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Chapter 8- Sakura Gets a Date

The next few days were interesting to say the least.

Every morning at 9 Naruto would meet Samui at the training field they had their first spared in, the blonde haired Kunoichi would find a way to make him turn blue, normally with a make out session that lasted anywhere between two and ten minutes and turned his mind to jelly. Then when he had gotten himself together they would spar until one of them, namely Samui, couldn't continue.

After catching their breaths, which Samui made sure didn't last long, they would talk.

They stayed away from things like training techniques, she and her team would be competing in the exam after all and they agreed that some things could wait until such a time as they were not competing. They didn't talk about what would happen after the Chunnin exam, deciding that they would worry about it when the time came and enjoy themselves until then.

When it started to get dark they would make their way back to the village and Naruto would treat Samui to dinner, never going to the same place twice.

They didn't tell anyone about their relationship and Naruto had been dogging both Itachi and Haku all week. They had tried to follow him on several occasions but he was always able to lose them before meeting up with Samui. He didn't want to think what would happen if his mother found out he had a girlfriend, let alone a girlfriend from Kumo.

They may have an alliance with them but Kushina was still cautious around anything to do with Kumo after what had happened to her.

Samui didn't tell her team because Bee-sensei was worried about anything to do with the white haired Namikaze and she didn't want to have to explain herself to any of them. She didn't really care through and when the time came if they made a fuss about it she would remind them that it was her choice who she dated and it had nothing to do with them.


Team 7 were making their way to the Academy to take the Chunnin Exam, each with varying moods as to what they were about to do.

Sakura was nervous, not as much as she would have been a few weeks ago but still enough to make her shake slightly. She could now use her Awareness in the mist for 16 minutes and at a range of 28 feet but outside she could only use it for 12 minutes and with a range of 17 feet. Her training with Tsunade and Shizune was going well and she was being praised as a prodigy in the medical feel and the pink haired girl could now understand why her teammate hate that word so much.

The pressure that was put on her shoulders was almost enough to break her at times, and the way people had started acting around her was more annoying the anything. They were all too nice, trying to get close to her and it was driving her insane, and she didn't want to think what it must have been like for Madoka and Sasuke having been considered prodigies at early ages. The way she used to act around Sasuke was almost enough to make her sick to her stomach.

Sasuke was confident that he would have little trouble in the exams, though he was sure to remember his brother's words to be careful of any other gennin competing. He had managed to increase his Awareness to 52 feet while in the mist and hold it for up to 34 minutes straight but it left him drained if he used it constantly. Outside the mist he could use it for 23 minutes and keep it at 30 minutes.

Madoka was without a doubt the most relaxed of the three, practically jumping up and down in excitement as she ran ahead of them. Like her teammates she had increased her Awareness since they were told about the Chunnin Exam and was able to use it for almost an hour straight with a range of 78 feet as long as she was in the mist. But outside she could only use it for 45 minutes with a range of 61 feet.

Her training with her brother had gone great and although she was nowhere near his level with a sword she had been improving in leaps and bounds.

Another thing Naruto and Itachi had them do was to get tattoo of several seals onto their bodies. They each had three storage seals, one on the palms of each hand and another on either their left or right shin that could be used for anything from kunai and shrunken to food and in Sakura's case medical supplies. They had all agreed when their sensei's showed them their own seals.

Another set of seals were something called Resistance seals.

They were similar to the weights many taijutsu specialists used, but with the seals they didn't have to waste time taking them off as all they needed to do was flare their chakra in a certain way and they would release. Unlike weight seals these were designed to make the mussels in the body work harder in whatever part of the body they were applied to, changing to a higher level whenever the person using them would start to get used to the level, Resistance seals put strain on the whole body at once an changed on their own to soot the users needs.

They had been allowed to release them one day every two weeks to get used to the difference it made to how they moved and to say they were happy with the results was an understatement.

As they walked into the building they each kept their Awareness to a range of 15 feet so it wouldn't tire them out too quickly but made sure they wouldn't be susceptible to a surprise attack.

When they got to the second floor they were met with a small crowed trying to get through a door with the number 301 above it, the room they were supposed to go to for the first part of the exam. It was being blocked by a pair of Leaf gennin with cruel expressions on their faces mixed in with smug superiority.

Without sparing them a second glance the three gennin walked to the next flight of stairs and continued to the third flood where the real room 301 was located and had just entered a large room with a balcony running along the side of it that was used for training when they were stopped by a vice calling out to them.

