1, Witch Island's Unexpected Retro Magic

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The high school located near the harbor had a reputation for providing a superior learning environment for the students with a stern handle on discipline. The prestigious school was now celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 1961. It was well known that there was a lack of fairness between the type of punishment given to misbehaving boys and girls.

Miss Valentine sat up and straightened her blue slit well up the leg skirt nervously as the newly appointed principal Mrs. Valentine looked in on one of her younger teacher's, Joey Potter. She observed her teaching a class of male and female high school students unannounced from the glass of the work room door between the classroom The pretty brown long haired teacher was having trouble controlling her class. Frustrated by the lack of control he was observing, the principal had her class covered. She asked Joey to accompany her to the principal's office. The secretary was told to transfer all calls to accounting and go to lunch. He wanted to privacy for his meeting with Miss Potter.

When she walked into the room he saw a big part of the problem. Joey was wearing over tight khaki pants. Girls are bad enough without her flaunting her bottom in front of them. The teacher's black bikini panties could be seen through the cotton seat of her khaki pants. As she walked across the office to her desk she couldn't help notice the lace panty band of her bikini panties she could not help but notice showing down the back of her pants.

"Come here!" The principal ordered the teacher.

"No, please not that. I will not be spanked like a child!" The pretty teacher whined.

The attractive teacher reluctantly placed herself over the school administrator's lap.

Joey's ass quivered as she felt his hand on the tight seat of her white cotton pants and started spanking her bottom using her panty lines as a map where the spanks would do her the most good. She lectured her about her unladylike unprofessional dressing and spanked her very hard. The pain went farther than she had ever experienced before causing Joey to loudly sound her protest as her paddling continued. The pretty blond teacher's surely inflamed red bottom hurt with each additional swat contacting her burning butt. The spanking finally came to a conclusion and she got dressed with a nod of understanding to her principal as she gingerly pulled her pants snugly up onto her bottom and left.

Joey went to the teacher's restroom, locked it, pulled down her pants and black bikini panties and ran her hand over the raised red blisters she could now see in the mirror developing on her butt.