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The senpais have ask Haruka if she could be in their team since Starish was like 6, and them 4. They think that if she joins their group, they could win for sure by using her as a secret weapon. Haruka accept it and Masato said that he wanted to be the judge of the game. Instead of playing with 6 people, they will play 5 VS 5 .

"Who will begin?"asked the red haired dude.

" Let do Rock-Paper-Scissor!" suggested Renji.

"That so childless!" groaned Ranmaru.

"Well do you have a better idea, Ranmaru." complained the aqua haired dude.

"Whatever!" whispered the punk idol.

Ai P.O.V.

I played Rock-Paper-Scissor with Sho. I have won the bet. Then everyone have take their position for the game. Renji planned to put Haruka in the middle of the game . I did guess he wanted her to be the rivals attention while we play volleyball. Haruka stand up with all confident as she say: "Yean, Rīdā!(Leader)" She looked really cute! Wait , why am I saying that to her? Was I effect by her ,again. Anyways, Camus wanted to do the service. I could feel Starish glaring at us, like we have done something terrible to Haruka.

" Theses bastards are trying to use Nanami-san, so that we poorly focus!" shouted Tokiya.

" Don't worry! Their plan wouldn't work on me!" assured the flirty boy.

" Then why did Masato run for ? " asked the short man.

" Because he will be distracted." proclaimed Ren.

" Guys, we just have to play normally!" shouted Otoya.

" Just don't look at Nanami!" yelled Sho.

" I will be the one making the service." exclaimed Shinomiya.

" Are you ready you guys? Its have been a hour we are waiting !" complained the younger senpai.

" Show us what you got!" screamed Sho with all excitement .

Ranmaru P.O.V.

Camus begin throwing the ball and they were trying catch it ! Ren have made it and throw it to our side. I though about using the lady before I make the point. I told her to try to caught the ball . And I was behind her back ,just in case if she fails. Haruka was trying to jump high so that she catch the ball, but one of them got effected by that . I have heard from the midget man:" What the hell ,man? Tokiya you are nose-bleeding!" Then , it's was my chance , and I throw the ball with all my strength. It's really easy to tortured Starish with Haruka. That Tokiya,if I remember his name. Almost fainted over ,after seeing Haruka jumping. I would have called him a pervert. Ren seems really disappointed over his team. Since nobody is focusing . I can see victory to us. Jinguji screamed :" Otoya , that what you call playing normally!" Then when Renji throw the ball by accidentally into this glassed dude, the one with the emerald eye. He throw it with such speed . I didn't not see that coming.

" Holy Shit!" yelled Kurosaki.

" Oh god ! " screamed Camus.

" That was a great shot !" exclaimed Ai.

" Holy Crap !" shouted Renji.

Haruka got already in habit, so she was okay with it!Then it's was Starish turn to the service. While, Natsuki was doing the service, his glasses fall down and the ball flow up to the sky. Satsuki glared to the senpai's and yelled :"Won't you give up,already!" The senpais know that he wasn't the same person then before that they could felt a dark aura behind his back. Then the curly blondy haired man proposed to his rivals a bet. It's was that the winners will get Haruka back to his side. Then Ai shouted:" If we won, you will have to do whatever we ask for!"The other members liked Ai's idea and they settle the fight with these suggestions. As Shinomiya smirked back, they started the real thing. Renji was excited and actually liked these kind of challenges. As for Ranmaru and Camus , they just wanted to won. Before Satsuki do anything bad at the rivals , Sho reputted his glasses behind his back. Camus wondered more about Natsuki. His attitude changed suddendly and now he was back to his old self. Then he though , that maybe it's was a split personality. The noble man found really interesting to meet up a person with this condition. Renji whined :" So you are giving up, Natsuki!" Shinomiya was confused and didn't understood why the elders reacted in a odd way toward him.

" Just focus on the game!" smiled Sho weakly.

" You guys aren't even focusing at the game why don't we just give up this time, it's not like the end of the world!"admited the flirty man.

