Mr. Grayson pulled his car up to the elementary school in Jump City."Now,Dick I know your nervous about this sudden change in surroundings but-" His 9 year old son,Dick Grayson quickly interrupted his father."I'm not nervous at all dad! And I said not to call me Dick just call me Robin!" He said,exiting the car."Ok...your not planning on keeping that mask on the whole school year are you?" His father asked."Of course dad! It keeps my identity a secret" He exclaimed with a goofy smile."Just have a good day,Dick." His dad said beginning to drive the car (Or rather Robin) had a good feeling about entered the school classes seemed the basic stuff from last year and Robin payed most attention to was a young girl in the had red hair and wore a purple outfit with matching had been staring at her,lost in bell suddenly rang,snapping him out of was the lunch class was heading for the cafeteria without leaped out of his chair and ran to catch up with picked up a tray and selected different foods from the lunch was nothing interesting about that problem was,where would he looked around for a moment to see if he could find that pretty girl from the sign of just then, he saw a table that in particular that interested at this table was a boy made up of mechanical parts,another boy who had ears that were pointed and green skin,and at the very end of the table was a girl with grey skin,wearing a white smiled brightly and walks over to the table."Hey! Mind if I sit here?" He asked."Y-you want to sit at this table? With us?" The green boy looked shocked."Uh ...there a problem?" Robin was concerned and confused about the boy's mechanical boy looked at him."No one here wants to sit with think we're freaks." He sighed,looking down and picking at his lunch."You must think we're freaks too..." The green one spoke again in a more saddened tone."I don't! Sincerely!" Robin told them."Really? You really really mean that?" The green boy asked in a hopeful nodded and sat across from him."It's nice to see not everyone here is the same." The mechanical one had lifted his head to talk with Robin."My name's Victor to meet you." The mechanical boy extended a hand to Robin had taken his hand to shake it,he was putting alot of pressure into shaking his hand."Sorry 'bout that." He apologized in complete and utter laughed."It's fine! No need to apologize." The green boy looked awfully excited."I'm can call me Gar." He said shaking Robin's hand stopped suddenly."T-that is...if you want to be friends..." Garfield asked,looking away silently."Totally!" Robin exclaimed."I'm Dick I don't really like that name to much so you can call me Robin." The boys looked at each other and exchanged knew that they weren't mocking him then looked over at the grey girl,who was deeply enveloped in the book in her hand."Who's she?" He asked pointing to her."That's Rachel doesn't really talk to us much." Vic said."Mostly because she's to focused on that book she's ' she bumps into walls when she walks with it!" Gar exclaimed it seemed Rachel took things very one second,the book was in her in the next,it was slammed into Garfield's face."Ow." He shook his head and glared at her."What the heck was that for?" He questioned angrily."Never joke about me." She mumbled to him." ." Gar suddenly heard footsteps."Greetings Friend Victor,Friend Garfield,and Friend Rachel." Robin turned around and was the pretty girl from the classroom."I never said I was your friend..." Rachel said,not looking up from her book."Yo Star! We got a new friend we want you to meet!" Vic 's face was gleeful."Oh glorious!" She exclaimed taking a seat next to Robin,making him blush slightly."What is your name? Where do you come from? Do you wish to be my friend?" She questioned him."Uh...My name is Robin,I came from an urban area,and i'd love to be your friend." He said."Joyous!" She hugged him 's face became a bright red color,not just because he was embarrassed,but also because he was suffocating."Uh, you think you wanna let go now?" Garfield blinked a moment,realizing she had been causing pain to her new friend."Oh I am very sorry!" She said,releasing took a few breathes to be able to talk again."It's ok,Starfire." Robin smiled at giggled."So...why does everyone think you guys are freaks? Just because you look different?" Robin asked,wanting to know more about his newest friends."Well that's partially the reason..." Vic said."What do you mean?" Robin asked looked a little nervous."'s hard to we should demonstrate..." Vic held his hand watched him in hand began to shift formed a blaster of some sort."Whoa." Robin was completely intrigued by he looked at green boy quickly morphed into a series of small and medium sized animals,careful not to shift into a large one that might scare the other children in the he looked at didn't bother looking up from her eyes glowed a white black energy lifted Garfield out of his seat."Hey! What's the big idea?" He growled."Payback." She answered,dropping him back into his seat without ,looked to his side too see that Starfire's hands were glowing a green color."I cannot reveal a demonstration of my supernatural abilities at this moment..." She said,the green light disappearing."So you guys have superpowers?" Robin asked." can go on and run away from us now..." Garfield said in that sad tone."I'm not going guys having superpowers doesn't make a difference to me." He spoke sincerely."You don't think it's freaky?" Vic shook his they heard the announcement speakers come on."Ello' duckies! It's your favorite teacher,Mad Mod! Today we're gonna have a lesson on control!" A British man's voice came walls suddenly flipped and revealed swirling panels."Don't look at 'em!" Victor confused,Robin shielded his eyes.A few seconds later,they heard the panels flip back table seemed fine,well with the exception of Garfield who's eyes were now swirly just like the wall as for everyone else,they weren't as whole cafeteria (With the exception of Victor,Rachel,Starfire,and Robin) was put in a trance."Now for a smashing lesson!" Mad Mod ceiling crushed the ground before the tables."He's going to smash all of the children!" Robin shouted."Oh,we must protect them!" Starfire thought fast and turned to Rachel."Rachel,can you use your powers to moved the tables out of the school?" He asked her."I that doesn't mean I will." She answered."Please Rachel?" He pleaded as the strange object came closer to crushing the groaned and slammed her book held her hand out,dark energy surrounding it."Victor,break a window!" Robin nodded and broke one of the large windows in the placed each of the tables outside so the kids wouldn't be crushed."The door! Let's go!" Robin followed him to the door,only to find it locked."Starfire?" He nodded,zapping the door down."Wait,what about Garfield? We can't just leave 'im here!" Vic pointed out."Who will assist him in the escaping?" Star looked at Rachel."Your kidding me..." She walked over to Garfield and slung his arm over her shoulder."C'mon you brainless idiot..." She ,Garfield blinked then began to laugh."Hahahahahaha...Brainless..Idiot...HAHAHAHAHA! Hey wait...That isn't funny!" Garfield growled."Really? Because it is to me." She pushed him over without any got up rubbing his head."Jeese! What's your problem today?" He asked."You." She said."I'm just trying to be friendly! I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or anything!" Garfield explained."Really?" She asked."Yeah." He answered,smiling. They stared at each other for a moment."Can ya'll stop arguing and getchur' butts over here!" Victor snapped out of it and quickly dodged out of the way of the giant crusher."C'mon guys,we gotta stop that Mad Mod guy." Robin said."Why? He isn't our problem." Gar said."You know what Gar? It is.You have the ability to stop this guy from causing more harm!" Robin explained."Robin is must band together to stop the Mad Mod!" Starfire agreed."Yeah!" Victor exclaimed."I have to say,i'm not up for the hero act,but I suppose it's our only option right now..." Rachel said crossing her glanced toward sighed." 's do it." Robin grinned at his words."Go!" Robin exclaimed,running down the hall,his companions following.