Authors note: Hi guys, this is my very first story not related with Harvest Moon. This story I'm typing today is about my first manga. Fushigi Yuugi was the first manga I read, that started a long story of my life... yup... this story takes place in volume 11 of the series. Miaka was of course devastated when Tamahome broke up with her, and then he's about to cheat on her, luckily she came at the right time. Here's how I would have liked it to go down...

Meet Me Before Sundown

I opened the door to Tamahome's room, forgetting to knock on the door, I was so worried he actually ate my food, I know my cooking is not the best (someone remind me to take lessons when I get back home). That and he broke up with me, I'm fine with rejection I just wanted a reason. Is that too much to ask for?

"Tamahome, I ju-" I walked into something that was going to take a while to get out of.

In front of my eyes I saw a shirtless Tamahome, and Xi Fang loosening up her clothes. Tears were forming in my eyes, but I wasn't going to let them fall. Not this time. I promised myself I was going to fight till the very end no matter what. No matter what situation it is, I will fight.

"I-I'm sorry... I should go." Xi Fang said as she brushed past me.

One of my tears somehow managed to fall, shoot. And just as that tear was rolling down my cheek Tamahome turned away.

"You have no idea how many things are going through my mind right now, if I knew you were like this, none of this would have happened. Yui and I probably would still be friends." I choked trying to talk.

"..." he was silent it was as if I wasn't even talking to him, he was far away. Fine listen, it'll be easier for me.

"W-When you swore on your family's grave to protect me and love me forever (volume 7) was that a lie? ...what about Nuriko (volume 8 and 9) what you said to him, was that a lie too?"

"..." more silence...

Maybe I'll never be able to reach out to him...

"I'm so stupid, because even after all this I still have faith in you..." I paused hoping he would finally say something, anything. Yet I felt like grasping on to air. It's there and you know it but you can't feel it.

"Before the sun goes down, I'd like you to meet me near the pagoda close by the temple on the hill. If you don't come, I'll give up on you. Let you live your life, be happy. Everything we've been through never happened... Tamahome." I said his name in the last sentence, I wanted him to know I was calling out to him, reminding myself that I was actually talking to someone. The sound of silence really is strong...

I silently closed his door and walked away... I really do have faith in you Tamahome... please I really don't want this to be the end...please Tamahome...

Author's note: I know it was short but the scene was only two pages. I hope you liked it. I honestly thought Miaka should have said more in the actual story. This right here is what I imagined she would actually say. If it was me in that scene I'd make jokes. It has to be really hard for a modern day human to go back in time. I can't live without Walgreens. My phone, chips, instant noodles, shampoo and conditioner feminine needs for those days, it has to be really hard to go back in time.

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