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Chapter 16

"So, what made you fall for her Bruce?" the reporter asked.

Their wedding was just around the corner and Gotham's most famous couple got called in for an interview. Bruce was reluctant, but Harley had persuaded him suggesting that it might be fun. And, he knew he couldn't deny Harley most things.

Bruce held Harley's hand and smiled. "It was just her. At first it was her beauty, but, as time went on I really got to know her. The real and true Harley Quinzel. I remember out of nowhere I began to have these strange feelings. And one day, I realized it was love that I was feeling for her and only her." Bruce answered giving a blushing Harley a peck on the cheek.

The reporter and the crew gave an 'aww' at the sweet gesture.

"That's very sweet." The reporter said turning to Harley next. "What about you Harley?" she asked placing her finger under her chin.

Harley looked Bruce in the eyes and smiled. "It's kind of the same actually. His looks definitely got me hooked. But, I learned about him more and what he liked, disliked, all of that stuff. See, people thought of Bruce Wayne as a playboy billionaire wasting his money. And at first, I thought of him like that too. I was those other people who thought of Bruce for just getting women in bed and dropping them like a dime the next morning. And I remember telling myself to not fall for him. Don't fall for your boss! Don't do it Harls!" Harley mocked herself using a funny voice.

Everyone laughed until Harley continued. "But, I found myself attracted to him and soon I learned his true personality. Not that old playboy billionaire, the kind, warm hearted man who I've been looking for my whole life. And it was the first time I ever fell in love with someone. And he's such a great guy. I'm blessed to have him in my life. He helped me to find the REAL me. And for that I will be eternally grateful. I love you." She said giving Bruce a kiss as a camera snapped their picture.

"That's beautiful. You two seem like a match made in heaven!" the reporter complimented.

After the interview was over, Harley and Bruce decided to go to change their clothes and go to the Iceberg Lounge. "It's even crowded in the afternoon? What a crock." Harley said holding Bruce's hand as they walked to the front of the long line. She was wearing a short sleeved red gown as Bruce was wearing his typical black suit. He chuckled at Harley's comment.

"That's why we get to go straight inside." Bruce said.

"Ah, I really enjoy these perks being Bruce Wayne's fiancé." Harley joked.

"You'll love them even more once you're Mrs. Bruce Wayne." Bruce replied giving Harley a wink. When the security guard saw Bruce and Harley, he smiled widely and opened the door for them. They walked inside and saw the same, usual scenery. The people either dancing, flirting, or gossiping, the waitresses dressed in their short costumes that tried to resemble penguins, the musicians on top of the large, flat iceberg, the sculptures of penguins etc. A waitress led them to a table on the top floor and set the menus on the table before quickly departing to help other customers. Bruce held out Harley's chair as she curtsied a 'thank you' to him.

"You're welcome my dear lady." Bruce smiled walking to his seat.

"Mr. Wayne, Ms. Quinzel!" a voice exclaimed.

They turned to see Mr. Cobblepot, or as people in the Underworld know him as by, the Penguin, walking towards them.

"Hello Oswald." Bruce greeted shaking his hand politely.

"What brings you two here to the Iceberg?" he asked shaking Harley's hand.

"Just celebrating." Harley answered shrugging.

"Yes! I heard about your engagement. Congrats by the way! Drinks are on me!" Penguin announced.

"That's very kind of you, thank you." Bruce thanked. Penguin nodded and walked away.

"He's never that nice blasting Batman with his umbrella, huh?" Harley joked.

Bruce laughed. "I know." He put a hand on Harley's hand. "But now, it's just about us." he said.

Harley blushed a bit and smiled. They ordered food and enjoyed their time with laughter and jokes. Harley tried telling Bruce every joke in the book, but he knew the punch line to every joke!

"Okay, okay, last one. Why did they throw the clock out of the window?" she asked resting her chin on her hand.

"To see time fly." Bruce said taking a sip of his non-alcoholic champagne. Harley growled in frustration.

"You-ugh!" she laughed as Bruce shook his head.

"I know every joke Harley. I've heard them all my life." he explained putting his drink down. She glared at him and smirked.

"Whatever." she muttered playfully.

They paid the bill and left deciding to spend the evening watching the stars in the Gotham City National Park.

"Come." Bruce instructed Harley to lean on him after he took off his jacket. They both sat down on the grass and Harley sat between Bruce's legs leaning back into him.

She then frowned. "There's no stars." she said.

"Wait." Bruce said. They waited about five minutes until Harley spotted a star.

"Look! Ya see it?" she asked excitedly like a child. Bruce laughed and nodded when his blue eyes found the faint star. It wasn't bright, but it was there trying its hardest to shine.

"It's beautiful." Harley said hypnotized by the shining, white orb. She was then reminded of her conversation with Jeremy that night after the party at Wayne Manor.

"Yes you are." Bruce flirted smirking down at her. Harley rolled her eyes with a smile and let Bruce's arms drift around her. She felt so safe in his arms. Like no harm could ever come to her if she stayed there.

"The Wedding is a week away." Harley reminded.

"I know. Are you excited?" he asked looking down at her.

"I'm more than excited, I'm-I'm just super excited!" Harley laughed turning around to face her fiancé.

"I am too. I'll finally get to make you my wife." Bruce said.

"And you'll finally be my dear husband." Harley said smiling. "Mrs. Harleen Wayne, nice ring to it, huh?" Harley said. They stayed there for an hour more until Alfred called to make sure they were alright and left.

"Yes, I need the honeymoon suite for next week. We'll probably arrive on the 28th or the 29th. Yes, of course. Thank you. Goodbye." Bruce said ending the call.

"Planning a special vacation, sir?" Alfred asked raising an eyebrow.

