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Chapter 1: The Decision

It was a bright and sunny day in Jump City; the sun was out casting its powerful rays in full force. The city had been under the recent heat wave for days now; it was becoming so bad that even the local villains seemed to be taking a break to avoid the heat. "Ugh, what I wouldn't give to be out of this heat" Beast Boy whined, then as if complying with his plea a call came in. Turning the video screen on the Titans were than meet with an upside down image of the honorary Titans; Kole, Gnarrk, Argent and Red Star.

"Hello friends it is truly glorious to see you again, but I am confused why is it that you all are the upside down?" Starfire said before anyone else had a chance to speak.

"What? Ah comrade Gnarrk, the communicator goes with the side that lifts up when it opens on top." Red Star said as he leaned in and fixed the communicator and righted the image.

"So not to be rude or anything but why exactly are you all calling?" Raven asked in her usual monotone, drawing a glare from Cyborg and Beast Boy which she chose to ignore.

While Gnarrk, Kole and Argent all seemed to be slightly irritated with Ravens tone and bluntness , it was Red Star who spoke up first holding his hand up to silence whatever his counterparts had been readying to say. "Of course let us get to the point and not waste time that could better be used preparing, by dealing with formalities and get to the business."

"I'm sorry but preparing for what? Is there a new villain, have you seen signs of Slade or the Brotherhood?" Robin interrupted being all business as usual.

"Ah, man I thought the Brotherhood was still being held in French custody, now we gotta go hunt them down again, though seriously Robin just let B take charge since he was the one to lead the cavalry in our last showdown." Cyborg said with a grin, the last part earning him a glare from Robin which beat Beast Boy's own reaction of a sheepish smile while scratching the back of his head.

"Relax guys, as far as we know the French authorities still have the Brotherhood and, we thought you guys said Slade had died" Kole said trying to end the argument she saw forming.

"Well… Slade did die or so we thought, I ran into this Slade robot in an old carnival and now there are some rumors that he may still be alive" Beast Boy answered.

"So you guys think if he is still alive, that he'd send a robot of himself to an old carnival? Why would he do that?" Argent asked speaking for the first time.

"He was kinda a weird dude, I mean there was this one time he fused Overload, Cinderblock and Plasmus into this one giant super monster, and then another time he injected us with nanites or something to get Robin to be his apprentice. So I guess that that wouldn't be too farfetched for him to do." Beast Boy explained, leaving out the part that that was the location Terra had betrayed him at.

"This is beside the point!" Raven said losing her temper for a moment took a deep breath and continued "Look as much as I'm sure some of us would love to sit around all day discussing what Slade would do or has done, Red Star said something about preparing. What do you guys or we need to prepare for?"

"Friend Raven is correct we are getting very far from the actual topic, do you require assistance?" Starfire said hoping to get the discussion back on topic before Raven broke something in anger.

"Da, well no not entirely" Red Star replied before continuing quickly upon, seeing Raven getting angry again "We require assistance from only one of you."

"Okay who do you need?" Robin asked cheering up slightly as the topic changed from Slade.

"Beast Boy" Argent replied.

"Hahaha…. O you guys were serious?" Cyborg asked upon feeling multiple eyes fall upon him at his outburst. "Why do you guys need Grass Stain" Upon receiving a glare from Beast Boy he continued "I mean no offense bud, but you don't have the magic knowledge or tech skills Rae and I have. In fact other than morphing into animals, I think all you can do is make tofu and make lame jokes and puns."

"That is where you are wrong comrade Cyborg." Red Star said before Beast Boy could complain. "We have decided that like how there is already you're team and a Titans East, that the north could use its own superhero team."

"I still don't see why you guys need me." Beast Boy said starting to feel slightly uncomfortable with the conversation.

Argent laughed slightly and once she saw the five Titans in Jump City staring at her she asked "Wait, you weren't just making a joke?" Upon seeing Beast Boy shake his head no she explained "Well then we need you… well more like want you to be our leader."

"WHAT!" Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven all exclaimed at the same time. Well Starfire just let her mouth drop in surprise. Robin on the other hand however nodded seemingly understanding, unlike his team mates.

"You want me to be your leader why?" Beast Boy asked.

"Ya, why him? I mean I like the little grass stain and all but isn't there anyone else you guys think are more qualified to lead the team?" Cyborg said and Raven nodded in agreement. Beast Boy however didn't know rather to agree or take that as an insult.

