Author note: I do not own Count Cain: Godchild or any of its characters. I do own the other versions of the characters in this fic, though. This fic was inspired by the song 'Wonderland' by Natalia Kills, and the book 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. I don't own those, either.

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Warning: Violence, yaoi and maybe yuri, OCs (they're alternate versions of the typical Count Cain: Godchild characters), and the fic is AU.

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1. Counterparts

I don't believe in fairytales.

That line suited Lord Cassandra Gladstone so perfectly. A game of croquet with flamingoes and hedgehogs? Nonsense. A Mad Tea Party? Utterly stupid.

Someone who looked (and acted) almost just like him, except possibly sicker?

Seemingly impossible...but at the same time, very possible.

"I never thought I would find someone like you. So handsome, so...enraged, those emotions...such passionate emotions...truly..." a smirk. "You're just perfect."

Cassandra growled as he struggled to try to move, but he couldn't. The ex-Head Priest could only make his limbs twitch. The only thing he could really move was his eyelids and mouth. He laid on a soft bed, with crimson sheets underneath and a black blanket covering his shirtless body.

"Don't make so much of a fuss. I thought you would like the accommodations I made especially for you..." A face so similar to the 35-year-old's came into his view, a faint smile still playing on his lips. Large, golden-brown wings extended from his shoulder blades, and he wore nothing but black trousers and a dark brown blazer that covered his shirtless chest. A long, noticeable scar trailed from just below his left brow and down to the centre of his cheek.

Cassandra wanted to scream, but he couldn't get himself to. The words and curses he wanted to shout at that sick monstrosity of himself were stuck in his throat.

"Hush, will you? I promise we'll go to the Hatter's tea party soon. And then the real fun and games will begin." The Gryphon gave a more tender tone with these lines, and Cassandra couldn't help but shiver ever so lightly at the way he spoke now. The Gryphon gave a quiet kiss to the other's cheek before sitting at the bedside. "I'm sure you take a liking to tea?" he asked quietly.

Cassandra ignored the question. "L-let me go..." the Head Priest of Delilah tried to shout, but it came out in a hoarse whisper.

The Gryphon just simply shook his head. "No can do. Once one is snatched by the Gryphon, one can never get away from the Gryphon's posession. You're stuck with me, dear reflection of me, for quite a while." he ended with a smirk. "Get used to being around me, Cassandra."

"Who are you, imposter that looks like I?"

"I am Mikalia, destined to bear my beloved Cain's child! Who are you! Why do you look like me!" Mikalia demanded, her blackish eyes glaring at her look-alike.

"You can call me Rose." The look-alike responded. Her hair was down, and she wore a long, dark, ruby red dress, accompanied with roses wrapped about her arms. She looks maybe even a little older than Mikalia, too, despite having the same face as her. "I do not know who this Cain is, though..." she trailed off. "And how did you get here?"

"Tell me what this place is called first!" Mikalia demanded.

"Wonderland." Mikalia is silent, before asking again.

"...Wait...what?" she choked out in shock. "You have to be kidding."

Rose just continued her blank facial expression as she replied, "I'm not joking."

There is a duet playing in the woods.

Violin and Ocarina, to be more exact.

The White Owl pulled the bow across the strings as the White Rabbit blowed into the mouthpiece, his fingers gliding over the small holes in the instrument. And then they suddenly stop.

"You say you don't believe in fairytales, right?" the Rabbit asked, adjusting his long, floppy ears. "What do you believe in, then?"

The Owl doesn't know what to say at first as he peers at his counterpart through his sunglasses. And then he answers the question.

"Tell me first what you believe in."

"Hello!?" Maryweather shouted, looking around. "Older brother! Riff!? Are you out there!?"

A man stumbled out of the bushes, looking around until he saw Maryweather. "You're Cain's sister, aren't you?" he asked. Maryweather nodded in answer.

"Credahor?" Maryweather responded. The man nodded in response. "Where are we?"

"I was going to ask the same question." the medium looked around quietly, taking in the lush surroundings. "We should probably look for your brother-"

"And who," the two looked up to see a man who looked quite like Credahor, "Are you two?" he spoke, exhaling blue smoke after removing the cigar from his mouth. The other two didn't know what to say.

"Who...are you?" Riffael Raffit can't help but stare at this man that looks so much like him.

"I was about to ask the same question, sir." His counterpart replied. He wore a red uniform, with black buttons on the coat and white lining on the edges of the sleeves. His boots are black, but they are slightly stained with what appears to be mud or grass. He held a gun in one hand. "I am the Knave of Hearts, captain of the Queen of Heart's army. And you are?"

"Riffael Raffit, manservant of Lord Cain Hargreaves." Riff answered quickly.

