Chapter Five: Reading the Will

When Brian and Justin get downstairs with Gus everyone is in the living room and the lawyer has just arrived.

Jennifer walks over and gives Brian a hug. "I'm so sorry." She then hugs her son. "Would you like me to take Gus out back while you guys deal with all the legal stuff?"

"Thanks Jennifer. That would be great."

"It's Mom now remember, or Mother Taylor if you prefer."

"Thanks Mom", he changes.

"Come on Gus. Let's go play on the swing set."

Gus looks to her and says, "Are you my grandma now?"

"Would like for me to be your grandma?"

"All the other kids at school have a grandma. They bake cookies and take em places."

"I can bake cookies. What's your favorite?"

"Snickadoodles. Do you love me?"

"Yes I do."

"Then you can be my grandma."

Jennifer tears up, along with Justin, at this declaration. She scoops him up and they head outside.

Inside Larry, Mel and Lindsey's lawyer pulls out the will. "Okay folks, Mel and Lindsey had all of their funeral arrangements made ahead of time. They are being transferred to the funeral home, from the hospital, right now. The funeral is being scheduled for Saturday, to give people time to make arrangements and decide if they want to say anything. Melanie had arranged for her rabbi to lead the service since Lindsey hadn't been terribly religious in recent years. They picked out burial plots and coffins right here in Pittsburg. All you guys need to do is submit the obituaries and spread the word about the funeral.

Lindsey asked that Brian Kinney write her obituary, and Melanie asked that Ben Bruckner write hers. It would help if they got into today, so they can make it into tomorrow's paper." He gives them a minute to process this before he continues.

Justin turns to Brian. "You knew Lindsey better than anyone Brian, I'm sure you'll be able to do it."

"It doesn't look like I have much of a choice dear now does it?"

Larry continues. "Rabbi Robinawitz will give Melanie's eulogy, but Lindsey again has asked that Brian Kinney give her eulogy."

"Even now that's she gone; she's still asking me for shit. Why is that not surprising?"

"And just like when she was here, you'll give he anything she asks for old man."

Larry wants to keep going. "Now let's move on to the will. Melanie and Lindsey did not have any considerable worth, but they asked that Theodore Schmitt be executor of their estate. You will have the power of attorney for their bank accounts and the college funds set up for the children. They left what little money they had saved and all their personal possessions as few as they may be, to be evenly divided between the minor children, Gus and Jenny Rebecca. Now as for the welfare of the children. They decided that should they both pass away at the same time, legal guardianship of Jenny Rebecca would go to Michael Novotny-Bruckner and Ben Bruckner. They also agreed that guardianship of Gus would go to Lindsey's parents… sorry that was a test from Melanie to make sure that Brian was listening. "

"Fucking Dykes! She didn't have enough fun sticking it to me when she was alive?"

"Okay, Guardianship of Gus falls to Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor-Kinney. If there is no Justin Taylor-Kinney, the minor child should be removed immediately and placed with Justin Taylor until Brian admits he loves Justin and marries him."

"Melanie again, I presume."

"No that one actually came from Lindsey."

Justin joins the conversation. "I guess it's a good thing you planned that wedding yesterday, or your son might have been raised by one stepford fag instead of a couple of modernly enlightened queers like ourselves. I can't believe Mel and Linz trusted me to raise their son if you were still being an immature little man-whore."

"Why wouldn't they. They figured you would probably be a better parent then the shitty father he already has, and I'm sure you will be. Why else would I have married you if I didn't want to keep you home, barefoot and pregnant?"

"Good to know the asshole hasn't disappeared completely. Otherwise, where would Justin stick his dick?" Debbie quips.

Larry asks, "Can I continue?"

Brian says, "I didn't think there was anything else to discuss."

"Melanie and Lindsey left just a couple of more things. First they wanted everyone; Ted, Emmett, Debbie, Michael, Ben, Justin and yes even Brian to know that they both loved you all a great deal. Now to Michael Novotny-Bruckner and Ben Bruckner, Melanie has left six frozen eggs."

"What am I supposed to cook breakfast for someone?"

"Babe, I don't think they are those kinds of eggs. Let him finish."

"… and to Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor-Kinney, same stipulation applies, Lindsey left six of her frozen eggs."

"Holy shit, Brian can you believe that?"

Brian actually looks a little shocked.

The lawyer finishes. "They wanted you to have the option of more children. They thought with their eggs you could have children that were related, if you wanted the fathers to be different, they also said that this way you could use a surrogate who wasn't biologically related to the child, so you wouldn't have the custody concerns that they had with Gus and Jenny Rebecca. They were just sorry that you can't enjoy the miracle of carrying a child for nine months, yourself."

"Ben can you believe it? We could have another baby, this time maybe a mini you."

"That was a really generous thing for them to do."

Justin is practically speechless, practically. "I've done the research. It's very hard for a gay couple to have biological children without conflicts. Most surrogates use their own eggs so they have a claim on the baby after it's born even if they signed a contract. Adoption is even harder. Michael, you and Ben know that and Hunter was practically an adult when you adopted him."

"Thought about this much, dear?"

"Come on Brian, you knew what you were getting into when you asked me to marry you. Let's not forget the whole barefoot and pregnant comment either."

"That was a joke."

"So you don't want to raise a family with me? Is that what the hell you're trying to say?"

"Would you shut the fuck up? I was just cracking a joke to lighten the mood. Remember the toe headed little blond girl with ribbons. I still think about her whenever I look at you. I wasn't making that up."

"I'm sorry honey. I know you weren't." Justin leans into Brian's chest and gives him a big squeeze.

Everyone in the room is wondering who this toe headed little girl is, but no one is brave enough to ask for fear that Brian will take their head off.

Larry hands both Michael and Brian each a stack of papers. "Here are all the papers you need for the kids and for the egg retrieval should you be so inclined. I think that covers everything. Oh wait, here are their keys that were retrieved from the accident, so you can go and get all of the kids things. He says his goodbyes and leaves.

I hope this turn of events gave you a little surprise. Up next will be Chapter Six: A New Family Dynamic.