The young Prince of the Pure Ones Nyroc runs away from home after his mother kills his best friend, Phillip. This is after he refused to claim the death of his friend as his own doing and he had his firesight vision. The widowed Pure One Queen, Nyra, watches him leave and she sits by her window with Elanore, her general and attendant, by her side. She had forewarned her son that his deceased father would haunt him if he leaves. He believes what she says as when he goes to the Mirror Lake and he sees his father's scroom. His father then haunts him until he reprimands him.

He embarks on a journey of truth, meeting with the scroom of Strix Struma, rescuing an egg that was named after him, meeting Streak, Zan and Mist and changing his name. Then before the time comes where he retrieves the Ember, he meets Otulissa, who had mistaken him for his mother. For this young owl, he has learned and done so much in the time.

Meanwhile, Nyra had hired the finest tracker to help find her son. Nyra, Elanore and the Pure One Inner Circle place their trust in the tracker so the Prince and heir to the Pure Ones will return home. She remains worried that he will find the guardians and will learn the horrid truth that she had covered up for all these years. Elanore reassures her that all will be ok and she listens to her General once again.

In this time, the prophecy could be true. Otulissa and Gwyndor believed that Coryn could be the true King of the Great Tree. Then, the fateful day comes when they reach the volcano.

As the volcano, known to Coryn as H'rathgar, has turned to glass for him, he dives in. The intense is heat not bothering him as he reaches for the golden ember. The Ember of Hoole, the relic that had been named after King Hoole is used to name the true king of the Great Tree, but there is more to it that meets the eye. Young Coryn picks it up in his talons and flies out of the volcano. An awaiting crowd watches and rejoices with songs of happiness and praise for the new king. All are rejoicing, except the new king's mother, Nyra. She lurches forth and attacks with her brethren of Pure Ones following her lead.

Coryn tries to trick his evil mother into the mouth of a sick wolf that was healed from retrieving the ember. However, the wolf lunges and in the chaos, Nyra escapes. She takes off in haste, but also in her depressive state because of all that had happened, so she will not be killed. Ulgamore, who now is known as a traitor by the queen, attacked the escaping owl, but she pushes him into the mouth of the wolf. In the horror of the moment, there is nothing they could have done to stop Nyra escaping. Gyllbane pushes the wolf into coals and it released Ulgamore from its clutches, but he sadly had died beforehand.

Meanwhile in Ga'Hoole, they are unknown to what has happened just before and it is the typical night in Ga'Hoole. All is fine in Ga'Hoole until at the moment when Coryn retrieves the Ember of Hoole. At that very moment when he picks it up, Queen Barran falls from the sky into the middle of the City Centre, landing on her back and King Boron falls from his perch in the Guardian Parliament in the middle of an address. They all are thrown into a shock and confusion, as they do not know what is going on until explained.

Boron takes the plunge first, the illness taking the best of him and Barran is holding on as much as she can, especially as she is using the energy from the moon. She was to prevent her death by mothering an alternate heir to the tree (Josh), however, this plan had backfired and she is going to die. Her eyes are pure white as she is using the raw power of the moon as her own as she is moonblinking herself into an incognito trance. She has her godfather, Ezylryb, by her side as she lies on her deathbed. The queen's godfather scribes a scroll that is to be given to Josh, her son. Ezylryb knows that Barran will fall in the coming hours as she is getting weaker and weaker. Her eyes are turning more amber and her glow is fading.

"…I tell you now that in death, this is the truth… If you read this, I know you will be angry and upset... Nevertheless, know that… I love you… my baby boy… Josh…" Barran wearily speaks

"The prophecy is true. I never knew that the plan would backfire. But, there is no way to stop this happening now." Ezylryb says

"Don't blame yourself, godfather… I know you promised my mother… that you would take care of me with… aunt and uncle. All these years… You have been by my side since when I was little. That has never changed." She says with a tear coming from her whitish amber eyes

"I promised to take care of you, no matter what. That has never changed and never will." He replies with a tear coming from his eye

"I love you, godfather…" She speaks with her last breath

Barran then dies. Her head tilts to a side and her eyes remain open and turn back to the amber colour they are. Her natural glow fades and the moon darkens. It is an eclipse. Ezylryb closes his goddaughter's eyes, as she had taken the plunge. He kisses her head and has tears falling from his eyes.