Looking up they were met with a strange sight.

The boy that had called out to them had large eyes with black dots in them, his black hair in a bowl cut style and the largest eyebrows any of them had ever seen. He was wearing a green spandex bodysuit with orange arm and leg warmers and they could clearly see his well developed mussels through his clothes, make Sakura blush slightly.

Stood next to the boy on either side of him was a boy that was clearly a Hyuuga, with his long blonde hair, plain clothes and white eyes and a girl wearing a pink Chinese style shirt, black training shorts and her brown hair tied up into two bunds at the back of her head.

The spandex clad boy was stood on the rail of the balcony with a large grin on his face and without warning jumped down and landed in front of them.

"Greetings my most youthful friends, my name is Rock Lee, the beautiful Green Beast of Konoha."

After staring at the boy for a moment the three gennin introduced themselves and they could see Lee's face light up even more.

"So you are Sasuke Uchiha, I would like to challenge you to a spar!"

The raven haired boy looked the older boy over for a moment, weighing his options and not missing the glances he was sending to his pink haired teammate stood next to him. He could tell from the boys build that he was a Taijutsu expert in training, the green spandex suit doing little to hide his muscular frame.

"I would love to spar with you Lee-san, but with the exam about to start it would be irresponsible for either of us to spar when it could risk both our team's chance. I would be glad to arrange something with you after the exam is over."

Getting a slightly shocked look on his face Lee quickly nodded his head.

"You are right; to spar now would be terribly irresponsible! As punishment for my foolish actions I will run around Konoha three times on my hands without falling, and if I fail at that I will climb the Hokage monument with a rock tied to my back, Yosh!"

Slightly amused at the strange boy's announcement, but mostly confused, team 7 were about to go to the stairs when he stopped them again, this time to talk to Sakura.

"Miss Sakura, I would like to formally ask you to accompany me on a date. I will protect you with my life!"

The three gennin were yet again surprised by the green clad boy and up on the balcony they could his teammates letting out sighs.

Sakura was speechless, she had never been asked out on a date before and here was a boy declaring he would protect her with his life. A few months ago she would have turned him down without a second thought, but for some reason she found herself considering it. He wasn't bad to look at and from what she could see and the way his muscles moved under the form fitting green material he must train very hard. He was a little odd, but everyone had their own thing and who was she to judge.

"Sure, why not."

The look on Lee and his teammate's faces was enough to make both Madoka and Sasuke laugh; clearly they hadn't expected her to agree.

Quickly getting over his shock Lee let lose a dazzling smile that hurt their eyes slightly from how bright it was and grabbed Sakura's hands in his.

"Thank you, you won't regret this, I will take you on the best date ever and if I fail I will do a thousand push ups on my pinkie fingers, and if I can't do that I will run around Konoha 13 times with a boulder strapped to my back and if-"

It was at this point in his rant that Lee's female teammate walked down the stairs and started to drag him away, still giving himself challenges as she pulled him up to their other teammate.

"Come on lover-boy, we'll miss the exam if you keep going on like this."

As the three walked off towards the designated room team 7 let out small chuckles as they could still hear Lee talking.


As they entered the room team 7 could all feel the tense atmosphere surrounding the people in it. They could see gennin from all different villages, Mist and Rain, Grass and Sound, Sand and Rock, there was even a team from Cloud stood not far to their right leaning against the wall.

Madoka missed the look she had gotten from the blonde Cloud-nin as she and her team walked into the room. They could see Lee and his team leaning against the far wall, the green spandex waving boy waving at them with a huge grin on his face.

Not 30 seconds after they had entered the room they felt someone coming towards them at high speed, heading straight for Sasuke who let out a sigh and just bent down as a purple blur shot over his head and landed on the floor in front of them.

Looking down at the shocked face of Ino the young Uchiha let out another sigh as she picked herself up and turned to him with a small pout on her face.

"That wasn't nice Sasuke-kun, we haven't seen each other in months and all I was trying to do was give you a hug."

The only outwards warning he got was the pout changing to a smirk before the blonde lunged at him again, only for her to miss as he stepped to the side. He would have to remember to thank Naruto sensei for teaching him Awareness; it was proving to have an unlimited number of uses.

Little did he know that dogging Fan-girls was the main reason Naruto, Itachi and Tenzou created it in the first place.

