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Sirens wail in the laboratory I cover my ears from the noise, I see Finnick talking to me but I can't make out what he says Beetee wheels out of the room and Finnick grabs my arm and we start jogging to join the rest of the citizens of district 13, we don't have to go far since we are the second to bottom floor of the base two huge doors are open at the end of the halls with two guards guiding everyone inside. I search the crowd for my brother or father but I can't find them, I turn towards the stairs ready to run to our family quarters to find them but Finnick's grip tightens and pulls me into the room and the doors close behind us.

I run down the hall pushing past people looking for my temporary holding room I see my name above a door and sitting on the bunk is my little brother my heart skips a beat and I gather him in my arms kissing his head.

"Oh thank god, you're okay." Tears run down my face.

"me and the rest of my class were the first ones in." He lifts his head up and smiles at me.

"Did you see father?" He shakes his head but keeps his smile.

"He'll be okay."


I hold my brother for what seems like an hour before anyone comes into the room, someone stands at the door and quietly knocks, I glance around to see prim she looks past me towards Reese.

"You want to come see buttercup?" Reese pushes me away and runs after her leaving me alone on the bunk head in my hands, the sirens have finally stopped but I still don't know what the commotion is about. I clamber off the bunk and go find Finnick he's laid on his bunk cradling a girl I gather she's Annie the girl he loves who happens to be a bit crazy.

"Finnick?" I startle him and he bangs his head as he sits up.

"Clove, you okay?"

"Yea I just wondered if you knew what has happened?" Finnick takes a deep breath, kisses Annie and brushes past me beckoning me to follow him, once we are in a corner where we cannot be interrupted he whispers.

"The capitol send bombs, even televised it, the citizens thought it was a fireworks display but if it wasn't for Johanna and Cato we wouldn't have seen the planes on our signals in time to save this many people."

"What do you mean Jo and Cato?"

"Ceaser was interviewing them you could see Johanna mouth to Cato and Cato blurted it out." A smile spreads across my face, he must be fine and well to be on TV.


About 4 hours after the attack we were allowed back to our quarters well those which were still in tact luckily mine was untouched I couldn't get out of that room fast enough before I jumped on my bed and tucked the blankets around me just to feel the familiar warmth and smell, when my brother finally enters he's as white as a sheet.

"What's wrong?"

"Dad's in hospital." My face goes blank, I totally forgot to worry about dad I thought he'd be safe since he's working closely with coin.

"Is he okay?"

"He was in a collapsed room or something broken a few rips I think prim's mother told me since she's looking after him." I swing my legs off the bed grab Reese by the hand.

"Let's go see him then shall we.