Summary: Harry left the British wizarding world for the most part, and became a forensic anthropologist working at the Jeffersonian. However, he's still on the England Quidditch team. During the month he is away at training camp for the upcoming world cup, Booth joins the Jeffersonian team. Harry, understandably, has a bad past with government... let's see how things play out.

Warnings: SLASH (M/M), mentions of abuse and violence (this is mostly due to the show Bones itself, if you don't like the show then you probably won't like this)

Pairings: Harry/Zack, eventual Angela/Hodgins, possible Bones/Booth, and Sweets will be paired up with someone eventually

Disclaimers: I do not own Harry Potter or 'Bones', I'm just playing around with the characters for a bit.

Important Notes: This chapter was written by LucySaxonWrites on . I've adopted the story from her Plotbunny Farm and will continue the story when I'm back from vacation, so you'll notice a bit of a change in the writing style after this chapter. The story begins after episode 2, season 1 of Bones and will follow the series as close as possible. In the story Harry's name is now Nathan. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

Chapter 1 And So He Returns

Booth strode across to the lab, and waited for Hodgins to swipe his card so he could come up. "What've you got, Bones?" he asked curiously, glancing at the assorted bone fragments on the table.

"John Doe number 3826. Approximately 20 to 25 years old, Caucasian male, cause of death, gunshot wound to the head. Zach and I are currently trying to assemble the skull enough for Angela to get a face," Brennan replied, and Booth nodded, glancing over at Zack. His eyebrows rose.

"And…why is Zack bouncing?" he asked slowly. For Zack was indeed bouncing on the balls of his feet, a grin on his face. Angela giggled.

"He's excited," she replied. Booth frowned.

"Why? What's happening?" he asked, realizing that all the squints were grinning, even Brennan. Hodgins opened his mouth to answer, but a call cut him off.

"Honey, I'm home!" a voice rang out, and Booth watched as all four of their heads snapped round, eyes wide. He looked to see a young, lithe man with messy black hair and vibrant green eyes, around 5"11, beaming. He had a dark blue duffle bag slung over his shoulder, and was dressed in jeans and dark red button-down shirt, the top two buttons undone to reveal the collar of a black t-shirt and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Angela broke the stunned silence with a loud squeal of joy, which prompted all of them to drop whatever they were doing and run down the steps towards him. Zack reached him first, and barreled into him in a tight hug. Angela, Brennan and Hodgins were next, ruffling his hair and trying to hug any part of him they could reach. The man chuckled, still grinning widely. "Wow, I should go away more often if the welcome home is like this!" he joked, and Booth noticed he was British. Zack shook his head firmly.

"No you shouldn't," he declared, making the man smirk.

"Hmm, I s'pose you're right. I'd miss you too much," he replied, before doing something that totally shocked Booth. He tilted his head down a little and pressed his lips to Zack's, kissing him deeply. Hodgins wolf whistled and Angela giggled, pouting when the two men broke apart. Booth started making his way over to them, though keeping back, watching warily.

"Come on, Zack gets a kiss and I don't? I'm hurt, Nate," Angela teased, and the man grinned, leaning over Zack's shoulder to kiss her on the cheek, before turning to Brennan and Hodgins.

"Tempe, Jack, you want kisses too?" he asked playfully.

"I'm fine thanks, man," Hodgins told him, but he shrugged cheerily.

"Too bad, you're getting them anyway," he announced, hooking an arm each around Brennan and Hodgins' shoulders and pulling them towards him, planting a large kiss on their cheeks. He then made a face, releasing both of them. "Eww, beard burn," he muttered with an accusing look at Hodgins, making them all laugh. They moved back a little to give him some space, though Zack stayed by his side, one of the man's arms wrapped around his waist loosely.

"It's so good to see you, sweetie! I thought you didn't get in till later tonight?" Angela asked, smiling broadly.

"I managed to get an earlier time, swapped with Jordan," the man explained.

"How was camp? Did you break any bones?" Brennan asked casually, making Booth's eyebrows rise even more if possible. The man laughed and shook his head.

"Surprisingly, no. I did get ploughed a couple of times though, couple of nasty bruises and that. Nothing to worry about," he assured her, before glancing around the large room. "So, what have I missed here? Anything good?" he asked curiously. Brennan and Angela shared a look, and were about to answer, when the man's eyes landed on Booth and widened in surprise. Booth took this as his cue to approach, slightly guarded.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked, and the younger man's eyebrow rose smoothly.

"Me? Who the hell are you? You don't look like a scientist," he remarked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Booth retorted defensively. The man smirked.

"It means what it's supposed to mean. Hmm, self-assured posture, suit, gun, cocky look on your face. You're a Fed. Tempe, why is there a Fed in here?" he asked calmly. Booth bristled.

"I am not cocky!" he protested angrily.

"Booth, Nathan, stop it!" Brennan interrupted loudly, giving both men stern looks.

