused. It's like a bad soap opera: Miss one thing and you're lost on the entire story.

"We'll explain that later." Taiki promised, before Tagiru could get into that. "Right now we have to hunt him before he escapes."

"Taiki, you gotta come see this!" OmegaShoutmon yelled for his partner. He and the others were still Digivolved to keep an eye on Myotismon. When they got to where their Digimon were, they noticed Myotismon was lacking the purple ring most Digimon had on them when defeated in DigiQuartz. Instead, his body looked like it was ready to fall apart, similar to what almost happened with Dracomon.

"Uh...what's going on?" Tyson asked as everyone looked concerned and worried.

"I don't know, but if I had to guess I'd say his data is breaking apart." OmegaShoutmnon explained to the others.

"But how? Digimon are supposed to remain frozen until a Hunter puts them in a Xros Loader." Tagiru said with confusion on his face.

"Maybe he isn't a real Digimon?" Arresterdramon suggested.

" would like to believe that wouldn't you..." Myotismon mumbled weakly.

"He's still conscious!?" Yuu shouted in amazement and disbelief.

"Myotismon, what is happening to you? Why were you after Dracomon with such a lust for power?" Taiki questioned the fading Digimon.

"Because I be strong enough to defend myself. At least...that was my original goal." Myotismon wheezed out.

"Strong enough? Was someone hurting you?" Tagiru asked.

"No. I was...constantly bullied because I was weak." Myotismon said, still panting. "I was once a weak DemiDevimon...who dreamed of someday Digivolving. But others...they looked down upon my dream, deeming me as a weak and spineless coward who would never get matter what I did. I was starting to believe...they were right, until a stranger approached me...telling me he could make me Digivolve. I didn't know what this man...wanted in return, nor did I care if it got me power."

"But how could you get power from Dracomon?" Tyson asked.

"After Digivolving, I felt a strange surge of power flow through me, but I desired more to satisfy my hunger. Then the man told me if I drank the data of a pure-blooded dragon...I would reach new heights that even the Digimon King could not accomplish."
As Xros Heart listened intently, something of what Myotismon said brought its attention to Taiki. He said that a man was the one who made him Digivolved, but does he mean...?

"Myotismon. Did the man you meet happen to be a human?" Taiki interrogated the Digimon. A large collection of gasps ran through the Hunters and Digimon, while Myotismon's eyes widened in shock before chucking.

"As a matter of fact...yes" That was the last thing he could spit out with his body finally breaking down. "I leave you this warning Xros Heart. This applies to you two as well." He whispered loudly, the last part directed at Tyson and Dracomon. "The man told me he was part of an organization that will likely come after Dracomon should I fail." By the time he ended his sentence, most of his body was gone already, leaving only his head and torso. "Beware...of the...Hackers..." And with those final words, Myotismon's body vanished.

Everyone was in complete silence. Not one of them could breathe as they witnessed the dispersion of Myotismon's body. The one to break the silence was Taiki, but he gulped slightly.


Unknown Temple

Deep inside a temple hall, the walls littered with Digicode and torches set up to provide light, the same girl who gave Tyson his Xros Loader is shown kneeling in front of a large stone tablet. The tablet has eight distinct carvings on it in a circle formation, with the same dragon mark on his Xros Loader on the top. In the middle of these carvings were two dragons. Both were surrounded in two auras, one of light and one of darkness.

"The battle has ended in victory for the humans. This means that I was not wrong in my choice of granting that power to those two." She said to herself, looking up at the cravings. "But soon they will face stronger enemies that will require them to tap into their true power. I can only pray that they are successful in restoring balance to both worlds, before it is too late..." She finished saying before fatigued washed over her. She nearly collapsed to the floor, had someone not been there to catch her.

"Goddess, please you must rest." Said another Digimon, who was the one who caught her. She was covered in golden armor, with large white and purple butterfly wings protruding from her back and long white and purple antennae. Her normal piercing blue eyes were filled with concern for her master.

"I am fine Butterflymon. I need only a minute to catch my breath." The Goddess replied. She breathed in and out a few times before she could stand up on her own. Butterflymon stood back and bowed before her.

"Forgive me milady, but I believe it is in your best interest to rest for the time being." Butterflymon spoke respectively, but her tone held a little authority. "You have already used more power than necessary to give the boy the Xros Loader. I do not understand why you remained in DigiQuartz and appeared right before him, when you only had to place the Xros Loader in his hand."

The Goddess thought over Butterflymon's statement and stifled a small giggle, which did not go unnoticed by her.


