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Chapter 1: Cupid, 100%.

Love. What is it, how does it work, and why do we feel it?

Psychology's greatest questions on what makes people love. I honestly wish I knew, I really did. People ask me sometimes how I do my job so well, what makes me so different from everyone else. I often get asked for help, and I often help (except for those in lust… I can't help them.) and the biggest question of them all: why does love work so cruely?

Again, I don't have that answer, and no, I am not a psychologist.

I'm a 17 year old "young adult" going into my Junior year of high school and I have been given the gift of Cupid. No, my name is not Cupid, it's Sora.

I have spent the past 5 years of my life watching people fall in and out of love. And I have spent 9 years seeing it happen… before it happens. If that makes any sense at all.

Something happened 9 years ago, and to this day I cannot figure out what granted me this power, but I can just look someone over once, and read their chemistry like a list. It states their likes, dislikes, likable traits, unlikable traits, currently attracted to, being crushed on by, and the big point scorer: their perfect match. Of course, the perfect match only appears if I've "scanned" their perfect match as well. Sort of like playing a matching game, but never having to turn the cards back over immediately. The only limit to this power is memory, and if I forget that person's traits, I can't scan their perfect match and find it. So in that sense, when I forget, I turn the card over.

So I wised up at age 15, and made the Lovers Journal. Only one copy in existence, and it's for every single person I've met, everyone in school, family, friends, distant relatives, hell, even random tourists I meet on the beach. I've even gotten a few letters back thanking me for setting couples up.

And the best part is? I have a 100% success rate. There has not been a couple I've set up that hasn't stayed together. People say high school love is puppy love. I'm proving them all wrong. Given, not all couples in high school are meant to last. The ones I do set up are meant for eternity. I know. The first couple I set up has been together for 2 years now and it hasn't stopped yet. One hundred percent. I haven't had a mismatch.

…Except for my own. With me, I have had a 0% success rate with my love life. I guess the good shepherd's power comes with the curse that the wielder cannot find true love. I've scanned everyone three times. All girls four times, and I even checked to make sure my twin Roxas wasn't my match (he wasn't, which gave me and him both a sigh of relief.) Don't get me wrong, I've tried. I've analyzed myself, figured up my chemistry, strong and weak points, and matched myself with the best matches for me. We go on a few dates, I find myself attracted to them… then I run into their perfect match. By my own moral code, I have to set them up to be together.

So, here I am, sitting in class reading our new English teachers current perfect match being our gym teacher who's already married. She likes physically strong men, likes to be dominated, very submissive… and has some strange urges I really wish I didn't know. Too bad our gym teacher is already married.

If I failed to mention it before (I'm pretty sure I did,) if I'm not in the equation for the match up, there is absolutely no guarantee the person you're with is the perfect match. So, in chemistry terms (like, real chemistry) instead of becoming a solution and inseparable, they're simply a mixture and can be separated with the right chemicals.

And boy, I've seen some couples that are married that mix like oil and water.

Regardless, I add our English teacher to the list. She and our gym teacher are one couple I will have to let go. I don't encourage cheating, nor do I like ripping apart marriages. So, they'll have to have the initial energy and spark the reaction before I move in to balance it.

The bell rings for lunch and pulled me right out of my thoughts, and kicked my body into automated mode. Nothing like the lunch bell to turn even the most civilized of men into zombies. My whole body moves without me even giving a single conscious thought, my stuff is packed, on my back, and I am out the door.

As I head out into the hallway I hear whispering. I've got quite the astounding reputation, and it's kept me from committing social suicide as the popular girls keep me around to see if their perfect match is the captain of… whatever sport is in season at the time. Only one has been the perfect match thus far (thankfully, and I'll explain why later.) The rest haven't appreciated their perfect match yet, after all, what popular girl would want their perfect match to be Pence? No offense to the guy, he's really nice and girls don't know what they're missing.

The walk to the lunch room was slow, but thankfully dull. I get to sit by my lonesome self at the lunch table. Reason? This is where I do all my work. I sit in the corner, eat lunch, and earn some money. Yeah, I have a few friends… but at this point, they're more like coworkers and referrers for the lovesick and hopeless romantics. I can't say I've had a really close friend… except for Riku. The soccer ace of our school, and top notch goalie. He has to keep appearances though, and that means sitting at the jock table.