"Stop what? He comes in here and calls me cocky, what else am I supposed to do, Bones?" Booth argued.

"You can be cocky, and you should just ignore him. Nathan, I know you don't like Federal Agents, but please don't bait him until I've explained what's going on. Please," Brennan insisted, and the man, Nathan, sighed.

"Fine. I'll listen, but there had better be a good reason for his presence here," he muttered. Brennan rolled her eyes.

"Booth, this is Dr. Nathan Black. Nathan, meet Special Agent Seeley Booth. Booth works for the FBI, we have…a partnership," she told him. Nathan scoffed.

"Partnership how?" he asked slowly, emerald eyes calculating.

"Partnership as in we solve crimes in which the victim is found either fully or mostly decomposed. I talked to you about it before you left, remember?" Brennan asked.

"What, you mean that rant about annoying FBI agents who think they're so fantastic because they have a shiny gold badge and a big scary gun?" Nathan teased, making the anthropologist blush.

"Okay, slow down here, I'm confused. Why is he here, and why does he care if you squints are working with the FBI or not?" Booth interrupted.

"He's here because he works here, and he cares because he dislikes Federal Agents and would really prefer not to work with them," Zack told him. Booth made to reply, but the look on Brennan's face made him hold his tongue.

"Okay, Nathan, we all know you hate Federal Agents, and most things to do with the government, but Booth works with us now, and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm not asking you to be his best friend, I'm not even asking you to like him. I am asking you to stay civil and professional around him, and to put aside your issues to work on the cases. Can you do that for me, or am I going to have to get Goodman in?" she asked him sternly. Nathan stayed silent, a stony look on his face, and Zack squeezed his waist.

"It's not the English government, Nate. He isn't like them, he's a good agent, you can trust him," he said quietly. Nathan turned to look at him, and he couldn't keep the icy mask on his face at Zack's pleading eyes. He was still silent though, so Angela patted his arm.

"Come on, doesn't he at least win points for being hot?" she asked teasingly. Nathan raised an eyebrow, eyeing Booth up.

"He could be the freaking Adonis, I still wouldn't like him. Besides, he's not that hot. Zack's hotter," he told her with a slight grin, kissing Zack on the top of the head. Angela smiled at him.

"Still, at least let him stay around so I can have some new eye candy around here. I mean, you two are great and all, but it would be nice to have someone to look at who actually plays for my team. Jack, you don't count, you love your bugs and slime more than women," she said matter-of-factly.

"I do not!" Hodgins protested, and Nathan snickered. He sighed heavily, then looked back to Brennan.

"Fine, I'll be civil. But I'm watching him," he insisted, turning a glare on Booth, who scoffed.

"Ooh, what are you gonna do, calculate me to death?" he said mockingly. Nathan smirked darkly at him, and quicker than Booth could blink, he had a knife to his throat and a surprisingly strong arm pinning his back against Nathan's chest.

"Next time, I won't stop there," Nathan growled into Booth's ear, before sliding the knife back into his sleeve and stepping away, an annoyed look on his face. Booth looked around at the others, expecting one of them to reprimand Nathan for pulling a knife on him. But they were just rolling their eyes, and Nathan spotted the skull on the table and grinned brightly, as if the past few minutes hadn't happened. "Ooh, what have we got here? Anything good?" he asked curiously, and Zack and Brennan went off explaining to him what had happened in squint-speak that Booth only got about three words of.

"By the way, does Teddy know you're home yet?" Zack asked, moving away from Nathan to get back to work, and Booth frowned slightly, confused. Nathan's face lit up at the mention of this 'Teddy' person.

"Not yet, I figured I'd surprise him when I pick him up from school today. Unless there was any particular reason you wanted to pick him up?" he asked. Zack shook his head.

"No, it's fine, but I might come with you anyway. And you're just in time for the parent teacher meeting tomorrow evening," he reminded him. Nathan groaned.

"I am? Bugger, I was hoping I'd miss that one. Come with me?" he pleaded. Zack raised an eyebrow.

"Are you incapable of going on your own?" he asked.

"No, but they're so boring, and I'd like to have someone interesting to talk to. Someone who doesn't mistake me for one of the gap year student teaching assistants," Nathan replied, making the others laugh. "Okay, yeah, that was kind of funny. But please come with me, Zack. You help Ted with his homework and stuff as much as I do," he reasoned.

"Do I have to?" Zack asked, almost whining. Nathan grinned at him.

"No, but I'll love you even more if you come," he replied. Zack rolled his eyes.

"Alright, I'll come. If only to see people mistake you for a gap student," he relented, and Nathan beamed.

"Thank you! But you're younger than I am, you'll be the one they mistake for a gap student," he pointed out with a smirk. Zack paused for a moment, then frowned.

"Damn. Let's just hope neither of us gets mistaken for gap students."

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