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Jackie opened her eyes and briefly looked around the room to check her surroundings. Suprisingly, she did that every morning. For some reason she didn't know where she was every time she woke up, whether it be a nap or a full 8 hours of beauty sleep. Maybe it was because she was never sure about anything in her life.

Right now, Jackie Burkhart was in her bed, in her room, in her one-bedroom apartment. She was never the type to live in a place smaller than a garage. She would probably never be fully accustomed to it, but it would have to do for now. She loved how her boyfriend finally stepped up and started a real future with her. However, thinking about never sleeping with him on the little cot in Eric's basement made her sick to her stomach. Well, they could've slept in it now if they had wanted to, but that was what made it different. Although back then, they probably wanted to sleep anywhere but in the dingy basement. It's funny how you always want what you don't have.

"Selfishness" is what Steven called it. She remembered sitting on the old couch in the basement when Steven went rambling about life and what was wrong with their society.

"So? What does it matter? People get what they want, and they want more. I don't see what's wrong with that."

"Because," he said,"From birth we've been taught by society to never be happy. To always want more."

Jackie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. "The more the merrier, Steven," She flipped her hair off her shoulder with a smug smile on her face, "More is better."

Hyde scoffed and changed the channel on the TV. His girlfriend could be so shallow. She didn't understand it. No matter how hard he tried to teach her, she just wouldn't get it.

Hyde leaned forward in his seat and cleared his throat, taking another approach. "In everybody's life, there's gonna be a point where they wish they weren't selfish. They're gonna wish they had what they used to, even if they were complaining about it when they had it. Happiness never lasts for long, so make the most of it."

"What do you mean happiness never lasts for long?" She asked, confused.

Steven shifted in his seat. "One thing you're gonna have to learn, princess, is that sadness is only the lack of happiness."

"No shit, Steven." Jackie said sarcastically.

He raised his eyebrow, "One day, you're gonna look back. You're gonna look back and think 'Wow, I was so happy back then'. But you weren't. Because you wanted more."

She stretched like a cat and looked at the sleeping figure next to her. Steven Hyde's quiet snores filled the room. Although she always pretended to hate it and frequently complained about it to her boyfriend, she secretly liked the snoring. Whenever she was scared at night, she would just stop and pay attention to the soft snores coming from Steven's nose. It filled the silence.

She remembered the fight she had with Steven last night just as she was about to give him a kiss good morning.

Things between her and Steven weren't going very well. She tried her best. She made sure she was the best girlfriend. But something was off between them.

"I don't give a shit, Jackie!" Steven was sitting on the couch nursing a beer. He was tired. Not physically tired. Emotionally. He was tired of arguing. Tired of battling.

"Of course you don't. All you care about is getting high and getting drunk." She didn't sound angry, she sounded scared. Scared of the future, maybe? Or was it the past?

Her voice was trembling.

Steven stood up abruptly. "Can you just stop? Can you just fucking let it go? I said I was sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough." Jackie said seriously, "It never is." They had just gotten home from the basement and they had been fighting since they walked out of the door. Jackie was tired of Steven. Tired of feeling like he liked Donna better. Like she wasn't enough.

"Then I don't know what you want from me!" Hyde forcefully ran his hand down his face. The TV flickered across his solemn face.

"I want you to tell me the truth." Jackie placed a hand on her hip and waited.

"I'm not cheating on you, Jackie! Don't you get it?" He looked pissed. She looked confused.

"I didn't say that. I'm saying I want to know how you feel about her."

"She's my friend. She's been my friend for years. I was just talking to her. I can't talk?"

"Not about fucking sex, Steven!"

"Trust me; I think I've forgotten what sex feels like. The conversation couldn't have been that explicit."

If Michael were there, she would've expected a "BURN!"

She laid back and focused on Steven's snoring. Now, however, it wasn't silencing the terror playing in her mind.

She hadn't told anyone about the pain for two reasons: one, it was embarrassing to talk about health problems that came from, well, down there. And two: she was afraid. Not afraid of something wrong with her. Not afraid of the pain that always lingered in between her legs.

No, it was the consequences and the pain that other people would feel if something was really wrong with her. Because she had to do a lot of explaining if there was something wrong. But whatever the reason why, it didn't matter: she was afraid.

Jackie Burkhart was not one to be afraid. She remembered being really frightened only three times in her life. The first was when her parents first left her at the same time and she was truly alone. The second was a memory she would rather not recall. And now, she felt afraid of what would happen to her boyfriend if something were to happen to her.

Because something was wrong. Something was very wrong. There was a sharp pain in between her legs.

She knew why and she was scared to death.

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