" Not over my died body!" argued Tokiya in rage.

" Ah really, who was the one ? Who got nosebleed over the lady who jumped at the ground for catching a ball?" smirked Ren while putting his hand on his chin.

"Darn it !" admited defeatly the poor man.

"I got to say ,everyone that is currently at the beach seems to have a thing with Haruka ..."murmured Ren sadly this time.

" What? " complained the blue dark haired man like he just learned a big new.

" Well isn't obvious that everyone at this beach loves her and not just likes her!"spited out Ren furiously.

" Why is there more rival on the field?" questioned Tokiya disappointedly.

Starish didn't feel like to continue the play. They all seemed disappointed and they all announced that they will give up . Camus smirked and shouted:" Then you will do whatever we ask ?" Starish sadly nodded their head and just wanted to kill the man who seemed to like ordering people like they were his maid or his slave. Renji whined again and wanted his team to decide what will they make them do .

" Let's us kick your ass while we film you ."chuckled the browned haired dude.

"That so mean, Rei-chan !"complained Otoya.

" Let us kiss Haruka in her cheek for victory!" interrupted Ranmaru while smirking as everyone stares at him.

" Aww.. Ran-chan since when did you become a flirt?" questioned Ren mockingly.

" Why is kissing my cheek will be a price ?" hissed embarrassingly the young lady.

Ranmaru ignored him but he could feel the other guys staring at him like they wanted to murder him. Especially Sho and Masato who though that the young lady should be out if the proposition.

" You should be our slave until this evening." proclaimed Camus as if it's was an order.

Sho was about to hit his face but Haruka stopped him. She said that she will try her best to let them choose thing that is convenient in their case.

" Please Camus-senpai choose delicate proposing."asked nervously the young lady.

" Peasant , you aren't allowed to interfere and don't give me orders !" yelled Camus as the young lady step her feet back.

Haruka felt miserable that she could help who was precious to her. She turned her back toward Starish and gives an apologizing look. The guys smiled lightly to her as she wasn't the one for blaming. Somehow,Nanami felt more glad inside her heart. Then the goofy one exclaimed " Do us something crazy while we are filming you!" Tokiya was glaring at Renji and ask:"Why do you really enjoy filming everything?"Renji simply smiled back to him which made him more irritated. Then, they were interrupted by Mikaze.

" Then you will buy us whatever we want!" announced the younger senpai.

" That really simple. Isn't that right Hijirikawa?"chuckled Ren.

" Yean, I guess. But I won't deal with their rule ,since I was out of the game." he announced.

" Are you trying to run over ?" smirked Ren as he put again his hand on his chin.

" Geez ..."murmured Masato.

Then Ai felt so insulted and yelled at Ren " Then I should make you guys given up on Haruka!"

" Why do I have to interfere in this case." murmured shyly the girl.

" If you do what Ai proposed , you will not have to do anything else." suggested the punk star.

" Why you bastard!" shouted Tokiya as he was about to punch him at the face. But of course , he controlled himself.

Then it's was up to Starish to choose what they wanted to do. Ren was the first who made his move since nobody had to courage to step a feet aside. He decided to do something crazy while someone is filming him. Masato chuckled a bit and thinking about how Ren didn't mind it to be humiliated in front of people. Ai stood in front and proclaimed that he wanted to be one filming Ren. As Ren turned back and said that he was ready , Ai pressed the record button. The flirty man brought out from his swimming pocket pant a red flower. As he throw them the flower , Ren throw a kiss from his mouth as he raise his hand on them. The elders felt so grow and wanted to be blind. As he gone crazy as he was seducing a young lady.

" That is just so gay! " murmured Camus unpleasant.

" You're going to make me blind , you idiot !"shouted Ranmaru disgustedly.

" According to my data, he's is trying to hit on us ! Is that make him gay? "asked Ai as it's was something new.

