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Does Anybody Hear Her?

Chapter Twenty-Three: I'm Not Alright

It's been a few weeks since we were locked in that stupid warehouse store, almost arrested, and Cat realized lasers don't have flavors…oh, my girl.

I had to leave school early today because of an audition, but Robbie was supposed to give Cat a ride home. She texted me and told me she made it home okay, so Robbie's untrustworthy car didn't get them both killed, thank God. I'm so excited to see her. Her face and smile brights up my day. Her parents are gone for a few days, so we have the house to ourselves. I'm planning on making dinner for her tonight while she works on her piano a little more…she's still very rocky on that instrument so she's been practicing and taking lessons from Andre.

But when I walked into the house, I was alarmed to see Cat curled up on the staircase, in a daze.

"Cat?" I called out to get her attention. Her head snapped up to look at me and she jumped off the staircase and into my arms. I gladly accepted the motion of affection, but something was bothering her. "Hi, sweet girl. How was the rest of your day?"

When she looked up at me, I saw fear in her eyes. "Beck…remember when you told me to tell you when another man touches me in a bad way?"

Holy fuck…

I try to stay calm so I don't frighten her…if someone traumatized her today, I don't want to add to it. "Cat, I need you to tell me who touched you." I told her in a firm voice.

Since she lost her memory, she obviously forgot that men are not allowed to touch her in certain areas or rub her shoulders, or run their hands on her legs, I had to teach her that. Only I can, and only when she wants it. I've taught her that hugging is fine, since she and Andre hug all the time, and he would be heartbroken if Cat never gave him a hug again, since she's like his little sister. Obviou0sly she doesn't remember her assault, so she didn't know what exactly she needs to worry about.

Please God, tell me some man didn't hurt her again…

"Promise not to get mad?" She asks me in a timid tone. "You always get mad when someone treats me bad."

"I promise not to yell or kill someone, but as your boyfriend, I'm going to have a long talk with the man…and if he's older than 18, I'm reporting him." I added on quickly. "Who touched you?"

"He only was running his hand on my thigh and kissed my cheek, but it still made me uncomfortable." Cat babbled on.

"I'll tell him that it made you uncomfortable then and he won't do that anymore, but can you please tell me who it was?" I tried to get out of her.


"You mean Robbie?"

"I rather call him Robert." Cat mumbled.

I sighed. "Cat, we need to talk about Robbie…or Robert. You see…he's always had a big crush on you. He's insisted he's in love with you since the moment he's met you, but let's face it, who wouldn't fall in love with you? I thought Andre was too before he gave you the nickname "sis". Robbie is just more affectionate with his feelings."

Now personally I felt great about my speech…but I didn't know that it would take a turn for the worst.

Cat left my arms and looked horrified. "Wait…Robbie loves me?"

"Um…well, so he's said in the past, but-"

"And I've been breaking his heart this whole time?" Cat screeched, panicking a little. "The Old Cat never mentioned this in the diary! How heartless was she? Ignoring his feelings like that? How selfish and-"

"HEY!" I snapped, losing my cool. She jumped back, shocked. "Don't EVER insult her! She was perfect in every way! She wasn't INGORING his feelings, but she was in love with me the same way I was in love with her! It was love at first sight for both the Old Cat and I!"

Cat let down her fear and looked pissed. "Maybe the old Cat fell for you…but I'm seeing a totally different side of you right now that she probably never saw. And yes, she was perfect…unlike me…"

The way a tear escaped her eye made me want to bury a hole and die there.

I didn't stop her when she ran out the door, sobbing.

She needed time to think…

But God, please send me a sign that it's not over for us…


"Hey, man, what's up?"

"Have you seen Cat anywhere?" I ask my best friend in sheer desperation. It's 9 o'clock at night. It's been 3 hours since Cat took off! She didn't take her phone and I already called Jade, who's already threatening to rip my lungs out if anything bad happened to our sweet redhead…I hope she's okay. I need her to be.

"What the fuck do you mean "have I seen Cat?" because you're supposed to be with her! Where is she, Beck?"

"I might have upset her, big time, and she ran off…" I pace in the kitchen. "What do I do?"

"GO LOOK FOR HER! Go to the places only you two would go! I'll call the rest of the gang, but let's hurry!"

"Okay, thanks, I'll talk to you later." And I hung up, grabbing my keys…praying that Cat's unharmed…

(Switching to Cat's pov)

I saw headlights behind me pulling up as I stood there…in this very large field. The sign said the "fairgrounds"…fair…and these 10 squares in a row mean something. I'm standing on the side of them…there's one single spotlight close to this spot. I feel something here…the horror of being held down and tied up, unable to scream or fight back…I'm hearing my own voice scream for him…for Beck.


"AH!" I screamed loudly as this strong man pushed me down to the ground. He ripped off my sash and tied my wrists together and then put my bow in my mouth so I couldn't scream.


What's he doing?

His rough, big hands are touching me under my dress.


Where are you?


Ow…ow, this hurts!


Ow, ow, ow, someone get him off, ow!


I sobbed as a pair of slim arms wrapped ar0und me from behind, hugging me. "I tried calling for help, I swear!" I screamed. "Beck always promised he'd come when I was in danger!"

The person cried with me. "He did though…he was late, but he did! He loves you so much, Cat! It killed him so much to see you hurt and violated! He wants to give you the world!"

I collapsed to my knees, bringing Jade with me and she rocked me back and forth as we cried together.

I heard her on the phone and a few minutes later, another car pulled up…I saw Beck jump out and he ran up to us. "Cat!" He said with fear. He fell in front of me and Jade let me go so he could hold me. "What are you doing here?"

I sobbed into his shoulder. "I was hoping that if I returned here that she would come back…"

Beck's voice cracked. "No, sweetie…the old Cat…she's dead. Gone. She's not coming back. But you're here now."

"But don't you want her more?" I ask him. "I thought she was your first love?"

"She was, but…not all things are meant to be…but this is." He held my hands. "You and me…you have to admit, there's a strong bond between the two of us. If there wasn't, you wouldn't have asked me to stay that night in the hospital room while you kicked every male in your life out. You are my future and forever. I'll never let you go. I love you."

I leaned into his chest and he rubbed my back. "I love you too, Beck! Only you! Not Robbie or any other boy! Just you!"

He said nothing as he pulled back and then kissed me.