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The Cats Return

Another Night, Another Dream

Chapter 10: Happily Ever After

Hana was graduating high school as she accepted her diploma. Hana looked around the crowed; trying to find her friends and family. Her sapphire blue amulet was glowing in the sunlight.

Hana tried to find them. She then noticed a tall fat brown haired man; standing above the crowd.

"Wow...I thought I couldn't find them, but Muta helped." Hana whispered to herself.

She managed to run towards them and jumped into the arms of her new father in law. He smiled and stroked her silky black hair. "Hey, Hana." Baron whispered. She smiled. "...hey, 'dad'." Hana said. He smiled and tightened the hug. Haru, her new mother in law was smiling brightly at her. Lily ran up to Hana and hugged her.

When Hana was done hugging Lily, she felt arms wrapped around her from behind. She smiled and hugged the arms. "...hey, Auron." She said. He smiled. "...hello, love." He said as he kissed her cheek. Just then, one photographer came.

"Care for a family photo?" He asked.

Muta was standning next to Baron as he wrapped on arm around Haru. Toto and Miyuki had their arms wrapped around each other. Auron had his arms wrapped around Hana from behind; resting his chin on the top of her head. Lily was in Baron's arms. Natori and Natoru was standing next to Hana.

Hana smiled. "I'm glad that you knocked me down that day, Muta." She said. Muta stared at her shocked. "You are?" He asked. Hana smiled. "...if you didn't, I wouldn't have met Auron and everyone else. So I guess I should thank you for that." Hana said.

Toto gasped. "...no wonder she had that big bump on her head." Toto said. Muta glared at her. "I said it was an accident, you big chicken!" He said. Toto sighed. "Can't you do better than that, fish-breath?"

"You know what!?" They then ran out of the school grounds, chasing each other. Hana laughed. "Well...one thing will never change." Hana said. Baron stares at them. "It be a strange thing if it did." Baron said.

Hana stares at Auron and smiled warmly. He smiled back and hugged her once more. Hana knew that everything was fine now. Auron then softly gave her a kiss. She then felt herself being lifted. Auron was carrying her. Hana smiled and wrapped one arm around his neck; the other stroking her hair.

He smiled. "Well, now that we've graduated, we can focus on the wedding. We better start sending invitations." Auron said. Hana then figured out something. "I need to ask Ghidorah about something for one certain invitation. But I think he'll understand why." Hana said. Aruon smiled and hugged her.

"If that's what you need to do, then you can go on ahead." He said. Hana smiled and kissed him once more.

"Your majesty, you have mail." One cat guard said. Lune took it. "..it's from Hana, Yuki." He said. Yuki stares at the letter. "Read it." She said as excitement was in her voice.

Lune smiled and opened the letter.

"Dear Lune and Yuki.

You are here by invited to the wedding of Hana Tsushiyota and Auron Jenson von Gikkingen on-' Hana's getting married!" He said. Yuki smiled and stared at the picture.

Auron was carrying Hana bridal style in his arms in his black tuxedo. Hana had her arms wrapped around Hana's neck as she was wearing a silky wedding gown. They both had happy faces. Baron and Haru were in the back ground as Lily threw flowers in the air, since she was the flower girl. Auron's eyes were glowing with life this time, since he was very lucky to have Hana.

"...I'm glad for them." Yuki said. Lune smiled and kissed her cheek. "It's been forever since I saw Auron smiled like that. I think she's lucky to marry someone like Hana. She's a very sweet girl." Lune said while smiling sadly.

"Should we call Phoebus about the news and Louise?" Yuki asked. Lune grinned. "I think we should wait until later...I don't want them spoiling the wedding-" Something fell out of the envelope.

It was a golden scale, with a little note next to it.

"This scale will protect you and your people, Lune. Ghidorah wanted me to give this to you. See you at the wedding.

~Hana Tsushiyota von Gikkingen

Lune smiled and stroked the scale. It glowed with light and then fadded.

He knew what Hana was thinking. But he knows that both Ghidorah and the Gikkingens will watch over her and protect her...

Including her new husband, Auron.

Few days later...

"...do you take Hana Tsushiyota as your lovely wedded wife?" Natori asked; being the preist of the Cat Kingdom.

"I do." He vowed.

"Hana? Do you take Auron Jenson von Gikkingen as your lovely wedded husband?" He asked. Hana smiled.

"...I do." Hana whispered. Natori smiled.

"Then I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." He said. Auron smiled and stroked her cheek. Hana then wrapped her arms around his neck. He then closed the distance with a gentle passionate kiss. He slid his arms around her waist as she returned the kiss. Everyone was applauding.

Baron and Haur were in each other's arms whiel Toto and Miyuki were nuzzling each other.

Hana pulled away and rest her forehead against Auron's. He smiled warmly and purred softly.

Nothing could break them now, and they were glad about it.

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