Johanna woke up with the sun the day before Reaping Day. She ate breakfast and went for a long jog through the woods of District 7. She climbed a few trees around her little 'training meadow' after foraging for her lunch. Even though she knew she'd probably be back, she unearthed her favorite axe - the one her father had given her at age twelve. She threw it for a while. After taking it out of the tree marred with axe marks, she polished the handle and traced the carved inscription: My strong girl Johanna Mason from Papa. She set it back in its place in the hole and then ran back to Victors' Village. She stopped and stood in front of Blight's house and sighed. Blight looked up from his soup and came to the door. "Thinking about 'wrestling?'" he asked chuckling seeing the pent-up expression on his District Partner's face.

"Why the heck not?" Johanna asked shrugging before bounding up the porch steps. Blight let himself be thrown to the wooden floor."Blight?" Johanna asked once she caught her breath. Blight smiled and longed to hold the hands that were pushing his shoulders to the floor. He held her upper arms. "Thanks - for being a good district partner. You're all I have, you know." Johanna looked into Blight's eyes. That was the closest she had ever come to saying 'I love you' in a long time.

"I know." Blight said. Johanna rolled off of him. "I'll see you tomorrow, Johanna. Have a good night."

"Good night." She said simply before pulling her clothes back on and jogging home. She decided she was content with how she said good bye.


Finnick got up and smiled as he came downstairs. Annie was cooking a breakfast of hot mash, seaweed, and baked fish. Mags was humming as she made some tea using fragrant flowers found near the beach. They would stay at his house and then the next day walk to the Reaping for the Quell together. Annie smiled as she finished at the stove. "I fixed breakfast for my Finny!" She squealed wrapping Finnick in a hug. They headed to a remote stretch of beach, Finnick and Annie walking hand in hand and Mags in her sling on Finnick's back. Annie carried a basket of rolls. Mags would catch the fish they would eat for lunch. They walked in silence along the path in the long grass enjoying only the calls of seagulls, the spray of ocean mist, the soft sand under their feet, the sounds of the waves, and each other's company.

"Catch, Annie!" Finnick called. He had fashioned a frisbee out of the bamboo that grew near the beaches. She giggled as she ran around in the waves. They began a game after Annie had tired of having swimming races with Finnick.

"FINNY!" Annie squealed. She ran up behind him and jumped on his back. He yelped before both of them fell into the waves gasping and laughing. Mags chuckled as she paddled around in the water catching fish. "Come home to me, Finny!" She pleaded locking her sea-green eyes onto his. Finnick smiled and kissed her as a wave broke over their heads.

Finnick carried a giggling Annie in his arms as they walked toward the beach where Mags was cooking fish. She handed each of them a handwoven grass basket full of rolls and grilled fish. "Mags, this hits the spot!" Finnick said in between bites. "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome!" She said watching the two young adults stare into each other's eyes as they sat with their arms around each other. She knew she would do what she could to get Finnick back to his Annie.


Beetee and Wiress spent the morning doing what they enjoyed the most: inventing. They had been wrapping up their projects for a few weeks. "Beetee, when you're ready we can-"

"Go to the patent office?" He asked adjusting his glasses and smiling at Wiress. She nodded. She cleaned her work room and wrote instructions for what she wanted Beetee to do with her supplies if she did not return from the Quell. She came back into Beetee's work room and smiled.

"There." He said finishing his last bit of his blueprint. She grasped his hand as he signed it. "I'm ready, hon."

"Beetee -" Wiress whispered as he wrapped her in a hug. "I left you my supplies to invent if I don't-"

"Don't say that, hon." Beetee said putting his finger over her lips before hugging her and kissing her gently. "You will come back and invent right beside me for years to come."

"I'm so proud -" Wiress said smiling at Beetee's eyes lighting up behind his glasses. "Of my love."

