There i was praticing with my tridont, i hear "hai" i turn around and i see a pretty girl about my age. She had pretty brown eyes and hair "my name is annie whats yours?" "Finnick" i quickly anser "will you be my friend" says annie. "yes why?" i say "because i have no friends" annie says. "why dont yoou have any friends?" i say i pained look on my face, i was the most poparlor guy in school. "because i dont know how to swim" annie says. I hug her, she hugs back," i can teach you how to swim" i say she looks up "really?" "yes" i say back. We spent the rest of the day in the water, she fineally learned. the next day she next to me where ever even in class. The day after that was saturday, i couldnt find Annie anywhere, i wanted to wish her luck for the reaping. It is reaping time but looking at the the girls place for the 14 year olds but i couldnt see her. our escort ,twilly dilly, reads the girls name: LILY GARSIA, whew not annie, that was a lot pressure twilly picks a boys name: FINNICK ODAIR. I go to stage. we shake hands, annie comes i was going to give this to you after the reaping she holds out a neck lace for luck "annie...i love you" i say "i love you too" annie says so i hope you liked it