His other tilted his head to the side like a curious child would do. "How interesting, isn't it Riff...that we both serve. I think we may be more similar than we thought."

"Maybe you're right. Do you know where my lord would be?"

"Why don't you check the Hatter's Domain? Surely, your lord could be the guest of Hatter's Mad Tea Parties. Follow me, I can show the way."

"So," Justice started, "Let me get this straight. You're the Queen of Hearts. The King betrayed you and took over Wonderland, exiling you in the process."

"Yes." her look-alike replied. She wore a small, gold tiara with red rubies on it. Her gown was a ruby red and glimmering gold, a contrast to Justice's raven black and dark blue dress. The two looked like complete opposites of each other. "And you are of this organization by the name of 'Delilah' and you have no idea how you ended up here?"



Ida of Lunacy, the Moon card, nearly freaked out as soon as she saw her counterpart.

The Duchess stared at her. Like Ida, she wore a mask that hid the scars, but her outfit was far different. She wore a dress of black and red that flowed down past her ankles. She wore a gold necklace about her neck and a bangle on her left wrist. Just like Ida, however, she had a similar facial expression to the Moon; full of seriousness and tinted with a bit of possible suspicion.

The two didn't tell each other much except for their names, and they took the silence between them as time to make silent comparisons of each other's appearances. Then the Duchess spoke up, breaking the silence.

"This world of Wonderland used to be a lot more peaceful before. But then the King of Hearts had to ruin it all."

"Cain?" Oscar sounded nervous as he spoke. "Am I dreaming, or am I actually seeing someone that looks WAY too much like you and someone that looks WAY too much like me?"

Oscar had a good reason to be nervous. There's a man that looked almost like Oscar, sitting across from him that has brown rabbit ears. His outfit is brown, and he is pouring cups of tea and sometimes accidentally flinging sugar and butter everywhere. His eyes twitched slightly as he gave a somewhat twisted grin to the twenty-year-old.

Cain didn't say anything and stared at the man sitting across from him. A black top hat rested on the head of Cain's look-alike, and the gentle, mocking smile and the glittering golden-green eyes mirrored Cain perfectly. He wears a blazer of black overtop a white button shirt and a red tie about the collar. He sat with his legs crossed, the eyes glancing at Oscar briefly before looking at Cain. His smile widened by a little bit.

"Well...isn't this delightful, Hare, that we have guests that look almost like us?" the Mad Hatter spoke, smirking.

"Y-yes, Y-yes, indeed, indeed!" the March Hare responded quickly, flinging some of the butter and nearly hitting Oscar in the face in the process. He shakily raised his cup of tea before sipping it.

If Cain could describe these two in one phrase each, the Mad Hatter would be 'as cool as a cucumber' and the March Hare would be 'an Oscar on sugar-high.'

Alice's lovely light blue dress and shoes were stained scarlet. That was the first thing Jizabel took notice of. The mad doctor then looked up to see Alice's face...and realized...

This Alice looked an awful lot like him.

'Alice' stared back at the 26-year-old, an expression of confusion written on his face. A long, sharp sword of cold steel was held tightly in his left hand, also stained with blood. He looked so much like Jizabel, except that he was wearing a light blue dress with what appeared to be blood-stained, once white lace and Jizabel was wearing his usual suit of a light-coloured blazer and trousers with a white shirt under the blazer.

The doctor took up his scalpel on instinct. The 'Alice' took up his sword, his Vorpal Blade.

The two collided in a frenzy of slashes of stabs, the two fighting to possibly kill.

Why does this man, whose getup reminds Jizabel of Alice of Wonderland, look so much like him?


But before Jizabel could think of anything else, two screams halt the two, causing them to pause their brawl.



And those screams sound exactly like Cassian and the Cheshire Cat as they come bounding towards them, ready to do whatever is necessary.

And both the doctor and Alice blink a little. And stare at the two. And honestly don't know what to do.

The Cheshire has the same petite form and the same facial structure as Cassian, but he has the striped cat ears and the striped outfit of purple and black instead of the usual black outfit Cassian wore. Both he and Cassian have daggers at the ready. They're willing to do anything for their masters.

It's only then when Jizabel asks the question.

"What is this place?"

And it's only now that Alice replied ever so quietly,


Author note: If you were stuck trying to figure out what Alice in Wonderland character the Godchild people corresponded to, here's a list.

Cain-Mad Hatter

Oscar-March Hare



Cassian-Cheshire Cat

Riffael Raffit-Knave of Hearts

Justice-Queen of Hearts

Mikalia-Talking Flower




White Owl-White Rabbit

More of these alternate versions of the characters might appear later on the story, and Maryweather's counterpart will appear later in the story as well.

I hope you review. Thanks for reading this first chapter!