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Chapter 45

I'm so grateful when he pulls into our driveway and the motion sensor lights turn on. The house looks so pretty lit up, with lights illuminating the cacti that decorate the walkway.

I didn't see Pam or even go inside when we arrived at Fangtasia. He slipped in the back entrance to his office, retrieved the keys and talked to her quickly before we got into his Corvette. Then the wind was blowing in my hair and I leaned back and enjoyed the calm.

I think we both needed the quiet and all I want to do it curl up with him under the blankets of our bed after a long hot shower. And some food. I'm starving again. I think a chef cooking for me will be very nice.

"Pam said the fridge is stocked for us both."

"Oh good because I'm starving and exhausted."

"Well we should be able to stay in bed all night and day tomorrow."

"That sounds blissful." And not even in a sexy way, just in an I-almost-lost-you way and an I-want-to-be-near-your-skin-because-you-almost-didn't-have-any-left way.


"Shower," I confirm and I follow him down the hall. I leave my bag on the bed and pull off my clothes as we walk through the closet into the bathroom. It seems like forever ago since we were in here making love. I suppose that's what those terrifying near death experiences do to you.

He pulls me into the walk in shower with him after I take the wrist stabilizers off and I wrap my arms around him as we stand under the hot spray. He holds me tightly and I kiss his chest.

I'm so fucking happy you're not dead.

I'm happy about that too, my fairy queen, and I'm especially happy that you are with me.

"Did you find out anything at the club?"

"No. Maurella had taken her son on vacation or something. I- Hadley and Claudette didn't know anything either. I don't- did my dad cheat on Mom? I- did my gran know? Does Jason? I don't- how is this possible?"

It's like my entire life is just upside down, Eric.

Telepathy comes in handy when speaking seems like too much work.

And the person who apparently has answers has just dropped this and left, seemingly on purpose or something. Why? And… if this is true, why would she leave me? Why- why did she just walk away from me?

I don't know but we will find out. We can start asking around. I have a couple contacts who may be able to help and we can also search for her in the human realm. Perhaps she's hiding out here. But no matter what, we'll do it together, okay?

"Yeah. So… I suppose the drama free night won't be tonight, huh?" I ask as I pull away and look at him.

"It can start right now. Turn around and I'll wash your hair."

I do because I love people playing with my hair. I love hair cut day when you go to the salon and they wash your hair and massage your scalp before the cut. I used to love when Gran would wash my hair when I was young. And then Bill started with it, but Eric's hands are much better, as is feeling him so close to me.

"I keep thinking about you there, Eric. How could he be so cruel? That type of cruelty, even for a vampire, seems excessive."

"It is, quite excessive for modern times anyway. We haven't had to act that way for a century at least, probably two. But… he was made in a different time and never changed. Perhaps he was crazy when he was turned. Who knows?"

"I understand Lorena better, though I'm still glad she's dead."

His fingers running through my hair make me happy as do the small kisses to my neck. "Doctor said no funny business," I remind him.

"What about a little funny business?" he murmurs in my head, rubbing himself against my backside.

"That is not little," I reply.

"I can't help it. You smell like fairy. I wanna rub all over you, Lover."

"That sounds deliciously nasty." I turn in his arms and he lifts me up so I can wrap my arms around to kiss him but he immediately puts me down and I feel the pain blossom in his chest. His ribs. "Told you so. Now rinse my hair."

"Yes, Ma'am" is his reply.

"Though one day, once we're both healed, I'll go to the club and hug every fairy I find and then you can rub all over me all you want."

"My fairy is such a tease."

"No. A tease would be if I did that after I'd silvered you to the bed so you couldn't rub all over me," I inform him, thinking of that scenario. Instead, I'd rub all over him while he growled and purred all at once, begging me to let him touch me.

Mmm… I love the way your mind works, Lover. That was a lovely vision.

"Oh shut it," I grumble at him and slap his torso playfully before taking the soap and soaping my hands. He does the same and then our hands are sliding all over each other.

You've got quite a wild imagination for someone who is supposedly too proper to be nasty.

"I'm not too proper but I am a southern belle who deserves some respect."

Oh I'll respect the hell out of you, my fairy goddess.

I love all the new names he comes up for me and how they're said with such reverence. I don't think anyone, maybe not even Pam, would believe how romantic he is at heart, when he's safe and unguarded.

"So… why do you suppose he wanted me? Or even found out about me?"

"I would say Lorena but I don't think she knew about the fairy part of you. But Istvan was old and crazy, so my bet is on Russell Edgington. Maybe Bill? Or the queen? Either way, his plan was to turn you."

"So he could have fairy forever. So maybe my theory was correct in that he tried to turn her. She had his blood and perhaps grew so angry that she was able to blast her way out?"

"And then he heard there were Halflings, and thought it would be easier to turn one of them."

"I feel really good about that explanation, like… I think we're right."

"I guess we'll never know for sure now since you destroyed all his people."

"Yeah, sorry about that. Did it create a big problem for King Northman?"

"No. They attacked first and viciously and there are witnesses to that fact. Plus, Agostino couldn't think of one vampire he thought who actually liked Istvan. There shouldn't be anyone protesting his execution."

She pauses at that, her hands stilling on my arms.


"Execution sounds so… cold. I protected myself and my- my vampire."

"Mate or bonded," I say. "Those would the words used among vampires. Though typically mate is used for after the turning of a bonded human but we are slightly atypical. And of course the more proper term would be Master "

"I protected myself and my mate," she states. "I didn't execute. That sounds like it's a killing without reason or provocation and I was feeling pretty provocated. Weren't you?"

I smile at her choice of words. How does this one little fairy make me so insanely happy? She must be magical; it's the only explanation.

"Yes. I was feeling provocated," I reply and massage some conditioner into her hair.

"Now sit down, you big tree, and I'll wash your hair." I sit on the bench in here and enjoy her nimble fingers massaging my scalp, running through my hair and down my back. I take myself in my hand and enjoy it even more. "I thought that was for me, Lover," she whispers in my ear and the way the word lover rolls of her tongue is delicious.

"You're more than welcome," I inform her as she rinses my hair with the water wand and then her hands slide down my chest to my nipples which she fondles as she teases my neck with her teeth. Oh I'm definitely a happy vampire. Isn't that how she described me to the other version of myself? A happy vampire indeed.

"Am I?" she wonders as she moves in front of me to straddle the bench with me. Her hands join mine in stroking me and her mouth is on mine for heated, wet kisses as the hot water continues to run over us from all the showerheads in here. My hands abandon their job to pull her up over my legs and she guides me into her. I don't want it rushed at all. I simply want to feel her close to me and I know she wants that too.

Her arms wrap around me and her legs lock around my hips as we rock slowly together. More intense is how our mouths make love. Her tongue slides against mine so sensuously between nibbles to our lips. This connection with her is everything. If she were gone, I would be destroyed. A thousand years of survival in some pretty brutal situations but the death of a single fairy would end my will to go on.

Never leave me.

Never ever, min viking. You're my home now.

You've always been mine.

The love that shines through to me is incredible as is the intense heat coming off her hands and into my skin wherever she touches. Our lower bodies still as we continue to explore our mouths until the water turns cold, but luckily, I think we're both rinsed.

I reach over and turn the spout to shut the flow off and we just sit holding each other, clinging to each other as we always will, me as hers and she as mine.



The End








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