AUTHOR'S NOTE: The footnotes are only for people who unfamiliar with the word/phrase or its meaning in this context. ex: people who haven't watched one or both of the animes. (They will be based off of the anime versions, not the manga).

ALSO: This is after the Zanpakutō Rebellion Arc, but BEFORE the Sword Beast Arc. The zanpakutō are keeping a low profile now, but they WILL make an appearance.


Through the Wormhole

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi was a curious man by nature. His predecessor, Kisuke Urahara, had recently given him permission to study the Mod Souls(1) he'd created, Noba, Ririn and Kurōdo along with the Mod Soul Kon, who belonged to Ichigo Kurosaki. He'd be experimenting with them for a few days now, and he'd found something rather extraordinary by complete accident, such as the way things are.

He had invited Kisuke to flaunt his discovery. The discovery had to do with Noba's true powers, and as the powers are weakened in doll form, Mayuri had put Noba in a gigai(2).

"Hello, Mayuri, it's nice of you to contact me after all this time." A familiar, cheerful voice said.

Mayuri whipped around, "Kisuke!"

"That would be me. So, you wanted to talk about something you found out about Noba?"

"Yes…what would you say Noba's powers are, Kisuke?"

"Hmmm…the power to manipulate space and the objects in space in the form of teleportation. Or does your discovery prove me wrong?"

"No, you are correct…but only HALF correct."


"Noba can also manipulate TIME, Kisuke. I found this out quite by accident when I aged one of my subordinates around 100 years in an experiment. Of course, I tested it out a few more times to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Noba even managed to revert my subordinates to their original ages. Isn't it FASCINATING?"

"Quite…I'm a little jealous I didn't discover it first to be quite honest." Kisuke admitted, whipping out his fan to cover the bottom half of his face.

"It doesn't matter, because THAT'S only what LED UP to my discovery. Come on…"

{Few Minute Time Skip}

"What's THAT?"

"It's a wormhole I had Noba create for me," Mayuri explained, referring to a dark crimson whirlpool-like hole in the middle of one of the Twelfth Division(3)'s walls.

"Where does it go?"

"It crosses both time and space. From my estimate it leads to the Feudal Era of an alternate world."

"Is it safe?"

"Possibly. Come on."

Mayuri let Noba lead them through the wormhole. What greeted them was a life-filled forest of a Living World. But it was not the World of the Living(4) that they knew.

"Extraordinary. Mayuri, you should have some Shinigami(5) explore this place, it's quite intriguing."

Yes, I was thinking of doing just that. But who to send? Nemu, of course. I should send a Captain because of the unknown dangers. I don't want my exploration team knocked out too quickly. Maybe I'll send that brat, Captain Hitsugaya. Rukia Kuchiki would also make sense, because the nobles will want some sort of representative. And I'll want that responsible Lieutenant of Squad Eight…Nanao Ise, yes, that was her name…

"I'm thinking of sending a team of four Captain-level Shinigami," Mayuri informed Kisuke, "Captain Hitsugaya, Nemu, Nanao Ise and Rukia Kuchiki, to be specific. I'll have to start working on some special gigais..."

"You're sending them in gigais?"

"How will they communicate with locals if I don't?"

"What if they have to fight?"

"They'll have their gikongan(6). If they lose them it's their fault…but maybe I'll think about making blanks for their zanpakutō(7)…yes, that'll be interesting…it'll be like a gigai, but for zanpakutō."

"When are you sending them off?"

"Let's see…a week should do…"

"Alright, I'll have a parting gift for them in a week. Don't let them leave before that!"

"Fine, fine…"

"Well, let's go!" Kisuke said in an overly cheerful voice. The three of them, Kisuke, Mayuri and the silent Noba walked back through the wormhole, failing to notice a crow watching them…a crow with 3 red eyes. As the wormhole closed, the demon left to report what it had overheard to its masters.

{A week later}

Four Shinigami stepped through a red wormhole, with Kisuke's parting gift hanging from their necks. It was a miniature Substitute Soul Reaper Pass(8), hanging from a cord, which would activate if they flared their spiritual pressure(9) while it was touching them. They were also carrying their gikongan in small pouches hanging from their necks.

