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Raven's mirror collection was an extensive one. It consisted of 28 ornate, hand-crafted handhelds, 4 hand-carved full lengths, three well-polished glass spheres, 12 compacts, and a large one in an obsidian frame which hung above her bed. One would think she was quite vain should they stumble in and not know anything about her, but the truth was they were all gifts from her mother in Azarath. Virtually all Azarathian mirrors were portals, save for a few actually used for looking in, as vanity was something that was frowned upon. Approximately half of the mirrors in Raven's collection were portals into her mind, that of which to be used for meditation. If one broke, she would not be locked out of it forever, as a different one would take its place and the glass would revert to simply being shards of a broken mirror as to keep any strangers from happening upon it in the garbage and accidentally being transported to Nevermore, probably suffering from a heart attack or fear of the creatures and dying in there. And Raven simply could NOT have any dead bodies in her mind because that would simply be disgusting.

Half of the remaining were portals to various different dimensions. Rifts in space and all. Not very exciting.

The rest varied in portal type, ranging from alternate dimensions she enjoyed designing in her free time, to simply a portal to a place she could keep a secret candy stash in (she was quite fond of the occasional Snickers bar or Twix). There was one that she enjoyed greatly, which was a portal to her favorite dim-lighted café, Café a L'ombre, a nice place to listen to poetry and enjoy some herbal tea and muffins.

There was one normal mirror, the one which hung upon her wall so that she may cut her hair when she decided it was getting long, and a handheld double-sided mirror she had never once looked in, heeding her mother's warnings. It was kept safely on her bedside table, where no one could possibly get it without dying.

Or so she thought.

-.-.-Page Break-.-.-

Beast Boy was a simple-minded guy. He was smart enough, not genius-y, but not doorknob stupid. He enjoyed video games and pizza and winning, like most normal people. And like most normal guys, he had a best friend and a pair of shoes and a girlfriend who had dumped him for a lame reason. But unlike most normal guys, he change into any living creature he wanted without a second thought because of the super powers he had picked up as a kid. Cool, right?

This came with some side effects.

First was of course the green skin. He didn't really know why he had it, because green wasn't the color of any animal other than a reptile or a frog. It was just what came with the Sakutia that gave him his powers.

Next were fangs. He supposed they were from most of the carnivorous animals he changed into, but they weren't really useful for a vegan. Not much meat that needed to be ripped up by super sharp canines.

Then there were various strange but simple urges that came and went, like wanting to change a car, or freaking out when the doorbell rang.

But there was one last problem. His nails.

His nails and toenail grew at an inexplicably fast rate, probably to make up for claws or talons that he grew then shrank. He clipped them daily to keep them manageable. Until Raven took them.

"I always find your toenails on the coffee table, and it's absolutely disgusting. You HAVE to stop clipping them there."

"But I finally figured out how to clip them while playing video games!"

"That's just gross, Beast Boy. But oh well, you'll never get these back again."

It was pretty annoying. Why didn't he buy new ones you ask? Well, his toenails were tough and thick, like the talons of a bird. He needed a special type of clipper, normal ones just broke. And the kind he needed - the Infinity Clip 2000 - were serious cash investments. And let's face it. He never had cash.

As for Raven? Well, she refused to touch them with her bare hands and instead picked them up with an unbreakable telepathic grip, went upstairs, and dropped it in her side table drawer, the place where objects go if they are condemned to never see the light of day again.

If only Beast Boy knew that Raven was as persistent as he was.


It would have been a great day if Beast Boy hadn't messed it all up. Again.

It was a fine day, two months later, when it suddenly hit Beast Boy that he would never get his toenail clippers back again. Ever. But he needed them. Needed them.

And he figured if he'd gone into Raven's room once and lived, there's a chance it'll happen again. A slim chance, like less than half the glass, but Beast Boy was an optimist.

Raven was out at her café thing again, so he figured he had around an hour left. Tiptoeing quietly upstairs, he made his way to Raven's room. First obstacle – the keypad. What would her password be?

He tried 'raven' since that was her name.

"R . . . a . . . v . . . e . . . n . . . is there a second n? I don't think so." Enter. The screen beeped and flashed red.

Nope, that wasn't it.

He tried 'enter'.

He tried 'Trigon'.

He tried 'Robin'.






Still nothing.

If he didn't get this one right, it would lock him out. Sighing, he typed in his last guess.


What did he have to lose?

The door slid open.

Huh. Who knew Raven was the clever humor type?

Upon entering, he saw the entire room and tried to guess where his nail clippers were. Under the bed? Nope. In these drawers? Nope, just sketchbooks. This cabinet? Lots and lots of old books. This trunk? More books. These drawers? Oops underwear drawer. Close it, Beast Boy, close it!

He glanced at the grandfather clock by the wall. He had five minutes. Then he needed to get out of there. His last chance was to his right – the bedside table. He shivered as he drew closer to it, was it just him or did the room suddenly go colder and darker than before? He didn't have time to think about it. He opened the first drawer. A thin leather bound journal. Raven kept a journal? Weird. After a bit more rummaging, he came up with a black feather quill and an ink pot, but nothing else.

The second drawer turned up a few pictures of him and his teammates with dates scrawled on the back.

The third and final drawer held his beloved Infinity Clip 2000. And something else . . . he reached farther back and grabbed it. Staring at it, he saw it was a hand mirror. Made of what looked like jagged spikes of polished obsidian arranged in an artful pattern, it looked dark and ominous. But it was well sculpted and carved, with spikes around the glass and a large spike for the handle. It was terrifying, but the beautiful part of it was a shiny black panther head stretching out of the top of the handle's neck. In its mouth of razor sharp teeth was a gleaming emerald. He tried to look into it, but only saw a very faint reflection, as if it were almost translucent gauze he were looking into, or a thin sheet of spider web coated with morning dew. He tried to look away, but he couldn't. He couldn't tear his eyes away . . .

"Beast Boy, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Raven stood in the doorway, glaring at him, but he didn't look up. She sprinted over and grabbed his wrists. "You weren't supposed to look into that! What were you –"

That's when she looked through the other side. As they stared into the mirror, they didn't see themselves, but each other. Then everything went black.


"Raven, wake up."


"Raven, open your eyes."



Raven rolled her eyes as she stood up and stretched. What had just happened? Why was she on the carpet? And where was her cloak . . . ?

She turned to the right and saw herself. Well, not herself. But her body. She saw her body. But if that was her, then . . .

She gasped, realizing what had happened. Grabbing her body's hand, she ran to the bathroom down the hall, shut her eyes, turned on the lights, and looked into the mirror with a terrified expression, hoping she wasn't right.

Emerald green skin, messy hair, and bright green eyes stared back at her.


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