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Katniss, Peeta, and Haymich groaned. They were going into the Arena. Again. They were sitting around Haymitch's dining room table the day after the announcement. "So, done with your binge drinking, sweetheart?" Haymitch muttered. He received a swift kick under the table from the Girl on Fire. "OW! DAMMIT! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"

"Training." Peeta replied. "I can train you two for the Quell." Haymich shook his head.

"Nah - well - actually - that would be a good cover." Peeta and Katniss perked up. "I have a way to connect to other victors." He pulled out what looked like an ancient iPhone. "We can use this to connect with the other victors. It sort of looks like an ancient device called an iPhone. So we'll just call it the iPhone. We can chat with other people electronically by typing on the keyboard." He showed them how to access the keyboard and gave it to Peeta. "Come up with a name."

"A what?" Peeta asked.

"A screenname. An alias." Peeta thought for a moment and slowly, used his index finger to type wrote:BreadforKatniss. He handed the small device to Katniss who paused for a moment and wrote: Huntergirl. "Hunter's Girl?" Peeta yelped.

"No, not Hunter's girl! HUNTERGIRL - one word!" Haymich chuckled at the 'star-crossed lovers' bickering.

"Haymich what's your name?" Katniss asked.

"Didn't think of one - HEY!" Haymitch yelled as Katniss began typing. He grabbed it. "DrunkSeamGuy? Really!" Peeta and Katniss laughed. "Fine! Fine!" He grumbled before opening another bottle of liquor.

"See, I was right." Katniss said smugly.

"Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeease change your name from Hunter's Girl?" Peeta whined.

"NO!" Katniss yelled. "Who shot Cato with an arrow? ME! Who gave your parents squirrel in exchange for bread? ME! Who found the leaves for your septic leg? Rue and ME!"

"Point taken." Peeta muttered.

"Guys - GUYS!" Haymitch roared. "Here's an iPhone for each of you. Sign on with your individual names and type something."

Huntergirl: Hi. This is weird. I can't believe I'm using electricity in District 12 AND typing on this weird thing. It feels so weird. I think I could shoot an arrow through it.

BreadforKatniss: Hi everyone! Katniss typed the above sentence and I'm Peeta Mellark. We just signed on to this newfangled chat room! I'm excited to meet all who are present!

Huntergirl: Peeta is better with words than me. However, if you need a good archer, let me know.

"Ok, now that you guys have signed on, we'll let the D3 victor explain." Haymich said. Katniss and Peeta nodded before staring at their screens as more lines of text appeared.

DrunkSeamGuy: Ok, they're on. Volts, explain.

WhiteandNerdy: Hi, District Twelve! So nice that there are *Three* of you instead of just one. This is Beetee Tesla here! I'm a District Three victor! Welcome to Panem Online otherwise known as POL! My district partner will introduce herself.

NutsformyVolts: Hi everyone, I'm Wiress, but my screen name is NutsformyVolts and

WhiteandNerdy: And she welcomes you to the chat session too. Hon, you hit the 'chat' button too soon.

NutsformyVolts: No, I just sometimes

WhiteandNerdy: Lose your train of thought. Ok... um... LOL (laughing out loud) nice screen name! And thanks. Anyway, there are other victors who are signed on, and guys, why don't you introduce yourselves!

LoveToFish: Mag s he rre . Diiistrixct 4

HottieinaSpeedo: You all know me! Want a sugar cube? If we could video-chat, my toned sun-kissed sea-sprayed body would be - well... DISTRACTING!

SorryIaxedYou: FINNICK ODAIR! Not *EVERYONE knows you! Geez! And picturing you naked is gross! I'm all sweaty - um - anyway... Hi. Johanna Mason. District Seven. Oh, and Mags, I think you're stroke has affected your typing.

LoveToFish: Ble ss yor heartt, Jo.

Crazy4Finny: Fuzzy bunny! In my window! I ate an octopus today. It was green. Like seaweed. A mutt bit me last week.

DrunkSeamGuy: Um - Volts, are you sure you want Annie in D4 to have access to the chat room?

WhiteandNerdy: Of course. She's a victor, isn't she? Though she won't be in the arena, she still has a right to know what's going on. So, we know that we'll be entering the Quarter Quell, and we are going to find a way out of the arena.

Huntergirl: By death. Or victory. Again. Gross. I HATE SNOW! I WANNA KILL SNOW! I WANT TO EMPTY MY QUIVER INTO HIM! !

BreadformyKatniss: You'll have to excuse Katniss. She can get a bit passionate. Though she is *sigh* my Girl on Fire.

WhiteandNerdy: You won't necessarily die in the arena, Katniss. Or Peeta. Or anyone else here. The details will be forthcoming. But hopefully we will all survive and live to create a new Panem. Oh yes and then launch the internet service provider titled Panem Online! Can you imagine the ordinary citizen having access to a computer and the internet like it was a thousand years ago? That would be AMAZING!

NutsformyVolts: That's been Beetee's dream since

WhiteandNerdy: Since I can remember, or since I learned about the internet in school. Anyway, we should all sign off relatively soon! I can only break into the Capital's 4G (wireless internet) signal for so long! Your iPhones will ring when it's chat time, so keep them close by!

BreadformyKatniss: Wait wait! Beetee - um - why are you called WhiteandNerdy? Is it because you're from District Three?

WhiteandNerdy: No. Because of this song. [link to music video: White and Nerdy].

Peeta, Katniss, and Haymich laugh as they are sent a link to Weird Al's music video, "White and Nerdy."

DrunkSeamGuy: Volts, do you really have your name on your underwear?

NutsformyVolts: Yes he does. I laughed so hard the first time I saw

HottieinaSpeedo: I don't wear underwear! I sometimes don't even wear a speedo! But the no shoes, no trunks no service doesn't apply to me at the waterfront merchants' stores.

SorryIaxedYou: FINNICK! EW! Nuts - You might be nuts for Volts, but I DO NOT WANT A MENTAL PICTURE! THANK YOU!

WhiteandNerdy: Ok - ah - with that - sign off now, everybody!

[end chat session]

"Wow." Katniss shook her head. "The other victors are weird."

"You and Lover Boy will fit right in, Sweetheart." Haymitch muttered before chugging down the rest of his bottle. When he passed out sitting at his table, Peeta and Katniss took it as the cue to return to their homes. They took their iPhones and wondered how more chats with the victors of the rebellion would go. Even if they weren't ultimately effective, they were an entertaining way to spend the last few months before the Quell.