"I'm sorry, but I had to do it in order to restore his hope. It became lost when Myotismon filled his mind with doubt. So I became his light to guide him out of the darkness that took over. It was for the sake of the Digital World that I did this." She answered her loyal follower.


The light from the torches reflected off of the Goddess's dress, gracefully showing off her facial features, including a smile that formed on her face in thought. 'And I was able to see Tyson again, even if it was very brief. I'm happy that for once I was the one who protected him, like how he protected me all those years ago...'

School Grounds (DigiQuartz)

Around the corner of the school, a girl around their age was seen, accompanied by two more Digimon. They had watched the entire battle that Xros Heart took part in, having been around since the start.

The girl had light brown straight hair which reaches till under her shoulders, with some pale red hairs in it and red eyes. She was wearing a simple black T-shirt with a little print of heart with a white and a black angel wing on the right side of her chest, a white hooded track suit on her waist and dark blue jeans and black-white trainers. On her hands she were black fingercutted gloves.

One of the Digimon standing next to her was a purple little imp with white on his face, along with a black button nose, pointy ears, and emerald green eyes. He had a red bandanna tied around his neck, with matching gloves on his arms. On his stomach was a yellow face grinning evilly, with a devilish tail and clawed toes completing his discription.

On top of the imp, was a little while Digimon with big green eyes, a red zero unit on his forehead and expandable ears which were purple on the edges.

"Are we done spying or what? I'm so bored from standing around here doing nothing?" The imp complained, flicking a small fireball at the wall. His eyes traveled up to his head. And get the heck off a me creampuff! I told you a hundred times to stay off my head!"

"Awww, but it's so comfy up here!" The creampuff cooed a large smile that no one can say no to on his face. "Your head is like one soft marshmallow!"

"You'll be a marshmallow if you don't get off right now!" He brought his hands up to reach for the creampuff, but he expanded his ears and flew over towards the girl before he could, causing him to yelp from digging his nails into his scalp.

The girl giggled at her partner's misfortune. "That's what you get for booting Calumon off, Impmon." She teased.

Impmon just grumbled something incoherent, as the girl looked over at the Hunters again.

"So they were able to win against Myotismon. Shame he was destroyed, he would have made a good addition to my collection." She said flicking while flicking her hair back.

"They look like a lot of fun! Can we play with them Kyomi?" Calumon beamed, expanding his ears in excitement.

"Not now Calumon, but soon we shall have a whole lot of fun with them." Kyomi grinned. She saw the boy's talking animatedly with each other, her gaze shifting between Tyson and Taiki. She narrowed her eyes. "This is where the true game begins now. I hope you'll prove to be a challenge Taiki-san, and I'm expecting great things from you Tyson. You better watch out for the Hackers! Heheheheheh!"

Taiki heard small laughter from behind him and quickly looked over at the school. His eyes landed on the corner, where he saw a faint light on the wall that quickly disappeared as if it was never there.

"What was that?" He asked under his breath, but pushed that question out of his mind when Tagiru's voice brought him back to the conservation.

"What are we going to do about DigiQuartz?" Tagiru asked the others. They were unsure of what to do next concerning the space around them. Tyson's eyes wandered around, as if doing so might give them an answer. They soon fell on a clock, and when he read the time his eyes widened.

"We could see if the Old Man might know something about this?" Gumdramon suggested.

"We have't seen the old man for months. How you do expect to find him?" Shoutmon asked back. Gumdramon was now at a loss for words, for he had no ideas on where the Old Man could be.

"Well someone has got to have seen him around. He's the one who organized the Digimon Hunt in the first place." Tagiru said, backing up the idea.

"You make a good point there. Perhaps Ryouma or one of his teammates may have seen him." Yuu said, believing their old rival team could have had contact with him.

"But he hasn't participated in any Hunts recently, hasn't he?" Damemon guessed. All of the Hunters and Digimon, save Tyson who was still staring at the clock, and Dracomon who was trying to follow along, were hit with the memory of when they had last seen Ryouma's friends, Ren and Airu. They told them they haven't seen Ryouma much outside of Hunting since Quartzmon's defeat.

Dracomon was trying to process this information, but gave up and figured Tyson might understand what their talking about better than he could, but noticed he wasn't paying that much attention on the conversation.

"Something wrong Tyson?" Dracomon asked, his voice breaking Tyson's small trance. He now looked worried.

"Aw man! I forgot my mom wanted me home after school to help finish unpacking!" He cried, ending Xros Heart's discussion.

"I beg your pardon?" Yuu asked confused.