"Well, we do have others in mind in case he refuses but none more qualified. Don't you guys remember how he led a rag tag team of random Titans that managed to avoid capture into the Brotherhood base giving the rest of us time to regroup and join him?" Kole countered.

"And, while he may not have ordered it, it was because of him that Mas and Menos were able to save all of us that had been frozen, Robin included." Argent added, causing Robin to tense up and Beast Boy to blush.

"It was nothing really; besides a lot of us lead teams in the final battle." Beast Boy replied gesturing at Cyborg, Raven and Starfire.

"Don't be little yourself, sure your friends led teams but it was only because of you that they knew where to go. Plus your team was the one that was able to keep all those villains busy until the others that escaped arrived, and if that wasn't enough you yourself brought down Monsieur Mallah." Argent added, the others with her on the screen nodding in agreement.

"Wow… I really have no idea what to say" Beast Boy said for once at a loss for words. "I mean really you guys are quite flattering. But I never really thought about leading my own team, for a long period of time anyway."

"He does not accept, you hear me he does not accept! Why do you even think that for a moment he would leave us, his family to lead his own team?" Starfire yelled angrily, startling nearly all the Titans in the room save for Raven, who was having her own similar thoughts.

"Does comrade Starfire speak the truth, Beast Boy?" asked Red Star

"Well… I don't know… I really don't know, I need time to think is that okay with you guy?" Beast Boy said avoiding the hurt glances he got from Starfire and Raven, as well as the surprised ones from Cyborg and Robin.

Gnarrk and Kole smiled and nodded, Argent jumped with joy that he was considering it and nodded her own agreement. Red Star simply gave him a sympathetic smile and replied for all of them "Of course, we understand. We await your final decision. Titans North out." As soon as he finished saying this the screen went blank and then returned to normal.

"So… uh guess we got somethings to talk about huh guys." Beast Boy said as he nervously turned to face his teammates.

"No kidding, let's go talk about this over Pizza" Robin replied hoping that the fact that discussion was taking place in a public place would keep it mainly under control.

"Ya, I'm starving" Cyborg agreed even though he doubted the discussion wouldn't cause a scene. As the Titans headed to the garage he slowed his pace to walk next to Beast Boy and asked "So, BB what made you seriously consider this offer, I mean other than our fight with the Brotherhood you never acted serious."

"Well, I guess that the Brotherhood was what showed me I could be a leader, and I'm starting to think it might be to time to grow up some." Beast Boy replied ignoring the gibe at the end.

'Come on B cheer up or else I'm gonna have to go there' Cyborg thought and upon still receiving no response from his friend he continued 'Alright but you asked for it.' "So... did uh ya know, Argent saying she needed you, and then her and Kole praising you help at all?" He asked with a wide grin.

"What? Argent didn't say she needed me, she said the team did. And come on dude you know fully well that no man could seriously not even consider the offer, when two pretty chicks like Argent and Kole praise his accomplishments." Beast Boy countered slightly cheering up.

'Booyah' Cyborg thought "O sure she said that the team needed you but what I heard was this, "O Beast Boy… you're so smart, charming, intelligent, and charismatic that I can't think of anyone else as our leader." And you saw how she was practically jumping with joy when you said you'd consider it." Cyborg said smiling despite his failed attempts at mimicking Argent's voice.

"If you two are done fooling around some of us would like to go and get this done with" Raven scowled overhearing the last part of the conversation.

"Umm... ya sure lets go." Cyborg said getting into the T-Car.

"You know if I take this offer I'm gonna tell her you said that." Beast Boy whispered as he got in pleased for two reasons, one being that he finally got the last word in and argument with Cyborg, and two was that he actually thought that maybe Cyborg had a point.

Cyborg's chuckles at that statement were the noise heard other than the radio, in the suddenly abnormally long feeling ride to the Pizzeria. As the Titans unloaded from the car and went to their usual table, in the same awkward silence that had loomed over the group since they learned that Beast Boy was considering the offer to lead the Titans North. Upon taking their usual seats they ordered, even getting a mushroom topped pizza for Beast Boy.

"Okay Beast Boy, do you think that you'd really want to do this?" Robin inquired.

"O I think he does... for one or two reason in particular." Cyborg said with a grin.

