"I can't keep cleaning up after you, not on this one!" Michael shouted.

Despite Michael's harsh words Nate knew he wasn't a looser. Just because he didn't know all the spy tricks his big brother did, didn't mean he was useless. Nate pulled hard on the arm of the machine.

Despite reassuring himself Nate still felt like a failure. He was trying to make up for his past mistakes but the mistakes just kept coming. A week before his wife left, taking their baby with her. Nate took a deep breath, determined not to cry in the middle of an Atlanta casino.

Nate vowed (yet again) to show his big brother that he's not a failure. He wasn't sure how he would do it but he would. An hour later, Nate lay on the pavement with a bullet through his chest.

Michael ran to Nate's side "Nate, lay still."

"I'm sorry bro, I screwed up" tears formed in Nate's eyes.

"No, no you didn't. Don't talk. We're going to get you help."

"I'm so sorry. " Nate struggled for breath

"Nate, you got him. You got Anson." Michael tried to reassure his brother

"Please bro… don't tell mom." Nate was gone