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The knife creeped ever closer to my rib-cage. I found myself whimpering and felt slightly disgusted that this was what these creeps had reduced me to. I was finding myself trying to come to grips with the fact that I could die. I'd only be twenty, but I could die. And I surprised myself, because suddenly I was thinking of Jake. I had only met him again a few days ago, but I wished I had had longer with him. It had never bothered me thinking about Jake and how his girlfriend Josie had been separated too early. Well, other than the whole death thing. And now, I wondered why that was. Well, really it felt resolved. That childhood crush on Jake Ely. I had thought that it had disappeared long ago. But it seemed now that it had just lain dormant. I was feeling regret now. I hadn't done anything to show Jake how I had felt. I would never have that chance. Death seemed all too imminent with the knife's blade so close now. I closed my eyes and waited for the darkness, or the light. Suddenly, a deep voice bellowed out into the darkness.

"You won't kill her yet. Not yet. She hasn't endured enough yet." My eyes widened and I let out a whisper of a whimper. A minute ago, I hadn't wanted to die. But now, faced with more torture, I really wondered which was the best situation for me. At least I'd have peace with death. Even though I had more time, it might just be more time for torture before my death. This boss, whoever it was, wanted suffering here. And he planned to kill me at the end. The boss kept speaking and I listened intently, hoping it would reveal why such a twisted individual existed.

"She has to pay. And she hasn't paid in full to me yet. Revenge can be a long drawn-out process." Revenge? What had I ever done to make an enemy like that? Even with Rachel, I hadn't said anything much. Not that should have affected her. Besides, that boss was a guy. I could tell by the deep voice. I tried to think of guys who might want to do me wrong. The list surprised me. Linc Slocum perhaps. I stood in his way to get the Phantom. But he seemed the bumbling fool, not one to come up with a plan this elaborate. Flick I could see. But he had been locked up for life a year or so ago after the goings-on in a nearby city. The only guys I remembered were my dad, and Jake. There was no way of course that my dad would do this kind of thing, and Jake…wait…could this be Jake? I had just been thinking how wonderful he was, but did I really KNOW Jake Ely anymore? Bill let go of the front of my blouse, letting me tumble to the ground. The red blouse was in tatters now. I tried to recall the three (I thought there were three) things to evaluate about a suspect. Opportunity. He had plenty of that. Coming over to my dad's ranch had done that for him. Motive. What could his motive be? Killing me would bring him what? My head suddenly began hurting as I tried to think of the third. What was the third in that triad? I couldn't remember. I groaned, leaning against the brick wall. Suddenly, I felt anger surge through me. How could this happen to me? Why was he doing this? I didn't know who the boss was, nor either of the men so intent on torturing the policewoman and I. But what would my death give this man?

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" My voice became softer when Bill kicked me in the stomach for yelling out. I groaned a little before continuing.

"What have I EVER done to you to deserve this?" I leaned my head back against the wall, not expecting an answer. But what surprised me was the rumbling laugh from the other side of the door.

"What's so funny? I wasn't making a joke!" Bill kicked me again, harder and in the shin this time. It hit one of my cuts and I winced. He snarled at me.

"You don't be talkin' back to the boss like tha', Missy." Missy? Who the hell ever said missy these days? If I wasn't in such a dire situation, I might just laugh. But the laughing on the other side of the door continued. Finally it stopped and I heard the doorknob turning. My eyes widened with terror. And then when the tall shadow stepped into the light, I gasped and my jaw dropped in shock.

Jake POV

As I followed the truck through the winding turns of the road, I wondered where he was going. I also wondered if I'd be too late. There was no way of ever knowing what Sam was going through, but I was praying to God that she'd be okay, something I hadn't done in years. I watched the road intently. We were out past the BLM's Mustang pens now. I hadn't actually known the road went on this far. What was out here was really a mystery to me. I hadn't had reason to come out this way until now. Oh please…help her be alright. I thumped the steering wheel hard with one hand, keeping it steady with the other. I was angry with these men. Who knew what they could be doing? They had already killed Josie! And Josie had warned me to protect Sam. I hadn't known it was Sam at the time, but that just made it so much more important somehow. I had protected her when she was little. Now I had to again. But I had been a failure at it when I was younger, and I was still the worst failure to grace the ground under the Nevada skies.

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