All the live in the tree are saddened by the loss, but no one can be as saddened by this as Ezylryb who had lost his goddaughter whom he raised as if she was his own. Besides losing his first wife, Lil and now Barran, this is a tragedy. This is not as bad as losing his second wife and baby daughter. She was the Princess Autumn and their daughter, Dawn.

Coryn then comes to the Great Tree of Ga'Hoole. All are silent in mourning of their fallen monarchs as they are buried at the base of the tree along with any other fallen monarch or like the Goddess Princess Cheyenne who had founded the tree with King Hoole. Coryn then finds what has happened. He has found that Boron and Barran have died and he knows what will happen. In his years he had been raised by his mother, Nyra, he had learned all of the enemies of the St. Aegolius state. He had learned that Boron and Barran had one child and one child only.

That said child is none other than Prince Josh Nyctea.

Coryn now fears that the son of the deceased former King and Queen of Ga'Hoole will find out and will come to claim what should be his. Seeing as he was born as what is merely an alternate heir to the Ga'Hoole Kingdom. He knows that Josh's blind fury will tear the tree into two and will cause an aristocratic war. He merely ignores it and then is very happy to be united with the lost half of his family. He had never known the good side of the Canner family at all. For all these years, he had been lied to about this side and his naive and inactive evil mind had accepted such lies by the owl in question. He is warmly welcomed into the wings of his aunts, Eglantine and Pellimore, also his uncle, Soren.

Where is the Prince Josh we wonder? Just as Coryn is named as the next king, we know little of what had been going on for the Prince of the Ga'Hoole tree. Since leaving his home, he had rarely visited since he is a father now. Josh and his wife, Queen Lydea, the Queen of the regained Northern Kingdom are celebrating their daughter's second hatchday. Princess Sina Schana is a happy and beautiful snowy owlet who looks like her mother greatly with blue eyes and snowflake markings on her chest. She had grown a great deal since we had heard of her when she was a mere hatchling two or more years ago. As the North celebrates their princess' hatchday, they know not of what had happened in Ga'Hoole.

Josh does not know about his parents deaths. He has been deemed as a threat to Ga'Hoole by the very owl that had usurped the throne he had been promised. Knowing what would happen if he did find out; Coryn the almost king had made a decision that would be a terrible mistake. The young king awaiting the coronation date told his inner circle and the whole of Ga'Hoole to never mention any of this to the promised heir what has happened, but to lie to him until such an occasion when it is deemed necessary to tell the bitterly horrid truth. Making the decision final, all had promised the secrecy.

Josh is actually unaware and deemed ignorant of anything that happens in his home as he lives far away in the Northern Kingdom in the Palace Mountains. The now all grown up Prince of Ga'Hoole is curious of what goes on. however, knowing his responsibilities as a father and a second in command to his wife, Lydea, he would be carelessly distracted to find out what has been going on. For now, he is in the middle of playing dress ups and tea parties with his little girl.

As we know it, these years had allowed the North to rebuild after all the years under Pure One rule. The Goddess Queen Nya watches over her kingdom and keeps a vigil for Pure One activity. Her mirror may have turned to dust, but she remains in the mists of the Northern Forest as a scroom of markings ice blue and eyes of dark blue.

Under the direction of their queen and the Northern Council, the North is a metropolis of infrastructure and prosperity. Their ties with the other kingdoms within the United Kingdoms of Owl have been strong. Lydea had appointed her army two generals. One by the Name of Taw and the other by the name of Anya. Incontinently, Anya is Taw's daughter and has been married to her husband, Darryl, for a few years. Lydea trains her general and vice-general of her army with the knowledge she had been taught in the GTA.

Things could not be better in the Northern Kingdom now since the power has been restored to the Schana, their rightful ruling family and compound converted into the Northern Palace after many renovations had taken place.

All things are well leading up to Coryn's Coronation.