Profile for my Characters:


Nanami Haruka- 17 years old
Ichinose Tokiya/Hayato (before) -18 years old
Ittoki Otoya- 17 years old
Shinoyomiya Natsuki/Satsuki(Devil Side)- 19 years old
Kurusu Sho -17 years old
Jinguji Ren -19 years old
Hijirikawa Masato- 18 years old

Senpai Group (All Star)

Kotobuki Renji -25 years old
Kurosaki Ranmaru -22 years old
Mikaze Ai -15 years old
Camus -20 years old

(A/N: I know what you guys are thinking. It's kind of awkward, I mean who could thought that Renji is the most elder one ,Ai being 15 years old, and Camus especially being 20 years old, he seems so mature that could be like 28 years old ! Ranmaru is okay but I thought he could be around 25 years old because of his style. Sorry, guys they aren't going to have Cecil in my Fanfic . This story begins right after season 1 from Utapri. I don't own the characters neither the anime . The owner are Broccoli .)

One day, Haruka went to the biggest Agency of Shining Saotome .The headmaster have told her to do a practice with the Senpai Group called Quartet Night ,so that she gets experiences, before going with Starish . And now she is in her ways to meet up theses new guys in Room 36-A.

" Yean, you can enter! Aren't you the genius girl that school is talking about ?" said the aqua haired dude.

" What genius and where did you hear this from ? "mumbled the young lady.

" School rumors!" tell quickly the young man.

" How cute, she have blush after you praised her",replied the brown haired .

"I wouldn't call this praising someone." explained the youngest senpai.

" Renji can you keep quiet!" screamed the punk star .

The aggressive man looked around and he just notice the young lady terrified by him. He stand up from the couch and glared at the girl.

"Who's that girl?" shouted the furious man.

Haruka P.O.V

I couldn't believe that I bumped with one of the Senpai. I felt so embarrassed ! The blue haired man seem really cute . I just stared at his beautiful aqua eye and yet it's seemed so cold and in-emotional. I wonder if I make a song that will turn him more lively .The goofy senpai seems really like Hayato-sama. It's seems like he knows his fellows mentors so much that he tease them. Somehow , I got a good feeling that I will be able to join this team by his help. Then I saw a punk star sleeping at the couch . I wonder what kind of person he was . I know that I couldn't prejudge a book by his cover .I heard him yelling at Kotobuki-senpai. The thing that scared me ,was that he was wearing lenses that didn't match his other color eye. He had an magenta eye and the other grey. My legs and arms was shaking like a leaf. I wonder that moment if this man was about to kill me. Then , I meet up a nobleman right behind the couch.

" She is the new girl that Saotome told us about. She will become our new apprentice. She will be our compositor for a short. At least, remember what your elders say to you!"said the aristocrat.

" Sure ,with all pleasure!" yawned the tired man.

Camus P.O.V.

That fool slept right after what I just said a few second ago. And somehow, I felt so insulted ! I will darn kill him next time . Right now, I need to keep myself cool in front of this young lady . I don't want to give her a bad view about me. I wonder if this lady will change the fate for our team. I still remember when I heard Starish song , I felt like I was an other world surrounded by love and such warm feeling. I couldn't believe that it's was her, who created such melody like this . I'm really ashamed to say such thing to a peasant.

"You guys, can we introduce herself!" announced the shy girl.

"We already know you from Shining . Your name is Nanami Haruka, is it? I'm Kotobuki Renji, but you can call me Rei-chan." exclaimed the eldest senpai.

Haruka didn't except too much about the headmaster . She knows that the president have all the profile of the idols, compositors and students in his laptop . And he could check it , in anytime.

"I'm Mikaze Ai! That guys who's sleeping at the couch is Kurosaki Ranmaru."explained the aqua haired man.

"You know I can hear you, you brat!" argued the grey spiky haired dude.

"Nice to meet you Nanami. I'm Camus and I'm a foreign."replied the tallest man.

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" smiled gently the young lady.

Renji P.O.V.