"Come on Cy ... It was cool when it was just the two of us but not now." Beast Boy pleaded

"What would these one or two reasons be exactly?" Asked Raven in her monotone, it was obvious to both the cyborg and changeling that she had overheard their discussion before they left the tower.

"Let's just say that one has pink hair while the other has black hair with a red highlight, and they both wear skirts." Cyborg said his grin expanding as Beast Boy groaned and put his head down on the table.

"I am confused, why are you implying that friends Argent and Kole and their skirts are reasons, which would affect friend Beast Boy's decision?" Starfire asked, despite the fact that she had entered a relationship with Robin a few months before in Tokyo didn't mean that she wasn't still clueless as before.

"Well Star since Beast Boy needs to think this over, why doesn't Cyborg explain since he quite clearly understands." Raven said feeling sorry enough for Beast Boy that she decided to come to his rescue. Robin smiled at this and even Beast Boy seemed to perk up at the sight of Cyborg squirming.

"Um... Well ya see Star; Earth guys kinda have a weakness for attractive girls. Which both Kole and Argent are." Cyborg said rubbing his neck nervously. 'Where the hell is that waitress?' he thought as he saw Starfire open her mouth with additional questions.

"Well if what you say is the truth, friend Cyborg what about friend Raven and I are we not the attractive?" Starfire asked although this question had more faked innocence which judging from the reactions of her teammates, they didn't catch on to. Beast Boy was now sitting up fully and looking at Cyborg with a grin, Robin had nearly had soda come out his nose and Raven looked at their mechanical friend with a raised brow.

"Um... well... ya see... well that is really something you should ask BB, since it is his decision after all." Cyborg said trying to get out of the mess he had unwittingly walked into.

Before Starfire could press the matter however, the pizzas arrived much to the relief of the cyborg and changeling, and to the slight annoyance of alien princess. Dinner proceeded with some minor small talk and joking, that to an unknowing observer would appear as business as usual. Eventually however Robin decided that everyone had calmed down enough, to talk about the matter at hand at least somewhat maturely. "Ok, now that everyone's had their fun lets discuss this for real. Since you didn't get a chance to answer before we got of track, do you think you'd really want to do this?"

Keeping his eyes focused on his slice of pizza, as though he thought it would suddenly come a live and attempt to run Beast Boy responded "Yes... I think I'd at least like to give it a try."

"Ok that's respectable, you know that his means you'd have a lot of new responsibilities right?" Robin continued.

"Ya... I know." Beast Boy replied

"But why friend Beast Boy, why do you want to leave us?" Starfire asked her green eyes starting to water slightly.

"Come on Star, don't say it like that. It's not like your never gonna see me again, we can call and maybe even visit one another sometime. I'm sure if you ask Cy to teach you how to play video games you can even play online with us." Beast Boy said and put his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. "As for why I'm doing it, I think that its time I try to take some responsibility you know grow up a bit. Show the world I'm not just some dumb kid that got onto the team, cause Robin was afraid of PR reactions if he turned away a green orphan." He continued.

"But... but... but even then it won't be the same! Who will make the jokes, cook the tofu, and get friend Raven to come out of her room? Starfire wailed tears now coming down her face. "Besides no one thinks that friend Beast Boy."

"Ah hell no, we are better off without that tofu crap and personally I think I'm funnier than BB" Cyborg said and in response to the glare from Starfire that would have sent even Cinderblock to his mommy added "But still it won't be the same without, however I understand man. So while I may not like it I'm not gonna stop ya, you go do what you gotta do."

"Thanks man that means a lot. What about you Rae or you Robin what do you guys think?" Beast Boy said as he looked over at his other teammates.

"Well I agree with Cyborg, Beast Boy, if you think this is what you want then I'm behind you one hundred percent." Robin said as he tried to comfort Starfire, who was now sobbing rather loudly. "Come on Star, cheer up. We should be happy for Beast Boy; this is a big step for him. It'll hurt us now but that's what friends do we care for one another, and it's like the old saying goes "Sometimes when you care about someone... You have to think of them before yourself."" 'Plus people are starting to stare' he thought but did not add.

"Very well I suppose if it is so important to him and if it is part of doing the caring, of being friends. Then I suppose I too am underneath you one hundred percent" said Starfire who had calmed down enough, that she was able to say something without drawing some unwanted attention to the team.