Bruce chuckled and closed his eyes. "Yes Alfred. The Honeymoon after the wedding. It's in London, England since Harley always talked about one day going there. I'm making it a surprise for her, so don't give her any clues." He said. Alfred smiled.

"Yes indeed sir. As you wish." Alfred responded.


"I don't want an up-do! I want my hair out for my wedding!" Harley argued with Poison Ivy over the phone.

"Harls, you're the bride." Ivy said.

"Exactly. I'm the bride; it's my wedding, my hair, so I get to choose. Great, now ya makin' me sound like a bridezilla. Thanks Red!" Harley complained rolling on her bed.

Ivy laughed. "Alright, it's your hair. So where's the honeymoon going to be?" she asked interested in the subject.

"I-I don't know. Bruce said he's takin' care of that." Harley said.

She heard Ivy make an 'hmm' sound on the other end. "What's that sound for?" Harley asked.

"It's the honeymoon; you know what's going to happen." Ivy laughed hearing Harley give out a nervous laugh. And even though she couldn't see it, she knew Harley was blushing right now.

"What's gonna happen?" Harley asked knowing exactly what was going to occur.

"Oh please, I think every woman knows. My little harl is going to lose her virginity and finally become a woman." Ivy said in a mocking voice.

"Red!" Harley yelled. She heard Ivy laughing up a storm. "Ya an evil witch, ya know that? And I'm already a woman!" Harley said.

"If you say so and as soon as you get back I want details. If he was romantic enough, did you drink before anything happened, was he great at sex. I heard rumors that Bruce is really good in bed." Ivy said naming a few questions.

"Red! I-you-why do ya need to know that?" Harley asked blushing madly.

"Psh, we're girls, it's what we talk about." Ivy said.

There was silence until Harley asked a question that Ivy knew the answer to perfectly.

"How do I know if the-ah-sex was good?" Harley asked stuttering a bit.

"Harley, Harley, Harley. You'll know if it was good, if you enjoyed it." Ivy said.

When she said that Harley let out a snort laughter and couldn't stop. "This is so crazy, but I'm excited." Harley said.

"I know about the sex, right?" Ivy asked. Harley made a face.

"No, the wedding. I'm really happy!" Harley said looking at her engagement ring.

"As you should be. It's your day to shine Harls, I'm so proud of you for coming this far." Ivy said.

"Thanks Ivy." Harley said smiling warmly. Her best friend always knew what to say.

"And when Bruce and I do 'you know what', it won't be called sex, it'll be called making love." Harley said smirking.

"It'll be called 'hurry up and make me an aunt.'" Ivy said.

Harley giggled. "Yeah, sure." she said sarcastically. The bedroom door opened to reveal Bruce.

"Sorry." Bruce whispered seeing Harley on the phone.

Harley waved an 'it's okay' at him and said bye to Ivy. "I'll talk to ya later Red." she said.

"Bruce there? Tell him I said hi." Ivy said before disconnecting.

"Wha-?" Harley was stunned. How'd she know that? Harley laughed hanging up the phone and skipped over to Bruce.

"Hey there handsome blue eyed boy. What's up?" Harley asked putting her arms around him.

"Nothing much." Bruce responded doing the same. "Just wanted to see what you were up to." he said.

"Talking with Red. So, will you tell me?" Harley asked biting her lip cutely. Bruce smiled and kissed Harley sweetly.

"No." he said sternly.

"Aw, come on! Pleeaaasee! Oh please! Oh please! Oh please!" Harley begged.

"No Harley, it's a surprise. You have to patient." Bruce explained watching Harley frown and cross her arms.

"Not fair." she muttered.

"That's life." Bruce said calmly.

Harley rolled her eyes. "You may be the world's greatest detective, but I'm the world's greatest detective's fiancé. I'll find out soon. So bring it on Bat-boy." Harley said poking him on the nose.

"It's Batman to you." Bruce said smiling.

"Nevertheless, I'll find out." Harley said.

Bruce grabbed her and landed on the bed. He began tickling her, which made Harley laugh uncontrollably.

"Being the world's greatest detective, means I know your weak spots." he explained laughing along.

Harley shook her head embarrassed by where Ivy and Lucinda were dragging her.

"I don't want to go!" Harley exclaimed holding the door. Ivy tickled Harley's arm and Harley released the hold giggling.

"Let's go Harls. Your honeymoon is coming up and you need some 'nighties'." Ivy smirked pulling Harley onto the elevator.

"This is crazy!" Harley complained.

"Harley, this is a natural thing for women who are getting married. They shop for the honeymoon." Lucinda explained reassuring her friend.

"Come on!" Ivy yelled dragging Harley on the second floor to the lingerie section. They made Harley try on numerous lingerie items, until Harley finally complained.

"Alright, I've had enough of this. On my honeymoon night, I don't want to wear this sexy stuff." she said going back into the fitting room. Lucinda and Ivy looked at each other.

"Then, what are you going to wear?" Lucinda asked a bit confused.

"I don't know." Harley shrugged walking out.

"I thi-,"

Harley stopped and smiled when she saw a T-Shirt. She grinned and walked over to pick it up.

"Yes! This is perfect!" It was a silk, sleeveless plain black shirt that reached down to the thighs.

"What's so great about this?" A rather upset Ivy asked crossing her arms.

Harley smiled and turned to her best friend. "I'm gonna put a design on it. It'll be perfect!" Harley said finding a big size and taking it off the rack. She paid for the shirt and walked out smiling swinging the red shopping bad playfully. Lucinda laughed at Ivy's upset look. "That's not a good look for you Pam." Lucinda joked. "Shut it." Ivy snapped.

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