Renji was rolling over laughing as he saw Ren and his team reactions. Starish were about to hit Ren face but they couldn't help to chuckle a bit. Masato didn't really found it funny and he drag Ren away as what he have just done was already enough for them. Then, Ittoki was the second who wanted to progress their deal. He chosen to be kicked at his ass while someone is filming him. The elders founded him kind of emo, because he had other chooses if he wanted but he just simply chosen this one. Ai was preparing the camera like it's wasn't a big deal with him. After Haruka interfered and wanted to stop this big mess.

" You guys can't do that to him!" shouted bravely Nanami with her wide eye.

" Then you don't mind to take his place !" smirked Camus in a evil way.

" Hell no, you aren't going to play dirty with her !" shouted angrily the shorty blonde man.

" Myu-chan don't be so rude. She's is a lady and we couldn't just kick her butt as we want." respond the elder senpai as he was teaching him an lesson.

They thought that Ittoki had to courage to choose this proposition,without hesitation. They were satisfied with his reaction which made them to move on to the next person. Natsuki stood in the front and wanted to be the next. He wanted to choose the same thing as Ren. It's was to do something crazy while someone is filming him. Ranmaru wanted to be the one to film this time. He just didn't want to see other disturbing stuff from these Starish dude. He thought that the camera will be more less trouble to watch . Shinomiya was excited as she shouted to them that he was ready.

" I will tell you a big secret !" he whispered slowly in a serious tune.

Camus wondered if he was going to answer the question that his curiosity dragged him throw his spit personality. Sho was already laughing as he already know was he will spelled them out. Compare to the other member from Starish , they wondered about his deep secret. Natsuki revealed them something on his bag and it's was plush of a little chick.

" I'm a big fan of Piyo-chan!" screaming Natsuki with his shiny eye while hugging the doll.

" Brilliant ! We have now a freak who is obsess about plush doll "replied Ranmaru lazily.

" Really , but aren't you obsess over your rock music ?" asked Ai with a fake smile.

" You brat! Shut your mouth!" shouted Ranmaru as he nearly broken the camera.

"I don't think that he's obsess about plush but I rather say cute stuffs. Isn't that right , Natsuki?"asked the goofy one.

He nodded his head and the other member of Starish and Camus almost fainted away. They really though that he was going to say something serious for once . They all wanted to hit that idiot head as soon Sho already have done it. Tokiya moved his feet in the front and that was his turn. He chooses to let them kissed Haruka cheek's for victory. He really wasn't really at the mood to please them. The other member glared at him , as he was committing a crime. They all yelled at Tokiya how much that could hurt Haruka feeling. And how he thought about himself which brought him to reality. He looked at Haruka eye who was still blushing about the propose he just said a few second ago. He putted his hand around her shoulder while watching at Haruka beautiful gold color eye. He asked if she was fine with it then she simply replied shyly:" If that is going to protect our reputation, then I won't mind!" For an instant , his heart beat as he release how much ,the girl he liked have done so much for him. Tokiya slowly kissed her forehead and give her an apologizing look after he turned his back. Haruka blushed and didn't say anything as she started touching her forehead.

" You idiot , we are supposed to kiss her, and not you !" whined Renji like a child.

" Wait, are you guys all going to give me kisses ?" yelled Haruka like she was about to faint away.

" No, it's only the one who proposed you that . It's was Ranmaru !" said Ai without being shy.

" What ? Do I really need to do that ? replied Ranmaru like he really fell like it .

Compare to Starish who was glaring at him, as if he was an idiot to refuse to kiss such a lovely lady like Haruka Nanami. Then Camus interfered and hissed :" Then , I should be the one giving her first kiss". Ai though that he was probably doing it on purpose because he wasn't the kind who offered himself for sexual desire. Ranmaru ended the fight as he just hold Haruka arms and give her a quick kiss at her cheek.