"Two things first it's behind not underneath Star, and second it's Raven not Rae" Raven said "And Starfire is right no one thinks that you've proved yourself numerous times already. First with the how you saved me from Adonis, and then in our fight with the Brotherhood and these are just the first examples the come to mind."

"O careful Rae, I mean Raven it might seem like you actually care about me. I mean you're still arguing while Star is ok with it." Beast Boy said with a grin.

"Careful man you don't want to get her to angry here" Cyborg whispered.

"It's fine Cyborg" Raven said through clenched teeth. 'D-d-don't g-get to m-m-mad or e-else he m-might n-not l-l-like us e-enough to v-v-visit' Timid said. 'Ya, its already bad he's probably gonna leave don't make it worse' added Happy who might have been crying worse than Starfire if that was possible. 'Logically the best action to take would be to either support his decision and stay in touch, or to tell him something that makes him choose to stay' Knowledge said. "I do care about you Beast Boy" Raven replied and upon seeing the shocked looks she got from her teammates she added "Because no matter how annoying you are or how many stupid jokes you make, we are friends and like Robin said friends care."

"Great! Then since you all understand why I'm doing this and support me let's call them back right now... or later actually lets discuss changing my name to Beast Man since I'm gonna be the leader of my own team." Beast Boy said causing the others to groan.

'What are you doing say something' Happy Exclaimed in Raven's mind. 'Shut it he obviously has made up his mind' Raven replied before replying to Beast Boy "Let's call them I'd much rather see you and Cyborg drool and gawk at Kole and Argent, then discuss your maturity."

"Hey! We don't drool and what does gawk even mean?" Beast Boy replied.

"O really I heard you both back at the tower, Beast Boy don't do this just because you think you'll have a shot with either one of them" was Raven retort.

"Come now friends let us not fight on Beast Boys last night before he leaves." Starfire said hoping to defuse the situation before the two of them went at it.

"Come on Rae you know that that's not why I'm doing this. Besides why do you care?" was Beast Boys response.

"Then why are you doing this because you know full well that no one thinks that you're just a kid, and I care because I don't want to see you make a decision you'll later regret just because your hormones decided that you should take a shot because some girl was happy that you'd consider going to her and praised you." Raven said her voice slowly becoming angrier.

"Maybe did you ever consider that this is what I want and that I said that to justify it Raven? You know a little appreciation is good every now and then, so I won't lie to you and say that I didn't feel on top of the world for a bit when both Kole and Argent talked about my achievements, and certainly not when the team said they needed me. I mean it is nice to have that happen rather than be thrown out a window." Beast boy replied matching Raven's raise in anger.

"You don't get it do Beast Boy. Well then fine if you want appreciation why don't you go back to Japan and see all your fan girls again, since we apparently don't appreciate you enough." Raven said causing newspapers to explode in a newsstand across the street.

"Come on y'all let's all just calm down before someone says something that they're gonna regret." Cyborg said raising his plate to defend his face while Starfire and Robin started to slowly walk away from the table.

"Get what? What don't I get Raven, how you appreciate me? O ya cause tossing me out a window and snapping at me just because I try and cheer you up or get you to actually interact with the rest of us definitely just reeks of appreciation. Don't go there about the fan girls Raven… do you really think I'd just leave you guys behind just because two girls actually acknowledge my good traits? If that's what you're so worried about don't worry then you made clear enough in Tokyo that you think no girl will ever willingly want to be with me." Beast Boy said in a mixed sarcastic and hurt tone, ignoring the fact that as he said this he was wrapped in dark energy.

"Umm… Excuse me but I'm going to have to ask you to leave, your scaring away our other customers." A nervous employ said raising his notepad as though that would ensure his safety if the two heroes attacked.

"You don't understand Beast Boy" before Raven could continue however she saw that all the tables around the Titans had been abandoned turning to Cyborg she asked "Where did everyone go?"

"Well you two kinda scared them away, hell even Robin and Starfire went somewhere else. We were all worried that Rage and the Beast would get loose and go at each other." Cyborg replied slowly putting his plate shield down.

Raven merely looked shocked and then teleported away. "So uh guess Rae and I really went at it didn't we Cy?" Beast Boy asked as he got into the passenger seat of the T-Car.

"To put it mildly ya you guys did. Look man you're like my best friend and all but you gotta understand where Raven came from." Cyborg said deciding to work on fixing Beast Boy first and then Raven before calling the Titans North.