A short, white-haired boy with teal eyes (Toshiro Hitsugaya) turned to his companions, who included a well-endowed woman with purple hair in a single braid (Nemu Kurotsuchi), a flat chested woman who normally wore glasses but in this special gigai had no need for them (Nanao Ise), and black-haired girl with violet eyes who, while being quite short, was still taller than Toshiro (Rukia Kuchiki).

"Well, let's not waste time," Toshiro Hitsugaya, the leader of their expedition, said as he fiddled with the red crystal Mayuri had given them to communicate with the Soul Society and even open a Time Gate in an emergency. It functioned by absorbing the user's spiritual pressure, so they only would use it if necessary. Toshiro slipped it in his gikongan's pouch before saying, "Let's get moving."

Murmuring in agreement, the others begun to move away from the already closing wormhole.

Toshiro lead the way, followed by Nemu, Nanao and flanked by Rukia, who was guarding their rear.

The four failed to notice the glowing pairs of eyes cutting them off from the wormhole, which had already closed and disappeared anyway.

As the four Shinigami moved along what seemed to be a game trail, Rukia noticed a small rabbit in the undergrowth. Letting out a squeal of pure delight, the young female Death God rushed forward faster than humanly possible and scooped it up.

"Isn't it just ADORABLE? I think I'll call him Chappy(10)..." Rukia gushed to her fellow Death Gods.

"Rukia, I know you love rabbits, but we're on a mission. Stop fooling around!" Nanao scolded.

"I have to agree," Toshiro said, "put the rabbit—" His eyes widened as a shadow rose from the undergrowth behind Rukia. "GET DOWN!" He yelled, leaping forward to knock Rukia out of the way. The shadowy figure raised a clawed hand that would've killed Rukia if Toshiro hadn't tackled her out of the way at the last moment.

As it was, Toshiro now had a nasty scratch on his back, from one side of his back to another. Toshiro hated feeling of being helpless but thanks to the sheer force of the scratch his gigai was slightly out of sync with his soul and it was hard to move. Toshiro saw Rukia stand up in her Shinigami state, gigai on the ground, and release Chappy, and then she drew her zanpakutō, taking a defensive stance at the bottom of the slope they'd rolled down.

Their attacker came into view, followed by a few of his friends. They were demons. One had green skin and ram's horns, one had blue skin and five arms, and one looked completely humans except for his red eyes and whip-like tail. As the three demons approached them, Toshiro could hear sounds of a struggle coming from farther up the slope. Nanao and Nemu must've been attacked by other demons.

"Dance, Sode no Shirayuki(11)," Rukia stated in a clear voice, her hand moving along the blade of her zanpakutō.

As her hand moved along the blade, the steel blade turned pure white, as did the hilt, which gained snowflake shaped guard. Out of the hilt a white ribbon grew and twirled around Rukia.

"Don't move any closer," Rukia said in a stern voice.

The demons ignored her and continued to advance.

Sighing, Rukia held out her zanpakutō, "Some no Mai(12)…" Then, using her shunpo(13) she appeared in the midst of the demons, catching them off guard. "Tsukishiro(14)!" Whipping her sword around, she created a large pillar of ice that surrounded her and the demons, freezing all four of them in place. Then, releasing her Shikai(15) and shattering the ice, she moved towards Toshiro.

"Roll over, let me use my Kidō(16) to heal your wound." She said.

Grumbling about the effort of moving while his soul and gigai were unbalanced, Toshiro complied. After half an hour or so, the wound was completely gone. As a bonus, Toshiro's soul had managed to synchronize with his gigai again.

"Kuchiki, where are Lieutenants Ise and Kurotsuchi?"

"Dunno. My guess is they high-tailed it out of there after the demons attacked."

"About those demons…Captain Kurotsuchi said nothing about demons in this alternate world. I mean we should've expected something unexpected like that but…"

"Come on! Maybe they're still in the area!" Rukia said with enthusiasm.

"All right…" Toshiro said, getting up.

