There Is No Arizona

Heartland lovestory

Name: Joanna Black
Age: 15 (Almost 16)
Also Known as: Joey
Crush: Badger
Rap Sheet: Bringing a tomahawk to school at 12
Bio: Grew up in an abusive home.
Horses: Phoenix-black stallion

Joey stood at the door of Heartland Equestrian Connection. Phoenix was going crazy in the trailer. She knocked on the mahogany door. A tall, dark haired woman answered.
"Hi, I'm Joey. I sent you an email about my disobedient horse Phoenix?"
"Oh right yes. I'm Lou. Why don't you come inside?" Joey stepped in."This is my sister Amy, Her friend Mallory, My grandpas Jack and his girlfriend Lisa. Welcome to Heartland. "Joey smiled. She went outside and noticed the stable hand had taken the liberty of letting Phoenix into the pen. She approached her wild stallion. Suddenly, Phoenix reared on his hind legs.
"Whoa, Phoenix It's just me!" Joey yelled. She backed away and bumped into someone. She turned to see a pale, brown eyed, dark haired boy staring back at her.
-Badger POV-
He must've scared the horse. Just with his presence. But he was fairly sure the girl was spooked even more than the horse. Their eyes locked and it seemed like a thousand years before she turned and ran for the house. Joey ran inside.
"Do you have ghosts or something?" She asked Amy. Amy shook her head.
"I'm fairly sure I just saw one."
"What'd it look like?"
"Dark hair, freaky eyes, really pale..."
"Oh. I see you've met Badger"
"That wasn't a badger that was a ghost!"
"No it's a boy named Badger. "
"Oh. Oopsys. "Badger stepped inside. He looked kind of hurt.
"See you hurt his feelings, Joey" Amy said.