"Jacksanna wait.!" I shouted for her attention as she stepped out of my front door. " I need to talk to you in private." She looked at me confused.

"Okay lets go to your study." I make sure she is sat comfortably and tell her the news.

"I asked Clove to marry me." Jacksanna squealed in excitement.

"When is the wedding then?"

"That's the thing, I have told her we will wait two years but really it will be in a few months, I'm going to organise everything but I'm hoping you'll help."

"Of course I'll help Cato."

"No, no, no, no!" I shouted to Jacksanna and her team as I scan through the dress designs. "They are all wrong!" I threw the book to the floor and stormed out of the room and went to my room. All I want is Clove to have the perfect dress, how hard can it be? After a while of thinking my mother knocked on my door.

"Sweetheart, I've brought you some tea."

"Tea is always the answer."

"It always works for me." I love my mother she never fails to cheer me up.

"Jacksanna just doesn't get my ideas for Clove's dress."

"Why don't you sketch your ideas for her, you used to be so good at that stuff."

"Theirs a difference from designing buildings and clothes."

"If you say so dear, just think about it." I gave her a smile and finished of my tea and headed back downstairs with a sketchbook and pencils.

"Right, I want the dress to transform from this to this." I point at my drawings. "The first dress is black with long dragging sleeves and veil and I want the material to shimmer silver, and slowly start to disappear and turn the dress into a boob tube, medium veil but the front of the dress stops midway from the groin and the knee but the back to keep flowing, by the time Clove stands next to me the dress will have fully transformed into a sliver gown." I look towards Jacksanna and her team for acknowledgement.

"That will take some work but we will do it for you Cato."

"Thank you, now I'll leave you to your work, I need my daily jog."

I pull on my sweats and leave my house, the weather is cold for a summer day but perfect for a jog. I jog past the NUT and justice building nodding and waving to people as they approach me to say hello to a new victor. As I pass my old house I decided to have a sit in the old kitchen. It's so small compared to the new house. I miss the old times in this old building, Sara's first day at school, she ran down the stairs so excited forgetting a step or two and slipped and had to go to school with a black eye. I remember the first time Mercedes said my name, I was carrying her to her cot and as I tucked her in and said night she said 'Cato' and giggled, I was her first word. My deep thoughts were interrupted by Clove wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Why are you crying?" She ask

"I wasn't aware that I was."

"Cato why haven't I seen you since you proposed?"


"Cato we'll be going back to the capitol soon and the other districts, wont I get any time with you alone before."

"Your alone with me now."

"Cato you know that's not what I meant."

"Sorry, shall I walk you home and we can chat on the way?"

"Fine, if that's all I'm going to get."


As we get the the courtyard of the victors village, I turn to Clove and press my lips against hers and pull her body towards mine into a long embrace.

"I love you Clove."

"I love you too Cato." I walked her to the door and pecked her cheek before I went home.

When I got home Jacksanna was in the living area with my mother and sisters.

"I really think Cato has the potential to be a clothes designer." Jacksanna says.

"You really think that could be his talent?"

"Yes." I cough to end their conversation.

"Am I interrupting?" I asked.

"No we were just discussing.." Jacksanna began.

"I know, I heard." I walked towards the the table and picked up a handful of nuts and stuffed them into my mouth which made Mercedes chuckle.

"Anyway Cato, are you all packed?"


"For the victor's tour"

"WHAT?" The news made me spit my nuts out.

"You didn't know?"

"I didn't realise it was so soon"

"Well why else did you think me and my team have being here?"


"Lets pack then shall we."


"Do you want this blue one or the black for district 5?"


"What colour for 12?"

"Plum if I have a suit of that colour."

"You do I made it the other week."


"Right that's all of it." Jacksanna zips up all 13 bags and begins to take them down to the car.

"I'll help." I pick up two bags and race down the stairs to dump them in the car. I turn to mu left towards Enobaira's house, the lights are on, I jog to the house to fine Enobaria and Brutus sat closely on the couch this is awkward.

"Cato!" Enobaria shrieks.

"You sound surprised to see me."

"Yes, I thought we were seeing you on the train."

"We were but I thought id pop by."

