Dragon Mating Rituals

What felt like a ten minute walk felt like hours for Lucy. She had been assisting Natsu to walk ever since they left the guild. It wasn't really a weight she was not accustomed to carrying. As they walk, getting nearer and nearer to her home she silently cursed Gajeel for bullying her to take Natsu home. He could've been safe in the guild as long as he stays there and the guild would've been safe from him as long as he stays asleep. When they finally reached the doors to her rented apartment she realized the blue feline was missing. She would've searched for him if she had any strength left in her. She then remembered that Happy fell asleep on top of one of the tables in the guild. It was pretty late when Natsu and Lucy departed. She didn't really want to disturb Happy's sleep. Worse she didn't want to carry Natsu and carry Happy at the same time.

As the two went inside Natsu immediately claimed Lucy's bed as his. Lucy didn't even want to dispute who gets the bed so she just laid a couple of blankets and pillows on the floor and made her bed. As she lay down she instantly was taken over by slumber.

She really didn't remember what her dream was about. What she did wonder was the raindrops that fell on her was so warm. She never did experience rain to be warm. She always felt they were refreshing however this type of rain wasn't that. It had a foul smelling odor. You could even describe it as a musky stench. It wasn't really a dream she wanted to stay in so as she willfully open her eyes she saw a dark figure. After a couple of seconds when she did get her vision back to normal she recognized that the image was actually Natsu, standing and peeing on her.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Lucy stood up and angrily shouted. "Oi, Lucy I'm using the bathroom what are you doing in here?" Natsu questioningly ask. "YOU IDIOT! THIS IS THE BEDROOM!" Lucy retorted as she gave him the hardest Lucy kick making him fall unconscious.

As Natsu lay comatose on the floor Lucy instantaneously went to the bathroom to get herself cleaned off. She washed her hair and scrubbed her skin so hard that in some places it started to bleed a little. Never in her life did she felt so infuriated at someone until now. She never thought that a person could get so wasted that they'd mistake a person for a toilet. While she was scrubbing, brushing and cleansing herself as hard as she could she started to smell smoke coming from the other room. In horror, that's when she became aware that her home was burning. She wrapped a towel around her body and abruptly went to the other room.

She was in disbelief with what she saw. It was Natsu breathing fire. She didn't quite understand why Natsu her nakama would commit arson especially against her of all people but upon further examination it seems that Natsu was in fact throwing up fire. As Natsu throws up the contents of his stomach namely alcohol it might've caught a spark hence causing the original fire and when fire is doused with even more alcohol it tends to get bigger and bigger.

Lucy decided to summon the best weapon against fire she chanted "Gate of the water bearer I summon thee. Gate Open Aquarius." Instead of being helpful Aquarius only ended up fighting with her owner.

"What the hell do you want me to do?" Aquarius insubordinately asked.

"Isn't it obvious? Put out the fire." Lucy retorted.

"With what? To use water magic you should have an available water source. Have you forgotten the basics?"

"There's water in the toilet."

"I should drown you in the toilet." Aquarius stoically said. After a second you could see her facial expression change from defiant to murderous. "Did you summon me from the toilet?" Aquarius said in a dark voice. Lucy knew if Aquarius stayed, the situation will only become worse, much worse.

"Force closure."

It was then that Lucy grasped the concept that Aquarius isn't her most helpful neither most loyal spirit so she decided to summon Leo and Capricorn instead. "What's going on?" Leo asked. "I'll explain later. Knock Natsu out!" Lucy stated. "Nani?" Leo replied. "You heard me. It's not that hard most of his movements would be uncoordinated. After you knock him out get him outside." Lucy said commandingly. "Capricorn help me salvage some of my stuff." Lucy pleadingly said.

The next day she found herself moping in the guild. Mirajane, Levy-chan and especially Cana, who felt guilty thinking she was the person who instigated the incident, tried to cheer her up. Alas they were all unsuccessful. She just wanted to be left alone in a room full of people. It was another one of those weird illogical things that Gajeel found weird about women. Lucy really didn't want to be alone when she felt so defeated but she didn't want to be pestered by the others with questions like what happened or are you ok? Most importantly she didn't want to sound optimistic and peppy for the benefit of not making others worry about her.

"Lucy." A voice said. She was all too familiar whom the voice came from. He wasn't really someone she wanted to deal with at the moment. "I know you're sorry. I wish I can make it up to you." Lucy cynically said. When she turned around she did see Natsu's hurt expression. She knew deep inside Natsu already felt guilty about the unpleasant incident so there was no reason to hurt him even more.