"O really, you mean to say that she didn't mean to imply I was some hormonally driven kid?" Beast Boy replied angrily.

"Ok ya she didn't go around it like she should've, I'll give you that. But man its Raven were talking about, once you started to get the wrong idea she started to let her emotions get to her and then just made things worse, you know that she isn't good with expressing herself."

"I guess, then what did she mean to imply?" came the disbelieving response.

"She really does care about you and I guess that she just wanted to make sure you were doing this for all the right reasons. I mean we're all a little on edge over losing you man. It really won't be the same around here without you and I think that kinda scares her." Seeing Beast Boy's confused face made Cyborg continue "Look at it this way ok? Raven has always been and will always be the type that doesn't really like to interact with others and that's ok, but you always had a way of bringing her out of her shell and with you leaving I think she is worried that the rest of us will just let her sit in her room alone. She's wrong of course but that doesn't stop her from thinking this way."

"You mean Ravens actually worried that my leaving will affect her?" Beast Boy asked with a shocked look on his face.

"Sorta, don't think she's only worried about what's gonna happen to her. I know for a fact that while she'd never and I mean never admit it she is going to miss you. I mean you were always there for her, whenever she needed to be cheered up or be reminded that she wasn't a monster, sure so were the rest of us but you were the one that never gave up no matter how mean or nasty she was to you. Hell, even when you were knocked out of a sixth story window, you went right back to her and made sure she was alright. Again, I don't think she'll ever admit it but you were really her best friend and that hurts whenever your best friend decides to go away, especially when they don't seem to recognize your own concern for them. So now do you understand why she was so mad when you two started fighting?" Cyborg replied.

"Ya… wow man, I really messed up didn't I. I can't even imagine how that made her feel, I should apologize right?" Beast Boy said as a wave of guilt hit him.

"Yes you should, but not right away. Let me go talk to her and calm her down first then when we are all capable of tolerating each other again, we can call Red Star. After that the three of us will celebrate your promotion with a movie ok?" Cyborg said trying to lighten the mood with the promise of a night of horror movies.

"Ya that sounds nice" Beast Boy said still feeling guilty.

Seeing his friend still beating himself up over what happened Cyborg said the one thing he knew would cheer him. 'If only it didn't have to make his ego bigger' Cyborg thought before saying "Good, now that that's done on to a more important discussion. So Argent and Kole, whichever one you don't end up with you'll put in a few good words for me right?"

Beast Boy's face nearly immediately lit up at that statement and with a grin he responded "Sure man, I guess I can talk you up to the point that were, the other one might possibly want to date you. I mean it won't be easy to get over such a catch like myself but I'll try to make you sound like a good enough second choice."

His response was a sarcastic thanks as Cyborg went up towards Raven's room. 'Ok Cyborg you can do this just remember if she's still mad you'll have to get these two to make up before B leaves.' Cyborg thought as he somewhat nervously knocked on the door. Seeing it open and a hooded Raven he quickly said with a smile "Hey, you ok? Want to talk about what happened at the Pizzeria?"

"I'm fine and… yes I would." Raven said the last part quietly. 'Well I guess if there is anyone I can talk to about this its Cyborg since he has always been like a brother to me, and the fact that I probably just ruined my friendship with Beast Boy' She thought to her emotions trying to cheer them up with thoughts of Cyborg fixing things, but only Rage seemed to be enjoying the current situation.

"Ok first of all let's just get somethings straight. I'm both yours and B's friend ok, don't think I'm going to only defend him but don't think I won't say what when wrong." Cyborg informed her, giving her a chance to back out. She merely nodded and let him into her room.

"He hates me doesn't he?" She asked once the door was close and silently cursed Timid for making the statement sound like she was upset.

"No he doesn't, don't think that, BB and you may have your rough spots but he'd never hate you, in fact you're probably his best friend if I'm not." Cyborg putting a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

Raven didn't react to the touch and instead pressed on "I don't think that's the case anymore, I really messed up didn't I?"