It was at this point that what he and his teammates were wearing seemed to register in the young blonde's brain and after starring at the three for a moment she started to drawl at Sasuke. Before Ino had time to try and grab him again Shikamaru and Choji had caught up to her along with Kiba, Hinata and Shino.

"Hey guys, so you're in this thing to, troublesome."

They stood there talking for a few minutes, discussing what they thought the exam would be like and how they thought they would do when a boy with grey hair, glasses and leaf forehead protector tied to his head.

"You guys should try and keep it down."

Frowning at the older boy Kiba walked up so he was stood right in front of him and pocked him in the chest.

"Who the hell are you to tell us what to do, four eyes."

Before he got an answer the dog like boy was hit in the back of the head hard enough to send him to the ground, where he lay twitching slightly.

Shaking her head at her friend Sakura turned to look at the older boy with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Hello Kabuto-san, I didn't know you would be trying again."

Giving the pink haired girl a slightly shaky smile after seeing what had happened to the young Inuzuka, the now identified Kabuto rubbed the back of his head in a clear sign of embracement.

"What can I say, seventh times a charm I guess, ha-ha."

Walking up to stand next to their teammate, Sasuke and Madoka gave the older boy an appraising look before turning to look at the pink haired girl.

"You know this guy Sakura?"

Nodding her head Sakura turning and introduced Kabuto to the group.

"Yes, this is Kabuto; I met him at the hospital. He's training to be a med-nin too, Shizune-sama told me he is at the top of his group."

With an embarrass bush creeping onto his face at the praise he was receiving and pushing his glasses up, the silver haired gennin let out an nervous laugh.

"I'm not that good; this is my seventh time at the Chunnin Exam after all. I'm more of a support type."

After that they talked for a while, Kabuto even showed them his info cards and told them some information on some of the other contestants, including the newly created Sound village. They had been talking for several minutes when team 7 suddenly felt three other gennin rushing towards them through their Awareness heading straight for an unsuspecting Kabuto.

The moment they were in range the three moved as one. One minute they were talking to the group normally and the next the whole room went completely silent as they starred at the three in shock.

A team of Sound-nin had tried to attack Kabuto from behind, two boys and one girl, only to be stopped dead in their tracks by the three younger gennin.

Madoka had drawn her chokuto from its place on her back in one smooth movement and now had the tip pressed against the jugular vein of the now wide eyed Sound-nin that was covered in bandages from head to toe, leaving only his right eye visible. Sakura had grabbed the arm of a pretty dark haired girl just as she was about to throw several senbon in a vice like grip that if the girls face was anything to go by was actually a little painful and Sasuke had somehow managed to get behind the last of the three, a brown haired boy, and pin his arms behind his back with one arm while the other snaked around his neck in a choke.

But it wasn't the way they had reacted that had shocked the room, or the speed in which they had moved. It was the look in their eyes, cold and calculating, none of the happiness that had been there moments before when they had been talking to their friends. It was a look that many of the older gennin had seen before and it put them on edge straight away. Many made mental notes to avoid the team if at all possible during the exam.

Before anything else could happen a large cloud of smoke erupted from the corner of the room and a group of Leaf-nin appeared, a scared man with an angry look on his face stood at the front.


In a another room a few doors down from where the first stage of the Exam was being held the Jonnin sensei of all the different gennin were gathered around several large screen TVs that were showing what was happening in the room.

They were bunched in several groups, mostly only talking with people from their own village with the odd exception.

In one of these groups was the sensei's of what was now being called the Rookie 12. Because they were the youngest to be participating in the Exam this time around, or for quite some time actually, they had gotten a lot of attention.

Naruto, Itachi, Asuma, Kurenai and Guy were stood around one of the TVs discussing how they thought their gennin would do in the exam when they saw what had happened with team 7 and the Sound-nin.

They all sent wary looks towards the two youngest of their group, waiting for an explanation that didn't come. Itachi could be seen with a small smirk on his face as they watched the scene play out and Naruto just kept what little of his face that could be seen from under his hood blank.

It was when they could see all the gennin starting the exam that the group of Leaf Jonnin were joined by a surprising man.

Killer-Bee made his way over to the five with a small note book in his hand and could be heard muttering to himself quietly. After finishing what he was writing the Kumo Jinjuriki smiled at them.

"Yo, what you know bros and hoes; I'm Killer-Bee, cus I float like a butterfly and sting like me."

They could all see the tick mark form on the red eyed woman's face at being called a hoe, but before she could beat some manners into him Guy interrupted her.