Natsu sat down beside her. He felt the tension between them but he still proceeded to make amends of the situation. "Have you thought about where you will be staying?" Natsu asked. "Mirajane and Levy-chan offered temporary accommodations. Mirajane lives with her siblings so I really didn't want to impose. Levy-chan lives with her immense collections of books and well I didn't want to be a burden to her when she's reading or researching. Leo said I could stay in the spirit world but that would be a no brainer since a day in their world is three months in ours. If I decided to stay let's say three weeks in their time I would been gone for 7 years in ours so I don't want another time skip in my hands. People might start to think I'm immortal." With her few final sentences she forced herself to smile and even chuckle at the notion. "Gray also said I could stay with him and well I don't really want Juvia to kill me in my sleep so… yeah I have thought about my options." Lucy added. "Stay with us." Natsu said adamantly. Lucy could see the seriousness etched in his face. She did consider the many downsides to that like Natsu snores as loud as a pig in heat so she might not get enough sleep, Natsu and Happy are like pigs who keep an unclean house and the two also eat like pigs so she will probably end up shelling out the money for groceries most of the time. There are upsides as well. Lucy is sure she'll have a bodyguard 24/7. She doesn't have to pay for rent anymore. Best of all she won't really feel lonely at times unlike when she's home alone. Weighing the upside from the downside it was not a match. In the end it was the upside that won.

Later that night, it was her first time to spend the night in Natsu's residence. She spent half the day tidying the house so that she could see it as livable. Natsu willingly gave up his claim to the bed for Lucy. For half the night she pretended to sleep and she knew Natsu was doing the same thing. The lack of snoring was a dead giveaway. It wasn't like it was the first time they would sleep beside one another but it was the first time they would sleep together alone in Natsu's house and even if you count Happy in it's still a little unnerving for a man and a woman to share a room alone. She didn't really understand why they felt uncomfortable with each other that night. They have slept beside one another several times in Lucy's old apartment.

It was Natsu who first broke the silence. "When I was a kid Lisanna asked me to have a family with her, I'd be the dad and she'd be the mom. I'm not sure if she remembered that." Natsu said. "Aren't you worried she might get angry or something because of this?" Lucy answered. She wasn't really sure why she answered that. She wasn't even sure why Natsu was opening up about his childhood particularly about a sweet moment with Lisanna. "When I was old enough and when Master Makarov finally permitted me to live on my own Happy and I built this house together. It was for my future. I also remembered a conversation I had with Igneel. Before Dragons choose or even find a partner for themselves they first make a nest. It's one way to prove their worth as the pillar of the household. If their prospective mate agrees to live with them that means they're engage and soon to be united." Natsu pronounced. "So wouldn't Lisanna be pissed that you brought me here?" Lucy questioned. "Lisanna has never set foot in my house, nor has any other girl except for you." Natsu declared.

There were so many things running in the mind of the Celestial Wizard. She didn't even want to think about what it all meant. However she snapped back to the norm when Natsu continued.

"I didn't build this house for Lisanna. I built it for you. I built it even before I met you because one day I knew I would be with you." Natsu said as he kneeled in front of the blonde lying in his bed. If Lucy was confused before this time her brain went dead with everything the fire mage said. She understood his words she just couldn't comprehend what they meant. He leaned in and Lucy only froze it would be their first kiss. It would be her first kiss. He slowly inched his way but she was shocked that he went pass her lips. She felt his lips touching the skin of her neck. She swore she even felt his tongue slightly flickered as if tasting her. Then she felt it, a sharp pain in her neck. She didn't budge though neither did she flinched or showed any signs of deterrent towards him. She just remained in that position she could feel a little blood drizzling down her neck but still she didn't budge. After being bitten she felt his tongue slowly licking the blood. It was a sensation words couldn't describe. Afterwards he looked intently in her eyes and seized a kiss from her. She could still taste some of her own blood. She could taste herself in him. She didn't really want to analyze the situation she just permitted herself to be caught in the moment. "You belong to me." Natsu said as if it was a primal voice. He didn't say she belongs with him. He stated she belong to him as if he was conquering her and taking her as the trophy.

She didn't respond but that doesn't mean she declined. It could be that he only used poor choice of words or it could be that there really was something primitive within her to agree to such a primal request. Regardless of the reason she was now his and she would also make sure that he was also hers.

The next day a certain Iron Dragon slayer that was the type to keep to himself and never likes to interfere in the business of others noticed an embarrassed expression of a certain young blonde haired girl entering the doors of Fairy Tail. He couldn't help but meddle especially since there was a noticeable bite mark found on the girl's neck. To top it all, it wasn't the regular love mark. It was a bite which obviously wasn't made by an animal or a monster. It was made by a person, a human being, by a dragon slayer. He approached her cautiously and sat beside her. "Do you believe in dragons? He asked. He didn't wait for a response and continued "The dragons that took me, Natsu and Wendy took us as their own. They were our surrogate parents. They thought us about magic, the world, how to read, to take care of ourselves. They left us with all sorts of wisdom and knowledge. I was a lot older when my dragon left me. So I remember more intricate details of some of his teachings. I remembered a day where he withheld training and decided to explain to me about partners. Dragons will only choose a partner that would be a match for them. The partner will not necessarily be as strong as them but should at least be as strong willed as them. Another thing is that they should be compatible in characteristics. There's no point in having a partner where you will end up arguing most of the time. That would take the fun out of being with them. Dragons often choose their partners wisely and when they do they leave a pack or a mark like of the Fairy Tails mark." "Who knows maybe Levy will enter here tomorrow with one of those marks as well." Lucy replied mischievously as she watched the shock expression Gajeel made.

Author's Note:

So the Dragon Mating Rituals are as follows.

Demonstrating Power

Showing Dominance

Fending off other male suitors


Marking Their territory

Building a Nest


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