Liana arrives in the North, carrying the owlet in her talons. She lands at the shrine and there is a portrait of Coryn surrounded by candles. Liana lays a wreath and she holds her owlet as she explains what happened in simple baby-talk. She then cries when she gets to the part about the death.

"Why are you crying, young queen?" A sweet voice says

"I lost my… Husband and love of my life… and his father…" Liana replies between sniffs

"It is ok, young Queen Liana. You may be scared and confused and feel burdened, but you won't anymore." The sweet voice says again

"…Who are you?" Liana asks

"I am a friend. A fellow Tyto born into the royal." The sweet voice replies

"You must be…?" Liana starts

"Princess Cheyenne of Tyto, otherwise the Holy Goddess of Light." Cheyenne announces

"Oh my Glaux…" Liana exclaims

The goddess lands in front of her and she is a scroom. Zayin burrows into his mother and Liana bows and Cheyenne lifts her head using her wing.

"Liana, you need not to bow to me." Cheyenne says

"What are you doing here?" Liana asks

"The fellow gods and I have decided something. The Pure Ones have been defeated, but at what cost I wonder. The child is fatherless and your heart is broken. We have decided to do something to repay you and your allies for defeating the Pure Ones once and for all." Cheyenne replies

"What is it?" Liana asks

"Follow me, Liana. I will show you when we arrive." Cheyenne replies

Cheyenne flies with Liana, carrying Coryn-Zayin behind her. They arrive at the Mirror of the Snow Goddess and Cheyenne stands in front of it.

"Ahem. Nya, it is Cheyenne." Cheyenne says

"Oh, Cheyenne. You are here, that was fast." She replies while stepping out of the mirror as a scroom

"What is going on here?" Liana asks

"Queen Liana, this is what we are repaying you with. We are bringing back someone special to you. Alive and in full health with all appendages attached. Young'un, come out from the Spirit World if you may." Cheyenne announces

Out of the mirror, a bright light flashes and then steps out an owl. The light clears and Liana is surprised and overjoyed to see who it is.

"Coryn!" She exclaims while hugging him.

"Liana, my dearest love." He replies

"You brought Coryn back from the dead?" Liana asks

"Yes, Queen Liana. This is what we are repaying you with. Your life and Zayin's won't be the same without Coryn." Cheyenne replies

"Oh thank you, goddess." Liana says while tearing with tears of joy

They make the flight home and the whole tree sees that he is alive and Celebrates. When he is presented to Josh, he tries to give his throne back. Coryn says that he can keep it, but names himself as one of Josh's second-in-commands. Things get happy after, as Coryn and Liana return to Middle Kingdom, Liana's home, with their son, Coryn-Zayin.

However, things aren't sweet in the Beaks. A familiar Tyto approaches a familiar looking crown in a familiar throne room on the night of an eclipse. She places it on then she is turned from her normal self when she re-announces her faith to the Pure Ones. Her feathers turn white with Brown and her eyes a bright red.

"From here on out… I AM ELANORE, QUEEN OF ALL THINGS EVIL AND THE NEW LEADER OF THE PURE ONES!" She announces before letting out a thunderous war cry that echoes across the Beaks.

The end…

…Or is it?