"Ya you did, but so did he. Look Rae I talked to him, he misunderstood he thought you were really implying he was only doing this to get a shot with Kole or Argent. Now he shouldn't have reacted like he did but you know how he is Rae, its Beast Boy were talking about he couldn't make a joke about it so he panicked and yelled back." Cyborg said

"Why would he think that? Doesn't he know I care about him, and just want him to be happy?" Raven asked

With a sigh Cyborg replied "Rae look you're great and all but you really gotta think about what you say before you do. I mean your comments about him and I drooling while we ogled Kole and Argent wasn't necessarily the right way to start talking about how you're going to miss him. I know that you will so don't try and deny it."

'I should be mad but… he's saying the truth' Raven thought to herself. "I guess I let my emotions get the better of me. But why Cyborg? Why does he want to leave us? Aren't we good enough for him?" She asked this time allowing tears to come.

Pulling her into a hug and wiping away the tears Cyborg said in a comforting voice "Hey, don't say that of course we are. We're like his family. Ok think of it like this, when he was with the Doom Patrol he was treated like a kid, and then when he joined us he got to come out of his shell Mento forced on him. But know he thinks it's time for him to try and be more than just a good teammate; he wants to prove he is capable of pulling his own weight. I know that sounds crazy but he really believes that he is just the team clown here. Sure we can say that's not true but that doesn't mean he won't believe it. So he actually really needs this, not to prove himself to those who don't believe in him but to prove it to himself. "

"That's crazy of course he's more than that, and of course he's ready for his own team" Raven interrupted

"We all know this; it's just he doesn't Rae. That's why he got so mad when he thought you believed he was only doing it for chicks. He needs us to believe that he can do this; he doesn't have faith in himself so need to have it for him." Cyborg continued.

"Well now I feel like a total jerk… my best friend comes to me looking for support and I turn it into something nasty. You know sometimes I don't know why he puts up with me." Raven said feeling guilt wash over her.

"He puts up with you because he is your best friend Rae, he sees in you what you refuse to see; he sees the good in you and not some crazy creep who can turn into one of the most dangerous people in the world when they're mad. But enough about that, he really does feel sorry for what happened and I can tell so do you, so what do ya say we go to the common room, you two make up and then we celebrate his promotion with some scary movies?" Cyborg said as he opened the door and moved out of the way so Raven could pass.

"That sounds nice" Raven said with a slight smile, which quickly went away when she continued in her usual monotone "But if you ever tell him, you saw me cry I'll make you wish my father had taken over the world." As she passed him and went into the common room she could practically hear Cyborg laughing in his mind.

"Hey, Rae I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I should've realized that you weren't trying to be mean, you were just trying to express your own thoughts." Beast Boy said weakly

"It's fine Beast Boy I understand and I want to say I'm sorry to. I was being selfish and stupid. I just want you to know that I believe in you and that if Robins not careful your team might even become more successful than us." Raven said with a smile at the last part.

"You really think so Rae?" Beast Boy said with a smile and his ears perked up.

"It's Raven but, yes I do… just promise me you'll at least try to stay in touch with me… I mean us… the team. Promise me you'll stay in touch with the team is what I meant." Raven said as she pulled up her hood to hide her blush.

Beast Boy raised a brow but decided to let it slide since they were making up. "I will and promise me you won't stay locked up in your room without me here to drag you out." Seeing her nod he quickly wrapped her up in a hug which while he did feel her tense up at first she didn't pull away.

"Aw... that so sweet my babies are growing up" Cyborg said pretending to wipe a tear from his eye "I thought I was gonna have to force y'all to hug or shake hands." Before either the empath or the changeling could react, he wrapped both of them up in a big bear hug, his cybernetic arms causing them to temporarily lose their breath until he loosened his grip. "Good now that we are all friends again let's call Red Star and tell them the good news."

"Ya we should do that. You know Rae since I'm putting a good word for Cy with either Kole or Argent; you want me to put a word in for you with Gnarrk or Red Star?" Beast Boy asked with a grin.

"I'll pass." Raven said and then hit on top of the head and continued "That was for ruining the moment."

After informing the Titans North that Beast Boy agreed to take charge, it was agreed that Beast Boy should head for the Canadian border the next day and that Cyborg would accompany him to ensure the entire tower was fully operational and stocked. Raven then asked Beast Boy awkwardly "So Argent really did seem happy you agreed, and she is I guess kind of charming. Are you really going to pursue a relationship?" Upon both Cyborg and Beast Boy looking at her like she had grown a second head she quickly added "Its ok guys, I know he isn't doing this for that reason alone. And I'm trying to be supportive."