"How thoughtful, well lets go to the station then shall we." The door swings open and Clove comes bouncing in.

"Hey babe." She jumps on my back and kisses my cheek.


"The cameras are here, so no moody Cato please."

"Me moody, never." Clove laughs and I set her on the floor and I admire her outfit, she's wearing a ice blue silk dress with diamonds encrusted in the bodice.

"Admiring the view?"


"Oh Cato, come on then, district three is waiting for us."

The train is exactly the same as it was last time I was here, I hurry towards the food cart and grab my self a muffin and an apple. When I get to the relaxing area everyone is already sat down engrossed in conversation. Clove looks up to see me and a huge grin displays on her face, I love the effect I have on her.

"Hey Cato, come sit next to me." Clove taps the seat next to her and I quickly take my place.

"Cato are you going to announce your and Clove's engagement in any of the districts or the capitol or what?" Enobaira asks.

"Capitol I think."

"Good we don't want any hassle in the districts."

"E be quiet." Brutus warns her.

"Wait what's going on?" Clove asks.

"Nothing dear I'm just being silly." Enobaira answers in a way to shut us up. "Where is Sophie?"

"Oh god she's here?" I asked, I feel rather embarrassed about my behaviour with her last time I saw her.

"Here she is." Sophie enters the room with her usual silly outfit but in a new colour purple also she is carrying a purple clipboard.

"Hello, what a welcome, well we will be arriving in district three shortly so Cato, Clove here are your scripts and make sure when you speak not to wander away from the script but you can add a few words regarding the tributes from three if you wish." I'd rather not I killed Niall. Mel I never really spoke to her.

"Okay." I finally say and get up to collect my script.

District three is odd, every building has weird panels which I've being told are solar panels and all the buildings are so technologist. The justice building is one of the only old buildings left with it's marble pillars and overgrown ivy climbing up the walls. I'm stood with Clove awaiting for the mayor of three to introduce us to the crowd.

"Cato your sweating." Clove lets go of my hand and rubs her hands down her dress.


"Are you nervous?"

"A little."

"Don't be, we are careers so act like one babe."

"True, okay killer Cato is on the prowl." Clove giggles quietly.

"Lets go, he's introducing us." I hold her hand and we walk onto stage welcomed by a fake scream of cheers.

"Hello district 3, what a welcome thank you." I say in a loud voice.

"Hello Cato," The mayor shakes my hand and turns to Clove. "Clove." He kisses her cheek and hands her a plaque.

"This is so nice to accept this plaque." Clove answers.

"We haven't finished yet." He beckons two small children to the stage and they hand us a bunch of flowers each.

"Thank you."

"Well now you can say a few words to the tributes families if you want." I don't want to but Clove eagerly steps forwards to address them. She looks toward the family to the right which I presume are Niall's family as the boys have the same hairstyle and face.

"Hi, I'm sorry for your loss, I wanted to help him but there was no use Cato here thought it was time, but I admire Niall for his brains, his intelligence to outsmart the capitol with reactivating the mines that was extraordinary." I stop her from saying any more as I can see Sophie in the corner tapping her watch. I carry Clove off the stage and re group with everyone When Enobaira come hurtling towards Clove and screams.

"What the hell have you done, you stupid child!"

"What?" Clove asks

"What you said about Niall and the capitol, do you realise how much damage you might have done!"

"I didn't realise."

"Of course you don't silly girl."

"Lay off her." I shout.

"Shut up Cato, she is a silly 16 year old child who needs to learn to keep quite."

"She wasn't thinking."

"Obviously. Clove go to the train now! I don't want to see you." I follow Clove to the train. Once inside she goes on a rampage. Clove pushes the food on the floor, lifts up tables and throws plates into walls.

"CLOVE!" she ignores me and carries on, I need to stop her before she hurts her self so I grab her wrist as she clasps a plate. "No!" I warn her and grab her other hand before she can slap me.

"Cato let go!"

"No" I lean down and kiss her.

"Do it again." I smile and kiss her again more softly and longingly I hear her moan.



"Come to bed you need to let out anger in a stable manageable environment." I give her a wink and she skips to the bedroom.