Back to me, though. Why wouldn't I sit and do an under the table operation? This is the best way to earn some money I know. I used to charge five dollars, but when people started hearing how good I was, I was able to get away with $25 dollars per visit. I still get a few customers every once in a while who are willing to pay even more if I tell them what they want to hear. Of course, my morals still manage to top my greed so I never get more than 25.

The popular rich girls show up first, pay their 25, and all of them walk away heart broken. Ten of them, $250. A couple of stragglers from the popular table show up, adding it to $300 dollars, and my work day concludes there normally. So, I pick up my first of two slices of pizza and prepare to take a bite.

Then I'm stopped. A shy brunette with bright grin eyes and an orange cammy slowly works her way to the table, being urged by yet another brunette with green eyes and a yellow shirt. Orange Shirt looks at her feet, holding the twenty-five dollars in her hands, simply fumbling with it right in front of me. I close my mouth and put my slice of pizza down and knock the table lightly to get her attention, "You looking for help?" I ask with a casual and heart warming grin plastered on my face.

She seemx startled, and quickly sits, hiding her blushing face. "Y-yes… S-Selphie told me you're good at telling people who their true love is…"

I nod at her and gesture her to look at me, "Well, first things fir-"

"Oh!" She quickly puts the twenty-five on the table. "She also said you charged…"

I gulped, and frowned. I charged, yes, but I replied in a low whisper, "I only use that on the popular girls. If you want to pay, pay me after I figure everything out."

She nodded, "Well… what are you going to do?"

I looked her over, studying her eyes closely, and probably making her slightly uncomfortable, but it all clicked rather quickly. "If I had to take a guess," I began, taking my first bite out of my pizza, "You're very hard working, and diligent in duties towards a workplace environment, and just as dutiful to your closest friends. You're shy, but that makes your friends even closer to you." She starts blushing and smiling, but then I cut her off before she could be amazed, "However, you also have the problem of putting work above fun, so you'd need someone to counter act that, you're a bit clingy and hate to be alone, but at the same time, you'd rather be quiet and find a corner to read in, than be amongst everyone else. You'd need someone to counter act that."

Now she huffed at me, "Well that's not very nice…"

"Oh, and a passive aggressive attitude." I added, "let's not forget that one. So, you're here to find your perfect match, correct?" She nodded, leaning in closer, and I leaned back, already knowing who this persons perfect person was. I was just waiting for her to come here first. "Well, I got a secret… I can't tell you specifically who it is."

"W-what?" She looked heart broken. "Why not?"

I shrugged, and ate another piece of pizza, deciding to cast my fishing line, "Because, you can't rush true love. But, I have a very good feeling I know how he'll appear to you." She leaned back in, she's at least looking at the bait… time for the hook, "he's gonna ask you for homework help tonight. She nodded, swimming closer. "He's close to you, and I feel like he'll admit his feelings for you after the first three problems." She smiled and blushed, she's hooked. I smiled at her, and gave her a pat. "By the way, can I have your name?"

"Olette." She smiled, got up and started walking back to her table when she stopped, "but… wait." She turned back around, "I give homework help a lot. How will I know it's him?"

All I do is grin at her. "Trust me, you'll feel the attraction."

Lunch let out, and I was forced to scarf down what was left of my lunch in a few seconds. Olette and her friends disappeared, with what I could only assume was Selphie teasing poor Olette to rock bottom, then some.

I threw my tray out and there stood Hayner, his arms crossed, his nervous tick of crossing his arms and resting his head in his hand. "So, what'd you see?"

I walked over to my table, silent, making him follow me like a lost puppy. I grabbed the 25 dollars Olette (accidentally) left for me, and handed it to Hayner. "I saw you going to her house with math help in mind. You're confessing to her after 3 problems." He took the twenty five with a questioning glance. "You're going to use that twenty five for three things. You're going to go buy confidence with it, and some nice cologne." I added another fourty to his hand, "You're going to use this to buy the rest of the cologne, and with what's left, protection."

Hayner turned crimson, "P-protection? What are you-"

"Planning?" I finished for him, already waving him off. "You two are each other's perfect match, current crush, and have been since childhood. All that built up tension is going to come out, and it's going to come out on that poor table you're working on."

I didn't even bother trying to comprehend his fumbling nonsense. I just laughed to myself and walked to my locker. I was never wrong, and I couldn't wait to see them holding hands… and their embarrassed faces when he asks how their night went.

Because he was 100% right about that stuff as well.

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