Greetings once more to my readers…

This is going to be deleted soon enough so don't worry about it too much, merely sending a bit of a message.

This story of mine is not dead as of yet, I am already working on chapter 3 for the Rock Howard and Korra idea so this is still running until I reach the point where I freeze it. And as far as I can see, I might be able to squeeze in two chapters before I put this in the ice box alongside my other non-Halo stories. I recently looked over the ending of the most recent Legend of Korra season and I have to admit the new pairing struck me hard.

Korra and Asami?!


Now I'm NOT against the idea in any way shape or form, it just caught me off guard. But then again, seeing the number of H pictures (You know what I mean so why bother telling?) that have those two together, it was quite possible. And all those artists that love doing those kinds of drawings involving Korra and Asami must be having a hell of a field day with the outcome.

It still made me wonder though what exactly does this mean for the series if they make a new Season and that pairing is still on. On my case however, this only opens more possibilities since let's face it Asami is attractive as hell and Korra's new look is a new direction for her, plus while the question on what is Korra's preference now is not answered since the jury's still out on that end, it certainly does not mean that it's open and shut. The implications to me for that pairing in a kid's show is REALLY going to be interesting, even more so for my story.

The pairing is still sticking to what I have in mind, though this canon pairing between Korra and Asami does make me think on how to experiment with the story as we make it to that exact point.

If there are suggestions feel free to send them my way.

I also may decide in the future to do another Naruto story with Legend of Korra this time...only it won't be with Naruto...but a teenage Boruto Uzumaki instead and possibly take along his sister Himawari Uzumaki, and possibly Sarada's the time of the New Generation after all.

See you all in a few!