"I'm proud of you too." Beetee whispered in her ear. They slowly walked hand in hand down the streets of District Three. They reminisced about their different inventions and improvements they had made to the factories in their district and beyond. As they passed the Engineering Academy they stopped for a few minutes and chatted about each of their times there. Their friend at the patent office smiled as they both turned in their designs. He smiled at the familiar inventing duo.

"I'll be rooting for both of you." He said quietly to them before shaking both their hands. "You both will be the smartest ones there." The Teslas smiled and thanked him before they walked toward home. As they returned to have a quiet evening together, they knew that no matter what happened, they would work their hardest to start the revolution for a better Panem. They would do their part together.


Katniss woke up confused. She sighed. She would spend the morning hunting with Gale and then the afternoon with Peeta before having a nice dinner with her mom and Prim. "Uugh!" She groaned. "Why me?" She rubbed her eyes and sighed again. Gale would want her to confess undying love to him. She wanted to tell Peeta she loved him so he would work hard in the arena. She wanted to kiss both boys senseless and shoot them with arrows at the exact same time. The door opened and Prim dumped Buttercup on Katniss' lap.

"Good morning, Big sis!" Prim cheered.

"Good morning, Prim. Get your hairball." Katniss threw her blankets off her and shoved Buttercup off her bed. He mewed and hurried over to Prim. After the girls ate breakfast, Katniss grabbed her hunting bag and walked to the meadow with Prim. "Have fun, little duck." Katniss said hugging her sister. She smiled as Prim skipped away to pick flowers and herbs while Buttercup wandered around behind her.

Katniss crawled under the fence and met Gale. "Nice ones, snare boy." She said as Gale yanked several squirrels, a rabbit, and a wild bird from his snares.

"Thanks." Gale replied. "Need something from me, Catnip?" He asked as Katniss stared at his large bulging muscles showing through the many holes of his favorite hunting shirt.

"No." Katniss said reddening. Gale went over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

"My hunter's instinct tells me otherwise." Gale whispered in her ear as he pressed himself against her.

"Gale -" Katniss whispered. She smiled feeling warm against Gale's strong body.

"Let's see how much energy we have after hunting." Gale smiled.

"Ok." Katniss grabbed her bow and they hunted for several hours. Gale enjoyed sitting on a rock and watching her shoot. "I know you were watching me, Hunter Boy." She said smirking at Gale. The next thing he knew, they were rolling around on the grass kissing each other senseless.

"Will you tell Bread Boy about this?" Gale asked. Katniss slapped him across the face before kissing him and biting his lips rather hard.

"Never." Katniss breathed. "Gale -" She stared into his eyes. "You're the best." Gale smiled. "I'll see you around, ok?"

"Ok." Gale agreed. They walked hand in hand back to the fence. Katniss pulled some berries off a bush. She tossed one to Gale.

"May the odds - " She began. Gale caught the berry in his mouth and then kissed Katniss on the cheek.

"Be ever in your favor." He whispered. Katniss smiled at him. That would be the closest she and her hunting partner / boyfriend / not-boyfriend / 'cousin' would ever come to saying good bye before the Quell.

As the sun was setting,Katniss was sitting on the porch of Peeta's house. She had finished eating dinner with her family and was spending some more time with Peeta. He was spending his last evening at home baking and painting. "I smell cinnamon." Katniss whispered taking one of Peeta's hands. He smiled as she licked flour and spices off his fingers.

"Katniss!" Peeta laughed. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Washing your hands, bread boy!" Katniss laughed. Peeta put an arm around her waist. "Peeta?" She asked snuggling against him.


"You think - everything will work out?" Peeta nodded. He knew she was thinking about their chats with the other victors.

"Yeah." Peeta said. "We'll be ok." He smiled. "I have you and you have me, right?" Katniss smiled before Peeta lifted her onto his lap. They kissed until they felt the cool night air on their faces. They knew whether the rescue plan from the Quarter Quell worked or not, they would be there for each other. They both hoped that the plan would be successful, start a revolution, and allow them to live at peace together in a new Panem.

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