The girl and the boy could have been anyone. They held hands, staring into each other's eyes lovingly before moving towards each other and kissing each other lightly. They separated and gave a quick hug as the boy spoke. "So Josie. I'll see you at dinner tonight, right?"

"Right. Six o'clock sharp. I don't want to miss seeing you any more than I have to. I love you, okay?"

"Love you too, sweetheart. See you soon!" Then, she ran towards the red brick building labelled with a large wooden sign saying 'Darton Daily News'.

They could have been anyone, but they weren't. The boy was Jacob Ely. The girl? Josie Isaacs. They had been dating for two years. They might have even reached the big milestones like engagement or marriage. Children. Aging gracefully together. They never had the chance.

Jake sat at the dinner table. It was ten after six. Normally, a guy wouldn't be worried if his girl was a little late, but Jake was. Josie wasn't the type. She was always on time. He took out his cell-phone and dialled her number, but it went onto voicemail. "Hi honey. It's Jake. What's up? I'm starting to worry, sweetheart. Phone me back asap, okay?" Right after he hung up, the phone rang. A relieved look came to his face. She was probably just caught in traffic. "Hello! I was starting to be worri-" The voice on the other end cut him off. "I'm sorry if you were expecting another call, but it's the hospital. You should come quickly. A girl is asking for you, her boyfriend." With that, the caller hung up and Jake was left in shock for a moment. Then, he sprang from his seat and raced to his vehicle. "Come on, come on! Work you stupid thing. Don't conk out now." He pleaded with the engine. Thankfully, it started up without too much trouble and he drove to the hospital.

He was directed to room 132 in the Intensive Care Unit. Cautiously, Jake entered, unsure of what he might see. There on the furthest bed, nearest the window, was his red-headed girlfriend. Jake walked over and was alarmed. She looked so weak and helpless, and the mischief had gone from Josie's beautiful green eyes. He sat by her bed. "What happened Joz?"

"I was coming out of my apartment and two men jumped me. One...held my arms...while the other stabbed at me wildly. I was...screaming the whole time. A neighbour called 9-1-1 and the men fled. Come here, Jake." He came closer and held her hand, squeezing it gently. "They found my internal organs. I don't think...I have long. I don't...think the attack...was random. I was working on a paper with another person. Please...protect her from...this fate...Jake. It's so painful. I wouldn't wish it on my enemy."

"Okay. You don't have any enemies. Okay though Joz. What's her name?"

"Sam, but I forget the last name. Jake? you so much."

"I love you too, Joz. I don't think I'll be able to love again."

"You can and you will. Don' afraid to. I don't want be alone. I love you. I know...there will be a your heart for me, hon. Just...make sure there's room...for someone else." With that, she squeezed his hand gently and closed her eyes. The heart monitor went level and Jake sat in shock. His girlfriend Josie was dead, at the age of eighteen.

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