There he was the person i love most at his interveiw Lily had told ceaser she liked Finnick, he was just about to give his anser to "do you like lily?" finnick says" no i love a girl named annie" i smile i knew he liked me but to have say to all of pamnem that was better. i went to sleep that night happy. i wake up at 10:00 i cough i am sick. i go to my tv pull up a chair and get ready to watch the hunger games. As i watch finnick almost die twice, then he gets to the woods after a few weeks finnick comes home go vistit him in the victors village "i missed you" i say "i missed you too" he says "but i have to tellyou something... i have to do capitol bisness in a few years" "will you live in the capitol?" i say "no" i hug him. 5 years pass time for the reaping as i get ready in the clothes finnick gave me put small flowers in my hair, twilly read the girls name: ANNIE CRESTA finnick passes out i walk on to the stage twilly picks the boys name: VICK SNOUT, i am at my interveiw ceaser asks me"Are you the annie finnick loves?" "yes" i say quickly "do you love him" "yes" i say quickly "can i say something to him here and now?" "yes annie" "finnick if i dont make it out of there i want you to know i will always love you" i get a pack and run off in the woods. 8 days later a dam brakes as i swim everybody else drowns i am the last one left but some thing happended to me i couldnt hold onto me anymore i went... mad. like all i knew was i love finnick on the hover craft all i do is sit and put my hands over my ears and close my eyes. 6 years later i am being torchued i scream as i am being cut they kow i dont know anything about where finnick is, but there want to tell finnick in his mind they will do anything, finally i have been rescked "wheres finnick" i ask "he is watin for you in 13" them tell me, they make me like new "can i see peeta?" "no" so i sit hands over ears eyes closed wishing finnick was here we get there finnick asks me to marry him "of coars" i say we are having our wedding we eat the cake peeta made us it is delicious 5 days later i cant find finnick i ask coin "where is finnick?" "in combat" i go to our compartment i cry my heart out, he never even said goodbye. a few days later katniss comes "where is finnick?" "he is dead" "he cant be we are having a baby" i am in my house in the victors village with my little boy but this is my song right now for finnick: Wish You Were Here. why did you go i cried