We are the same.

We grew up in the same house.

We grew up fatherless.

We are different.

You, destined to poverty as wealth poured into me.

But happiness surrounded you as sadness choked me.

We are the same.

The same age.

The same family.

The same expectation.

Yet different.

You rose as I fell.

You gained as I lost.

You found bliss as I ended up with misery.

And that's when hatred crept up.

When they compared me to you.

"Why couldn't you be like her?"

"You useless child!"

"Useless! I tell you! Useless"

The words never stop.

And words turned to hatred.

And that's when I called her.

When I went into my computer and

Entered your name into her site.

I pressed enter and a sudden gust of wind blew in my room.

And there she was.

Standing in my room.

I froze.

"I am Enma Ai," she said.

I gulped.

"You have summoned me."

I took a step back.

"Take this."

And she held a black string doll with a red string on it.

I carefully took it, my gaze still at her.

"If you really wish to take revenge, you may pull that red string."

I looked at it, studied it.

"You make a covenant with me as you pull the string,

The recipient of your revenge will be ferried

Straightaway into hell


Once the revenge is dealt, you are required to pay the compensation.

Two holes will appear as you curse a person.

If you die, your soul shall fall into the pit of hell.

Your spirit will wonder forever,

You'll be tortured by pain and suffering, and never know what true paradise is like.

Well that's after you die."

And with that she was gone.

I blinked once. Twice.

Was this a dream? But I looked at my hand and the doll was still there.

I waited for a couple of days.

Thinking it over.

Then I see you, with my mother.

"I wish you were my daughter instead," I hear her say.

I tear up.

And I knew what I needed to do.

I went up to my room.

Slowly pulling out the doll out of my drawer.

I looked at the crimson red string and pulled it.

I fell into my knees and began to cry.

We are the same.

And we will share the same pain for eternal.