Mycroft Holmes was sitting in the helicopter, next to the pilot, looking at his watch. His best agent, none than the famous James Bond, had arrived in Buckingham Palace to escort Her Majesty The Queen at the Olympic Stadium for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. And they were already late. Mycroft was under pressure. The arrival of the Queen at the ceremony would be just magnificent but if anything went wrong, it could put in danger the life of the most important human being of the country.

When he saw the Queen go out of the Palace, follow by Mr Bond, he smiled a bit. As always, Her Majesty had taste. The pink dress and matching hat suited her perfectly. He smiled a bit. Her Majesty sat inside the helicopter and Mr Bond sat next to her and closed the door.

As they travelled to the Olympic Stadium, Her Majesty waved at the crowd. Always thinking about her subjects, it was something that made Mycroft Holmes admire the old woman. They made a dangerous move by passing like that throught Tower Bridge. But it would look good on TV.

The Olympic Stadium was only a few minutes away now and Mycroft was more and more stressed. The most difficult was about to come. Even if they had repeated this with Her Majesty Herself hundreds of time, the real thing would be different. Of course, he had informed Her of the risks but The Queen had found this idea so amazing that they just had to do it.

The helicopter kept the same position over the Stadium. The pilot gave them the signal and Mr Bond opened the door. Mycroft Holmes was counting on his best agent now. He had to succeed. James analysed the situation and let Her Majesty pass first. Without any hesitation, she jumped. The famous spy jumped just after Her.

Mycroft watched them fall without breathing. When the parachute of Her Majesty and James opened, he smiled widely. They did it. As soon as they landed, Mr Bond texted him: 'Everything is fine.' The British Government looked at his watch. If he was lucky he could be at Gregory's flat in half an hour and could watch the rest of the ceremony with him.