"My mom wanted me to come home after school because I haven't finished unpacking my luggage yet! She's going to kill me if I don't make it back now!" Tyson wailed. He slumped his shoulder, a dark wave of despair over him. "What am I going to do now? I'll never make it back if I walk."

Xros Heart shared a look with each other, and then laughed at Tyson's problem.

"Hey I know a way to get you home in no time!" Tagiru said.


Tagiru nodded. "'Gumdramon and I give you ride there!" Tagiru beamed. The same wave of despair came back.

"Unless Japan lets middle schooler's drive at our age, I don't think that's possible."

"He means he can Digivolve me to fly over towards your house." Gumdramon elaborated.

"Are you sure you're up for it?" Dracomon asked the fellow dragon. He saw him take a few big hits from Myotismon earlier, so he was a little worried.

"It's no biggie."

Tyson's wave of despair finally left for good. "Thank you so much! You just saved me from a horrible fate!" He exaggerated.

"It's no problem. That's our job as part of Team Xros Heart!"

Taiki and Yuu both suddenly got an idea.

"Say Tyson-san, would you maybe want to join our team? We could use all the help we can get with these recent developments." Taiki offered.

"Um...sure, I'll join. I owe you guys anyway for saving me back there."

They all smiled at the prospect of a new teammate.

"But mind if we go over this tomorrow? I'm in a rush right now!" Tyson said, referring to how he needs to get home now.

"Of course. Tagiru, make sure you guys are careful." He warned his hyperactive friend.

"It's us you're talking about Taiki-san! No need to worry!" Tagiru boosted.

"Superstars like us are always careful, so leave it to us!" Gumdramon said in the same way.

"It's because it's you two that he's saying that."Yuu deapanned. Both human and partner sweatdropped, but could say no more as Tyson really needed to leave. Now mounted on Arresterdramon shoulders, they set off.

"You think they'll be okay?" Damemon asked, thinking there might be more enemies around. Before Yuu or Taiki could answer, another voice interjected.

"They'll be fine. I sense no one else is around to cause them any trouble." The four of them tensed up and looked backed at the corner of the school, to see an old man with medium length grey hair and beard, wearing a blue demin jacket over a magenta shirt, green shorts held together by a belt, magenta sandals, and a green visor. His red sunglasses hid his eyes from view. Next to him was a broken windup clock-like Digimon, with one red eye peaking from the crack on its face.

"You are..." Yuu said in surprise at the sudden appearance of the old man.

"That's right it's me. Been awhile since we've last met." The old man said, chuckling.

"Chiep Chiep Chiep! We're back!" The clock Digimon said in a childish voice.

"It;s the Old Clock Shop Man!" Shoutmon said identifying the man, while pointing at him.

"And Clockmon too!" Damemon said about the clock, repeating the same thing as Shoutmon.

"Have you been here the whole time?" Taiki questioned the two.

"No, we've recently arrived, but it was before Myotismon was defeated." The Old Man spoke with a casual tone, before looking more serious. "We weren't going to make ourselves known yet, but what that Digimon said has worried me a little, and so I'd like to speak to you two about something."

"What do you want Old Man...No, Bagramon!" Taiki said, him, Yuu, and their partners knowing full well the identity of this man. He laughed heartedly at this, but stopped when he lowered his head, enough to see right through his shades a deep red eye.

"As always, you never beat around the bush, Taiki Kudo." When the Old Man taked again, his voice became a lot more deeper than previously, giving off an uneasy air around him. "But time is of the essence, so I'll make this quick."

Taiki and the other's stared in anticpation for what their former enemy had to say.

"That Digimon you fought, Myotismon, is connected to the recent happenings in the Digital World. Or to be more specific, the man who sent him after Dracomon is. And I have a feeling that this is only the beginning."

Tagiru: A Digimon has been going around making people's worst fear's come to life! We've gotta stop it!

Karu: So this is the power of a Digimon! Let's see what else it can do!

Tyson: Is someone controlling it?

Shino: You think I'll lose? Tagiru and I will make you sorry!

Tyson: I won't let you misuse your Digimon just for your own amusement!

Tagiru: Digimon Xros Wars! The Agressive Hunter! The Fear Grows!

Tagiru: C'mon, a new Digimon hunt begins!

What to expect next time: Fangmon scaring a driver, Karu hidden in the shadows while smirking, Tagiru and Tyson meeting Shino, Taiki evading an attack from Kyomi, Dracomon frightened, Gatomon Hypnotizing Fangmon, Xros Heart, plus Shino confronting Karu, Coredramon and Garurumon exchanging blows, and Tyson giving a thumbs up)

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