Candy stared down into the vat of boiling hot chocolate, tears rolling down her face. How did it come to this? How had the love of her life, the only person she had ever cared about, turned into the rogue he had died as? Sweet Tooth hadn't always been so…evil. He had had a normal job, and they had had a normal life together. And then he had started the killing. Murdering innocent people he'd never met just for the fun of it. Later, he got Candy hooked on it too. They had almost been caught, so they had moved to Gotham to begin their new life of crime together. A month after the move, Sweet Tooth had already made a reputation for himself. A week later he was deemed leader of the Council of the Rogues, and began his plan to kill Batman. None of this was without Candy's help, of course. Sweet Tooth and Candy had stayed up late into the night, thinking up ways to commit the murder. It had been fun to them.

Now, as Candy stared at the burnt remains of her love, her heart broke in half. Tears fell from her face into the vat, and she wished she could see his face only last time. Tell him she loved him. Hear his voice. Looking around, she realized there was nothing else left here for her. If she didn't leave now, she wouldn't be able to resist the urge to jump into that vat of boiling hot chocolate and join him. She turned and ran out of the candy factory and back to her and Sweet Tooth's apartment. As she walked through the door and put her key on the counter, she noticed how much more empty it seemed. Even more that usual when it was just Candy alone and Sweet Tooth was out. He was never coming back. She collapsed onto their bed…her bed now…with exhaustion and sorrow and confusion. Turning her head to stare at her bedside table, a glimmer caught her eye. She reached over and picked up the sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Just when Candy thought she had run out of tears, a new storm of them came pouring out of her eyes. As she stared at the ring, she saw the moment that he gave her it in its sparkling surface. She saw the night one month before, when they had been coming home from a movie. They had been standing outside the apartment door, and when she had turned around, he was on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring in the world and smiling up at her.

"Marry me," he had said. It was the most wonderful moment in Candy's entire life. She laughed, she cried, she screamed, and finally got the simple word out.

"Yes!" her half-cried-half-laughed. He jumped up and kissed her, slipping the ring onto her finger.

She was now smiling and crying again as she remembered that she was going to get her dress in a few weeks. No need for that anymore. Pulling off her pink and blue gloves, she was about to put the ring on when she noticed something engraved on the side. She hadn't noticed that before.


There it was. The unspoken promise that they would be together forever. Some promise. She slipped the ring on her finger and closed her eyes, falling asleep into a dream of her and Sweet Tooth's wedding. She hoped she would never wake up.