"AH, my most youthful friend, to what do we own this most welcome greeting!"

After taking a second to let the ringing in their ears stop, the group looked to the large Cloud-nin who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Just thought I'd come and say hi, because I'm just that fly a guy."

At the small spike of killing intent they turned to Naruto, who was staring at the older man with his hood shadowing his eyes, giving him an ominous look.

"I thought I warned you last time to stop speaking like that around me."

None of them missed the small step back that Killer-Bee took when he heard the boy's words, or the slightly nervous chuckle that escaped his lips as he raised his hands in the air in surrender.

They all stood in silence for a few minutes, not noticing how much attention they were getting from the other occupants in the room when something seemed to click into place in Itachi's head as he saw the Cloud-nin head band and the fact he seemed to know Naruto. A mischievous smile spread across his face, something that wasn't missed by the young Namikaze.

"So tell me Bee-san, you must have gennin in the exam, would you happen to have any girls in your team?"

Looking to the younger boy with a raised eyebrow, Bee nodded his head and pointed to his gennin on the screen.

"Two actually, Karui and Samui, why do you ask?"

Ignoring the man, the Uchiha let a grin stretch across his face when he saw the white haired boy's stiff posture and took a moment to examine the two girls pointed out to him.

"So Jacky-boy, which one is it the redhead or the blonde."

Getting curios, the rest of the Jonnin moved in closer to look at the youngest members of their group.

"Which one is what?"

Turning to Kurenai with the grin still in place, Itachi let out a small chuckle.

"He's been dating a girl from Kumo for the last week or so but wouldn't tell me who she is, seeing as they are the only team of Cloud-nin in this exam it has to be one of them."

Getting a confused look on his face, Bee moved to stand next to the dark haired boy, completely forgetting his nervousness at being around Naruto.

"You must be mistaken; my team have had next to no contact with him excepted when we bumped into each other the other day in the street. Since then the only one not in my sights at all times was..."

Trailing off at the end of his sentence, Bee looked at the young jonnin with wide eyes.

The grin on Itachi's face stretched even wider as he saw the normally stone like Naruto start to fidget and his face turn a light shade of blue, which he know from all the times he had teased the boy was his equivalent of a blush.

Looking to the large man seemingly frozen next to him with his mouth wide open in shock, the raven haired teen pushed for an answer.

"Who was the one not with you?"

Snapping out of his shock Killer-Bee shook his head and let a small frown cross his lips as he seemed to mutter to himself.

"I should have known something was off with her, never should have shown her the bingo book. She never could resist strong men."

Looking back to the still blushing blond, the Jinjuriki shook his head yet again.

"She challenged you to a fight didn't she?"

At his silent nod Bee let out a sign and turned to look back at the screen.

At this point the other jonnins in their group had started to smirk at the younger boy, well except Guy; he just sent him a dazzling grin that could have blinded someone, and were all eager to learn just who it was that had gotten 'Jack Frost' to go on a date.

It was common knowledge around the village that he was considered one of the most sort after ninja in Konoha, even if he was only 15. Not a week would go bye without him being asked out by at least one girl, which wasn't made any easier by Itachi.

Turning back to Naruto with a grin now plastered over his face that was a little unnerving, Bee reached over and gave the smaller boy a hard pat on the back that would have sent any other to the ground.

"Well if that's what she wants far be to for me to interfere, not that I could even if wanted to right?"

Finally having enough, Itachi almost shouted at the large blonde man stood next to him.

"Will you just tell us which one it is?"

Looking at the others in the group as if he had only just remembered they were there, Bee pointed to the large chested blonde on the screen that seemed to have finished the test and was just sitting with her eyes fixed on the clock, waiting for the 'final question'.

Looking from the girl no the screen to his still blushing friend, who still amazed him that he could keep a straight face while turning that colure, Itachi put an arm around Naruto's shoulders and pretended to wipe away a tear from the corner of his eye.

"Jacky-boy, I can honestly say that throughout all the years I have known you I have never been more proud than I am right now. That has to be one of the hottest girls I have ever seen, I see why you liked kissing her so much."

They could practically see the tick mark that appeared on Naruto's forehead through his hood and the temperature dropping several degrees.

"You know I will make you pay for this, right?"

"Ha, give it your best shot Jacky-boy."

"I wonder what Haku would think if I told her what you just said about Samui-chan?"

If Itachi's face went any paler he would have been almost as white as Naruto.


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