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She was standing in the middle of her room, where there was nothing left but furniture and a bunch of boxes that would be soon gone as well. She had to admit that seeing her room that empty felt a little odd. As much as she had been getting everything ready for the past years, even though she knew this moment would come sooner or later and although these last six years she had been living between Mid-Childa and her house; the idea of moving away definitely scared her a little.

She looked at the calendar where a circle marked tomorrow. Tomorrow she would leave her house, tomorrow she would leave that world and move to a new home, to a room in a small residence in Mid-Childa, to a very distant planet. Looking at it that way, didn't that give her a reason to be scared?


She sat down on her bed and sighed. She didn't know how her new life would be, but it wasn't the fact of going to live elsewhere what troubled her, it was rather the sadness of leaving behind all the memories that this place brought her. Without going too far, for instance, in this room she had made her first pajama party with Fate, and in that same bed they had ended sleeping together for the first time, which later became a natural habit for them. She collapsed on the bed and sighed again, she didn't want to continue packing. Although she knew she had little time before they came for the boxes, now that she had started to remember…


She jumped up on her bed and went to the closet, grabbed a chair and climbed up to look on top of it. There it was, just as she had left it… well, maybe a little more dusty. How long had it been since she last opened that folder? She blew on it and started coughing while her eyes watered because of the dust; it definitely hadn't been a good idea to do that. She climbed down from the chair and stared at the folder in her hands.

"Let's see…"

She untied the ribbon that held the little folder closed and had to quickly catch some of its content that had been about to fall. She smiled at the DVD's that read "For Nanoha" clearly written by a child's handwriting; they were her most precious memories, the video-letters that Fate had sent her through the six months they were separated. She sat on the floor and put them aside, she'd take a look at them later, right now she had something else in mind…

"Long time, huh?"

She passed her hand over the top of that old notebook, the cover was very simple, perhaps somewhat childish with a pattern of little flowers and stars everywhere, but she remembered that she once liked it. She opened the cover and read the first page.

Diary of Takamachi Nanoha. If you're reading this and you're not me… leave it!

She couldn't help laughing, did she really think that kind of warning would actually stop someone from reading her diary? She looked around searching for a pen, everything was out of place and a real mess, but she managed to find one, she reached out to grab it and then added a small note under that phrase.

Unless you want to feel the wrath of the TSAB's While Devil.

She laughed again and started turning pages looking for the latest entry written, ready to write. She remembered well why she had started to write everything in that diary and still remembered the feeling of relief she felt when writing what she couldn't tell anyone, writing all those things down made her feel a little better.

She found a blank page and took a deep breath, releasing it all in one long sigh. She took the pen and started sliding it over the page.

It's been a long time, right? I have so many things to tell, so many things to say… I don't know where to start.

I'm no longer a little girl, I'm sixteen years old and I've grown… I'm an instructor in the TSAB and lately, living between two worlds has become pretty tough, so tomorrow I'll be moving… Surely I will miss this place, but the good thing is that Fate-chan is also moving to Mid-Childa… but she won't be with me, we have different apartments, but since they are relatively close we can still see each other. Plus, in many occasions I have to go on missions with her and Hayate.

In short, I can't complain. Everything has been fine with me, but… despite all my work achievements I think I'm stuck with my life.

Surely you think I've changed, but the people who know me say I haven't, they say I'm still the same little girl, always childish and stubborn… I guess it's true, I haven't changed much, yet I'm not the same.

Years ago I wrote saying that Fate-chan was an important friend to me, "my best friend" I remember saying.

Nanoha looked at the written page. Her handwriting was irregular, she had never been good at calligraphy but at least now it didn't look so childish. She brought the pen to her mouth and bit at it as she reread her last lines while thinking of how to continue, she remembered that whenever she had something that worried her, she noticed how when writing it she felt the pressure on her chest diminished, she didn't know if that was because at that time she was little, but hoped it still worked.

That hasn't changed but…


The girl jumped in surprise when hearing that voice which she could recognize anywhere. Without thinking it twice she quickly tore the sheet of paper, crumpling it and hiding it in her pocket as she stood to greet, with a nervous smile, the person who was at her door.

"Fate-chan…" she laughed nervously. "You're here! I didn't expect you so soon."

"I called you an hour ago…" the blonde took a step forward to enter the room, but Nanoha took one back to get away from her. "What is it, what were you doing? You look nervous…"

"Me? No… Nyahahaha."

Fate raised an eyebrow seeing how Nanoha looked furtively to the ground and tried to hide something behind her with her foot. She went over to her and bent down to pick up the notebook but the girl was faster and took it from her hand before she could do anything about it.

"Were you writing something?"

"No," she sighed when seeing her friend was frowning, she hated not being able to lie. "Yes… but it's nothing."

She swallowed hard when seeing that smile, she hated it. Over the years her friend had learned to smile and Nanoha knew each and every one of those smiles. And she knew she couldn't expect anything good when thatsmile appeared on the lips of Fate Testarossa Harlaown.

And indeed, she was right.

The blonde came closer and when Nanoha tried to step away she tripped over one of the CD's and ended up falling on the bed, ending at the complete mercy of her friend. Fate giggled, which made her swallow again; taking advantage of the situation, Fate placed herself on top of her, trapping her and holding her wrists with her hands. The notebook had fallen a little father away and she looked at it for a moment before looking back at Nanoha.

"Do you not want me see what you wrote?" The blonde muttered with a playful voice, causing a shiver to run down the back of the brunette. But despite everything, Nanoha shook her head. "Very well… You asked for it."

The attack was relentless. At the exact moment when her hands were placed on the sides of the girl and her fingers started to move, Nanoha started laughing wildly. A smile formed on Fate's lips as she tickled her. She loved to make Nanoha laugh like that, she loved her laugh.

"Sto… Stop Fate… Fate-chan!" she said laughing. "I can't … let you read it… it's my… my diary!"

The blonde's tickling stopped and then looked at her with genuine surprise, causing Nanoha to blush realizing her secret was discovered.

"Your diary?" Nanoha nodded. "I didn't know you had a diary."

"I stopped using it years ago…" she muttered embarrassed.

Fate laughed at her friend's expression, one between anger and embarrassment. At her laughter, Nanoha stuck out her tongue and Fate laughed even harder, she patted the brunette on the head which only caused her to get even angrier, before standing up.

"Come on," she held out her hand. "I'll help you finish packing."

Nanoha sighed and grabbed the hand held out to her, she hated that she found it impossible to be angry with Fate, it wasn't fair. She saw the blonde pick up the scattered DVD's and put them inside the folder before giving it back to her with a smile. She also hated feeling helpless against that smile.

She went to the bed to get her diary and looked at it for a moment before sighing and putting it back inside the folder; she had torn the page out without thinking … well, she could always write it again. Yes, that's exactly what she would do, she would start writing in her diary again and then…

"Someday I'll let you read it."

She looked at her best friend with determination and nodded, Fate looked at her with surprise but also nodded with a smile.

"I hope you write a lot about me."

Nanoha smiled and closed the folder. She didn't like having secrets with her friend and hoped that someday she wouldn't have the need to write in that diary again.

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