As the two Shinigami moved away, they failed to noticed the hole in the pouch on Toshiro's neck…and the red crystal lying on the ground.

1. Mod Souls: Short for "modified souls". Exactly what the name implies. They are souls that have modified with to have strange powers; such has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, teleportation, illusions or shape shifting.

2. Gigai: Faux body. A fake body. They work by the user's soul synchronizing with the gigai's physical form so that the user can control and move around in the gigai.

3. Divisions/Squads: The Gotei 13 (The 13 Court Guard Squads) is divided into 13 Divisions or Squads. Mayuri is Captain of the 12th Division, Toshiro is Captain of the 10th, Rukia is a member of the 13th and Nanao is the Lieutenant of the 8th.

4. World of the Living: The Gotei 13 is located in the Soul Society, a spirit world. The World of the Living is where the humans live (until they die, then they go to the Soul Society).

5. Shinigami: Death Gods/Soul Reapers, they help the dead pass on to the next world and they purify evil souls. Shinigami have no physical form because they are spirit beings, which is why they have use for gigai. Some are born Shinigami; others used to be human but became Shinigami after death.

6. Gikongan: Soul Candy. Fake souls inside pills. Since only one soul can be in a body at a time, Shinigami use gikongan to leave their gigai. Mod Souls come in form of gikongan.

7. Zanpakutō: Soul Slayer/Soul Cutter. All Shinigami (with the exception of Yoruichi Shihōin, Nanao Ise and Nemu Kurotsuchi) wield zanpakutō. Zanpakutō are normally swords in the sealed state. When a Shinigami is ready, the spirit of the zanpakutō allows them to hear its name and form a synergistic unit with the zanpakutō. A zanpakutō is created by its Shinigami master's spiritual pressure. As a result, the zanpakutō is an extension of the Shinigami's own soul, and will die if the Shinigami dies (zanpakutō are essentially living weapons [with emotions and independent thoughts]). Shinigami can converse with their zanpakutō by entering their inner world through forms of meditation, though some form bonds so strong that they can speak to each other by thought alone.

8. Substitute Soul Reaper Pass: A wooden badge that forces the soul out of the body/gigai without use of a gikongan. Can be used on anything living. Extremely dangerous for anyone but a Shinigami to use.

9. Spiritual Pressure/Reiatsu: Essentially an aura. Also a life force (?) and an energy source. Only souls with high amounts of spiritual pressure can become Shinigami. Also, these souls are the only souls that can get hungry and starve without food.

10. Chappy: A cartoon rabbit that Rukia obsesses over. Chappy is also the name of her gikongan.

11. Dance, Sode no Shirayuki: (Sode no Shirayuki is the name of Rukia's zanpakutō and means Sleeve of White Snow, Sode no Shirayuki's true form is a pale maiden with white hair and in a white kimono) The release command of Rukia's zanpakutō. In the description of "zanpakutō" (#7) I mentioned something about a sealed state, right? The release command is what the wielder of the zanpakutō says to unseal their zanpakutō's true form and power.

12. Some no Mai: First Dance. Rukia's release command is "Dance". She has three attacks, Some no Mai (Tsukishiro), Tsugi no Mai (Hakuren) and San no Mai (Shirafune). First Dance, Second Dance and Third Dance.

13. Shunpo: Flash Step. A technique in which the Shinigami uses his or her spiritual pressure to move at speeds faster than the eye can follow.

14. Tsukishiro: White Moon. The name of Rukia's first dance. It freezes the ground around Rukia in a perfect circle and then freezes upward in an instant, creating a pillar of ice that freezes Rukia and the enemies in Tsukishiro's circle of ice. Rukia can then shatter the ice and everything frozen with it, except her of course.

15. Shikai: Initial Release/First Release. What the first release of a zanpakutō is called. When a Shinigami forces their zanpakutō into total submission and becomes one in mind and soul with his or her zanpakutō, they achieve Bankai (Final Release), which is about ten times stronger than the Shikai.

16. Kidō:Demon Magic. The user manipulates their spiritual pressure in a variety of spells that can heal, attack, defend or seal.