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Chapter 1 of What is Love 2

It was a normal day, like any other normal day for the people of Gotham City. The birds were chirping their songs, mothers were out walking with their children, and people were at work the usual.

But for two people it seemed like every day became exciting by the minute. Who are these two people you may ask?

Gotham City's most favorable couple: Mr. Bruce Thomas Wayne and Ms. Harleen Frances Quinzel. Ever since their engagement, the two have connected more and seemed to become closer by each passing day.

"Yes Ivy, okay. Uh-huh, I'll tell him. 'Kay, bye!" Harley said hanging up the house phone in the living room.

Bruce looked up and smiled. "I'm guessing that was Ivy?" he asked smiling at his fiancé.

Harley returned his smile and sat down next to him. "Yep, she told me to say hi." Bruce and Harley have been engaged for about four months now and still haven't planned their wedding yet.

"Ya know, I think we should get started on the wedding plans. It has been a couple of months now." Harley suggested.

"Of course. We can hire a wedding planner as soon as possible. The sooner, the better." he said leaning closer to Harley. She couldn't help but let out a cheeky giggle and grin. She leaned in and soon felt his lips against hers. Bruce wrapped his strong arms around Harley's waist as she put hers around his neck. She laughed as she leaned forward until she was on top of Bruce on the couch.

"Pardon me." a voice said.

Harley quickly sat up and back away from Bruce. She saw Alfred with a smile and fixed her black hair quickly as Bruce coughed and dusted off his shirt.

"Yes Alf?" Bruce asked.

"Sorry to disturb your...moment, but I have to remind you of the gala tonight dedicated in your honor Ms. Harley." he said.

Harley gasped. "Oh! I totally forgot! Thanks for the reminder Alfred!" she said quickly getting off the couch and running up the stairs skipping over a step.

Alfred laughed and turned to his boss and friend. "I can tell you're going to love having her as a wife sir." he said.

Bruce smiled at the thought. "Oh, I am Alf."

The doorbell rang three times in a row at Wayne Manor. "I'll get it Alf, don't worry!" Harley said as she walked down the staircase towards the door. She was in a bubbly pink robe with her long, damp, wet hair cascading down.

She went to the door and opened it. Harley's smile faded straight away as she saw who the visitor was.

"Selina." Harley greeted.

Selina Kyle faked a smile towards Harley and nodded her head. "Hello Harley. Can I come in?" she asked. Harley was taken aback, but nodded and stepped out of the way. She closed the door as Selina walked into the house.

"Um, can I help ya?" Harley asked scratching her ear.

Selina turned to Harley and shook her head. "No, I just need to talk to Bruce. Is he here?" she asked.

Harley's eyebrows furrowed a bit from Selina's behavior. 'She wants to see my fiancé? Does she think she can still do this when I become his wife? Come in unannounced?' she asked herself in thought.

"Umm...yes, but he's getting ready for the gala we're attending tonight." Harley responded. "Can I ask what you want to speak to him about?"

Selina glared at Harley. "I believe that's none of your business." she answered sharply.

Harley frowned and put her hands on her hips. "Excuse me? I DO believe it IS MY BUSINESS. Since I AM HIS FIANCÉ." Harley answered loudly showing off the dazzling diamond on her left hand finger.

Selina's eyes widened a bit and she stared at the crystal as if it was an alien. "Wh-what did you say?" she asked.

"I said that Bruce and I are engaged. He proposed about four months ago. So, now that I am about to become his wife, it's my job to be a good wife and know that there's no secrets between him and me. To know we're in a committed honest relationship." Harley answered. She felt her protective mode switching on. Well, it WAS true.

"Selina." The two women turned to see Bruce standing in the doorway. He didn't seem to be so pleased that Selina was here in his house.

"Bruce. Hello. I need to speak with you. But, your girlfriend here won't let me." Selina argued. Harley was about to say something sharp until Bruce put an arm around Harley.

"As it should be." he said. "Harley is my fiancé and soon to be my beautiful wife. And as that title, she has the right to be concerned if anyone she feels that would cause harm to me wants to speak with me. Even if that person is you."

'Ouch. He told her.' Harley thought with a satisfied smile. She was happy the cat was getting what she deserved.

Selina opened her mouth to say something, but closed it and smiled. She nodded. "I completely understand. I'll be going now." she said walking towards the door. Before she left, she turned around and smiled. "I'll see you at the gala tonight." She then closed the door and left.

Harley and Bruce both let out a deep sigh that was in them. "Are we going to have to face her again?" Harley asked.

Bruce chuckled. "I'm afraid so What did she want?" he asked. Harley shrugged her shoulders. "She wanted to see Bruce Wayne and talk to him about something." She answered. "But she's gone now, so we don't have to worry about her anymore." (A/N: That's what you think.")

Harley smiled and saw that Bruce was already dressed except that his tie wasn't tied yet. She quickly began to work on his black bow tie and didn't notice Bruce smiling down at her lovingly. She pulled and smiled with a satisfied grin on her face. "Got it." she said.

As she was finished pulling the bow, Bruce placed his hands on top of Harley's. She looked up and Bruce rested his head on her forehead. "Thank you." he said.

Harley smiled. "Ya welcome." she whispered quietly and then meeting his lips in a loving kiss.

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