I guess she's such an honest person ...I'm so glad that a cutie will be our compositor. Something will may change in our team and I can't wait for it. I just hope that Ran-ran admits that we are a team, already . I will be able to tease the guys over Haruka. I wonder if she will be able change everyone feelings in music ?

"What are your favorite hobbies?" asked Ai.

"I love playing the piano, well that how I compose melody."answered the woman.

"You know that Ai-ai is more younger then you then 2 years old ." proclaimed the goofy prince of song.

" Really, I didn't know! You were already a senior in your 15 years old. I'm very impressive!"exclaimed the young lady.

Ai P.O.V.

It was a strange feeling . I never felt glad in a simple thing. I hated when Renji was teasing me over everything he sees. I will get him for that. As soon , Renji was having a new target,he directly tease her. He asked her if she had someone special in her life . I didn't understand , what he meant by that . She have answered that Starish was her dream and she wanted to treasure them. Her goal was to make songs that will reach people happiness. I always wonder what makes people happy in life? Ranmaru was kind of odd. He asked her if she was going out with someone . Then again , I didn't know how couple are like since I have no experience on it. Now that I think about it, wasn't Ranmaru sleeping on the couch? When did he wakes up? Is it because Ranmaru wanted to check if she was not following the rules.

" Very mature guys. Will you guys stop torturing Nanami?"shouted Camus with a grin.

" Gosh, that was funny!" laughed Ranmaru.

" I didn't get why you were laughing about." asked the clueless senpai.

"About her reaction. She gets embarrassed so much that she's such an easy target. To be a compositor wasn't a good idea for her,since anyone could take advantage of her." murmured the punk star.

" That is so mean ,Ran-ran. " pocked Renji on his cheek.

Haruka P.O.V.

I shouted to those senpai that we needed to know each other. Then I could compose melody for them!
I blushed again and apologized to them. Kotobuki-senpai reacted very fast and accepted what I just proposed to them. I was so glad that I could finally have a bond with them. I learning through the last year that idol need to sing with their own experimented emotion . Then the public will more enjoy it ! I asked them , where to begin ? As soon that I mention that , Kurosaki-senpai said:" Are you trying to invited us in a date, woman?" I didn't understand why suddenly ,he asked me that . I totally blushed and said to them that I just wanted to have fun. Now that I think about it , it's seems wrong in a way. The cute senpai shouted that he wanted to go at the beach. Then Camus-senpai mention that the headmaster had a secret private beach near the school but we have to keep a secret from the others that we will be going there.

Meanwhile with Starish...

"I wanted to make a new song with Nanami-san." mumured the dark blue haired man.

"Guys did you hear about the news, theses guys that Haruka is accompanying, are going to the headmaster private beach." announced the spiky red haired dude.

"Did you spy on the Senpai room , by any chance ?" asked the short teen.

"I got a bad feeling that theses men will do something terrible to Nanami " said Masato.

" That little lamb is going to the beach. You said !" whispered the flirty man with a smirk.

"Guys, we have go to this private beach too." yelled the short blonde man with rage.

" That the spirit, Sho-Chan!" replied the tallest man with glasses.

"N-A-T-S-U-K-I, how many time do I have to tell you, call me Sho-kun! "

" What we will do ?" asked Otoya.

Ren P.O.V.

I suggest them to pretend to be salesman from an ice cream shop or to be a savior. I did to pretend to be a normal idol that is having fun at the beach. The little lamb wouldn't notice if I disguised myself . As soon , Hijirikawa started arguing with me . He said that I was a brillant enough to not think about the disguise . Since we will be wearing just swimsuit. We could have wear a wig or sunglasses that will have totally change my image. Then everyone saw how much Tokiya was in rage. I never though that Ichi have such strong feeling for little lamb but I won't loose neither way. Ichi ended up by saying: " I will not allow these guys flirting with Nanami-san!" I was shocked myself ! Ichi was totally out of his character. It's seems that everyone there is effect by the lady. She have change us a lot.

To be continuing…

What will happen at the beach?
Will Haruka be able to recognize Starish?
You will see ,for the next chapter !

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