P.O.V Haruka

I was still blushing over what Ichinose-san have done to me. I could still feel his lip on top of my forehead. I was wondered why my heart beating so fast when he was so close to me. I guess that was his way to repay me back for was I going throw because of him. Then , I saw the guys fighting each other again. I really should have refused it , but I was still thought about Ichinose. I didn't want him to be sad and wanted to be useful for Starish. Then suddenly , I saw Kurosaki senpai coming over my side. I didn't saw that coming! He quickly grab my arm over his chest and give it me a small kiss at my cheek. I couldn't do anything because he surprised me on his quick move. I felt my cheek burning as he release me. For the first time, I saw him completely blushing and whispered to me :"I'm sorry , I just had to stop that pointless fight." Then ,Korusaki senpai patted my head with his hand ,as if I was a small child.I felt like his was a big brother for me ,as I smiled back at him. He just turned his head and screamed that he was done with it. At first, I really didn't like the idea how the guys kiss me without a reason. But , it's seemed that they just doing it on purpose. Which me mad at first ! Next time , I won't let them kiss me again like this earlier . Now that I think about it , they were just glaring at each other the whole time. I really hoped that Quartet Night and Starish become friend. It's seemed that was turned more bad ! Then Masato stepped aside and wanted to be next.

" Even though , I even didn't participated at the game . I will be suffering the same consequence as my team."announced Masato sadly.

" Masa , you are the best !" shined Natsuki and Otoya eye's at their brave friend.

" Then I choose to buy whatever you want ! " decided Masato without hesitation.

" You stupid rich kid !" murmured Syo with a glum face.

" I will like to buy something from the net ! " exclaimed Ai like he wanted to have a credit card.

" Now, I get it . You're still young to have a credit card." murmured Ren.

" Exactly ! " replied the aqua haired young man with a glum face.

" Are you going to buy one of theses fancy puffy pant !" chuckled Renji with a grin.

" Stop mocking me ! Baka(Stupid) Renji ! " he said with an embarrassed face.

Ai was so pissed off ,and asked Masato if he could lend him his credit card for just buying one thing from the net. Masato give it his card and warned him to not spend a lot of money on it because it's was from the Hijirikawa family. Masato just didn't want him to take advantage of the situation. Ai nodded his head like a child, as he understood what it he have been told. Then finally , Syo step a foot and it's was his turn now.

" I will do whatever you want , just ask for it ! " said the midget one.

" Then you want to be our slave for this evening ? " asked mockingly the aristocrat.

" I never said that I will be our slave , you bastard !" hissed the shorty one.

Then Natsuki really wanted to help Syo for that . Then he whispered something at Ai ear. The younger one seemed to liked the idea and interrupted Camus .

" Would you like him to dress up as a women and that we take picture of it? " asked Ai while smirking at Syo.

" Why you little devil! "shouted Syo as he was about to push him at the face.

Ai thought that Syo needed to learn some manners . Mikaze wanted to play harsh with him , so that he finally become more polite in front of his senpai's. Ranmaru and Ren thought how much theses two seemed like two littles girls who wanted to fight over doll. They both giggled at the corner.

" That really a good idea ! " said Camus .

Then the guys were forcing him to dress as a women. Then Haruka interfere again and looked at Quartet Night.

" I will like you to stop messing around Syo . And then I will go out in a date with one of you. " said Haruka with all confident.

Syo wanted to stop her but the elders nodded the head. They were admired her courage and accepted her deal. The problem was they had to choose the one who will go out in a date with her. Renji and Camus declined the offer since they were busy tomorrow. Then it's was up to Ranmaru or Mikaze to go out with her. Ranmaru had the feeling that the Starish dude wouldn't let him in peace at this date. He was someone who preferred to waste his time at a job ,so that he gets more money. Ranmaru had to repay his family dept which was one of the cause he become an idol. Of course, he enjoy playing at his bass and rock song. This poor man had already something else to deal with . It's was finally up to Mikaze to go out in a date with Haruka Nanami.

" Then it's decided! Tomorrow Ai and Haruka will out in a date together!" yelled Renji which made Starish more furious .

" I guess I have no choose! " blows Mikaze exhaustively.

What will happen to Ai date?

Will the others senpai or Starish spy in Ai-Chan date?

You will see for the next chapter! ^-^

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