"Well, ya I think so… you think I got a shot?" Beast Boy responded still shocked by the recent turn around in Raven's thinking.

"Of course Beast Boy, despite what I said in Tokyo and I am sorry for that, any girl would be lucky to have you." Raven replied with a forced grin. Cyborg raised his brow at this put didn't push the matter and chose to just start the movies while they were all still getting along.

Bernard Rossay silently cursed his poor luck, here it was slightly past midnight and he had to drive an armored truck all the way to The Hague from Paris. All because some human rights activists had said that it was inhumane to leave the villains that had been found in the Brotherhood's base frozen. Sure most had been unfrozen and extradited back to America but he had to drive the some members of the Brotherhood to the international courts. Suddenly however he saw a portal open and his last thought was 'What the hell?' as a giant made of stone stepped out and crushed the cabin utterly.

"Excellent work Cinderblock, now would you be so kind as to open the door?" Slade asked the stone giant.

Expectedly he received no response but the monster walked over and tore of the armored doors at the back of the truck. Walking in Slade asked his other counterpart "Are they all here?"

"Yes they are except the Brain, for some reason he was sent on a plane ahead of these guys. When were done here, we will have to renegotiate my contract if you want me to break him out to." Red X replied

"In due time my child, in due time. There is that other job you were already paid to do we still have deal with" came Slade's response 'A pity I won't get the complete set, but alas the Brain probably would have been more a hindrance then an asset. Ah those poor fools at the UN, little do they know that in their act of kindness they set in motion my plans to eliminate the Titans and take over the world.' He thought to himself as the trio stopped at the first cell and Cinderblock ripped of the door, revealing an aged man in a military uniform none other than; General Immortus.

"Who are you?" Immortus asked in his tired sounding voice

"I am Slade, my friend and I offer you a chance to join me and destroy the Titans on our path to world domination, or if you prefer we could leave you here to face whatever charges the international courts toss at you." Slade replied

"When you put it like that what choice do I have, my army and myself are at your disposal." Immortus replied with a hint of joy at the thought of commanding his legions into battle again.

"Excellent, Cinderblock the next cell if you will." Slade said as his growing party turned to the next cell in time to see the door tossed aside and Madame Rouge walk out.

"Vho are you?" Rouge asked recognizing only Immortus and Cinderblock.

"Slade and I break you out of your imprisonment with the offer to join me and destroy the Titans on our path to world domination." Slade replied.

"And just vhy should I trust vou? Immortus do vou now this man?" Rouge asked as she turned to the General

"Only by reputation my dear, I think we ought to take him up on his offer. If my information network is correct he's been more successful fighting off the Titans than the Brain was, even surviving his supposed death" the General replied.

"Not that that means much coming from vou but vhat choice do I have? Of course I accept." Madam Rouge said returning her attention to Slade.

"You always have a choice me dear, well except for the Brain. I don't believe I see much reason for breaking him out of jail." Slade said as he headed towards the third and final cell.

"I'd leave the monkey behind. He is practically obsessed vith the Brain; I doubt he'd be of much use vith his constant complaints about the Brain still being held captive." Madame Rouge commented and Immortus nodded in agreement.

"Very well then, Warp get us out of here we have to get ready for our next step in the plan." Slade said and then the villains left the destroyed truck and its sole prisoner behind as they walked through the portal.

Robin and Starfire quietly landed on the roof of the Titans Tower and descended the stairs, what they saw when they reached the common room surprised them. The other three Titans were all sitting peacefully watching a movie. "Hey dudes where did you guys go?" Beast Boy asked seeing them standing at the door way dumbstruck.

"Ya, we tried calling you but got no response so we started Beast Boy's promotion celebration without you." Raven added.

"You guys wanna join? I mean B is leaving tomorrow" Cyborg said.

"Wait, wait, wait. When did you guys make up?" Robin asked as Starfire floated towards the coach and patted the seat next to her.

"Let's see this is the third movie so I'd say like three and a half hours ago" Beast Boy replied.

"This is most glorious friends so that means you will keep in the touch" Starfire asked as Robin sat down.

"Yup" Beast Boy said and then turned his attention back to the movie. Once that one finished the Titans went to their various rooms and went to sleep not knowing what surprises tomorrow would bring.

Next Time: Cyborg and Beast Boy arrive and start the set up for Titans North, while elsewhere Slade's plan progresses.