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The two exchanged a quick glance and simultaneously bolted for the door. Unfortunately, Beast Boy was unsure how to run in Raven's cloak, and fell flat on his face. Raven, being used to floating and flying to get to places quickly, leaped into the air, only to realize too late that she could not fly and crashed into the ground. Both the changeling and enchantress were woozy when they looked up, only to see three very angry Robins looking down at them disappointedly.

He was covered in Plasmus ooze, a chemical stench hanging thickly in the air, causing Beast Boy and Raven to just get woozier (it's a word), as if they'd just been Axe Attacked. The three Robins began speaking in harmony, their voices reverberating and blending and overlapping until all three melted into one.

"Where were you two? We really needed you guys. Star got hit the second she was in the air, Cyborg got stuck in the T-Car, and a bunch of pedestrian fan-girls grabbed onto my cape and begged for autographs before I could help either of them! Plasmus got away, and now we have to search everywhere for him! What in the world was so important that you let us down?"

Robin was pacing now, like he had done many times before, wild hand gestures being used thoroughly. Raven cleared her throat and, forgetting that she had Beast Boy's voice, deepened her voice to 'sound like a guy's'.

"Robin, we're . . . sorry. Raven was just – giving me a lesson on . . . thinking?"

Beast Boy jumped in, with his own squeakier rendition of Raven's voice.

"Oh, yes! Ummm . . . Beast Boy, you suck! You need to . . . think harder! Even though you're really amazing and stuff . . . you suck!"

Robin was trying his best to keep his cool. After all, these were two of his four best friends, and it was just a one-time thing.

Just don't think about it, he told himself.

"I'm going to go . . . watch tv. You guys are off the hook this time, but if anything happens the next time we have a mission, you are going to come. Cy, could you try to track Plasmus? See where he's headed?"

"On it."

"Star, you coming?"

"Yes, Robin." The Tamaranian shot a look to Raven and Beast Boy, still on the ground, clearly trying to say 'I'm sorry'. Then, following Robin, she disappeared around the corner.

Cy looked at them, examining their body language and stances and expressions, and with a confused expression of his own, he shook his head and walked off.

Beast Boy and Raven were left alone. Sitting on their knees, they looked at each other at the exact same time, and as if they were in sync, spoke the same words, beat by beat.

"We have to fix this."

Page Break

The two sat in Raven's room, examining the mirror. No matter how high they turned the thermostat, the mirror remained icy cold in their hands. Raven was flipping through all her books (an extensive collection), hopelessly searching for clues. Beast Boy asked questions, some that didn't even make sense.

"So why did the mirror switch us?"

"It was a gift from my mother. She said it was used centuries ago, to solve disputes between feuding families. Walk a mile in their moccassins, she said. I didn't know that's what it meant. I just thought it opened up some sort of telepathic connection."

"Why would you just keep it in a drawer with my nail clippers?"

"So I know no one would touch it. It's one of those rare times I've been wrong. I assumed I'd never open the drawers, it's where I keep dangerous stuff."

"Can't you just consult you Book of Aster or whatever it was called?"

"Book of Azar. And no, because somebody decided it would be so funny to use my books as a sandwich presser."

"I was craving paninis!"


"But why can't we just look into either side again? Wouldn't that reverse the effects?"

"Wow, big words on your part. And no, that just might make it worse. Probably unleash a creature from another dimension."

"Why can't we tell anyone else about this?"

"I've said before, everyone would worry, get mad, stress, and try to kill us with remedies and stuff. No speaking of it."

"Have you ever noticed that if you stare at your feet long enough, they don't look right?"

"Shut up, Beast Boy!"

Raven slammed the book into the ground, her hand accidentally changing into a talon and ripping through the pages. Suddenly, a knock was heard at the door.

"Raven? Beast Boy? You in there? We're about to have a team meeting on the whereabouts of Plasmus." Robin's 'leader voice' was unmistakable. The two in the room looked at each other in silent panic. They began to mime freaking out, which consisted of soundless screaming, waving their hands in the air, and hopping around on quiet feet.

What do we do? Raven mouthed.

I don't know! You're the smart one! Beast Boy argued back.

They started a strange, wild, frantic dance around the room, until Beast Boy picked up the mirror and looked through one side. Raven, on the other side of the room, did a silent, dramatic "NOOOOOOO" jump to knock it out of his hands, but it was too late.

A flash of purple light sent both of them into the ground. Robin, on the other side of the door, oblivious to the event, walked away, assuming they weren't in there. But the two awoke, groggy and disoriented, until they saw each other.

Because Raven was still in Beast Boy's body, and Beast Boy still in Raven's.

Except Beast Boy's body was a pale, grayish violet. And Raven's was emerald green.

Okay, so in case you didn't understand, because I feel really weird about how I worded it and don't know how to fix it to make complete sense to even the stupidest of people, Raven is still in Beast Boy's body, but is a gray-violet shade like Raven's body. Beast Boy is still in Raven's body, but Raven's body is the green of Beast Boy. Make sense?

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