AN-No longer a sequel.

(Seiya might be both genders)

NOTE: This is if Mamoru DIDN'T return after the fight with Galaxia.

Summary- Everyone is happy...but in an instant the world is turned upside down. In a serious accident Usagi dies; however, her shine has been saved. Seiya is told by a person of the past that Usagi is being reborn as a new person but being put in a new body to be the same age. Now, everyone must find the new Usagi while taking down an enemy from the past who's been revived.

"It's so peaceful out today," Minako said waking hand in hand with Yaten. "I am so happy you guys stayed here...being the goddess of love and beauty without a lover."

"I just like you, Minako-chan; we're going to Rei-chan's place then shopping?" Yaten questioned.

"Of course," Minako said. "You make it sound as if I would break a promise." Yaten rolled her green eyes at the bubbly Minako.

"I can't way to celebrate the nine years since Galaxia was defeated," Minako said smiling. "Well Choas whatever."

"Okay, now can we get moving again?" Yaten asked. Minako noticed they had stopped while talking and she giggled and dragged Yaten down the sidewalk.

-Hikawa Shrine 12:00 pm-

"Finally, you two are here!" Rei exclaimed. "Two people are still missing though. Chibiusa, Usagi and Seiya."

Ami, Taiki and their child Umi sat happily. The little girl smiled at her parents and snuggled close to Ami. Haruka, Michiru, Makoto, Setsuna and Hotaru were all scattered.

"What could they be doing?" Makoto asked out loud.

"Who knows," Rei said shrugging.

-5 minutes from the shrine -

"Geez, that took long enough," Seiya said as the clouds started to gather together. "Odango, hurry."

"One sec," Usagi said dragging the pink haired girl from the toy store. "There we go." Usagi put the girl down and Chibiusa took Usagi's hand and Seiya's.

"Peace for nine years," Usagi said.

"The shrine!" Chibiusa called dragging her two parents there. "Umi-chan!" The two got dragged up the shrine stairs.

"Oh my goodness, you're here!" Makoto said. "Let's start this guys!"

Minako dragged the free into the room.

"Usagi-chan!" the rest of the inners said.

"Koneko-chan," Haruka said.

"Usagi-san," Hotaru said smiling.

"Princess," Setsuna said.

"Let's get to celebrating!" Minako shouted loudly. "Cake for one and all, right Mako-chan?"

Makoto noddedand gave strawberry shortcake to everyone, Taiki sighed; the love for short cake would never die!

"I wonder how Kakyuu-hime is," Taiki said a little bit later after they all had some wine and other treats. Glasses sat on Rei's table with a lot of plates...a lot of cleaning needed to be done.

"She came down here not too long, remember?" Umi asked everyone who was older. "Geez, for old people you can't count."

"Umi..." Ami said a little disappointed. The blue haired girl giggled and spilt cake on her pink dress. Ami dabbed it off, a star was made..oh well.

"She's okay," Seiya said remembering the three months ago when their princess came to Earth for a visit going by the name of 'Hiyo.'

"Mama," Chibiusa said. "Can we go home now?"

Usagi looked at Chibiusa. "Soon honey," Usagi said rubbing her daughters head as the girl closed her eyes and feel asleep on her mother's lap as she had done many times before.

"She looks so peaceful," Ami told Usagi. "This little one never wants to go to sleep."

Umi giggled and stuck her tongue out while Haruka stood up.

"We're leaving everyone," Haruka announced. She grabbed Hotaru's shoulder and Michiru's hand and Setsuna followed them out.

"Wait," Hotaru said. "Usagi-san, are me, you, Seiya and Chibiusa-chan still going to the park Friday?"

Usagi nodded, Seiya also nodded; the senshi of Saturn waved bye and the group It was only 8:30 pm...people were probably going since it seemed as if everyone had things to do tomorrow.

Minako and Yaten had left awhile ago, the outers just left so now many weren't left.

"Hey, Usagi-chan," Ami said soon after as she picked up the sleeping Umi which seemed to never happen as Usagi did to Chibiusa.

"Yeah," Usagi said as Rei shoved the six out and closed the door.

"Wanna walk home together, if Taiki isn't troubled with it?" Ami asked looking at Taiki.

"No problem," Taiki said as the six started walking down he shrine steps and down the sidewalk.

"For a Sunray night it sure is busy,"Ami said looking at the roads as a log of angry drivers were out on the was the end of April; usually every other month was busy.

All the girls giggled and Chibiusa woke up.

"Mama...can Seiya hold me?" Chibiusa asked with half closed eyes as the group came to a stop. Usagi gave Seiya the little girl and group stopped for a digital hand.

The hand slowly turned to walk and Usagi went first and someone hit her.

"Ahh!" Usagi screamed as blood came from her mouth.

"Usagi-chan!" Ami said. "Taiki take Umi home."

"Taiki, can you take Chibiusa with you? Let her sleep over there for tonight?" Seiya asked as Taiki nodded and took the kids away from the scene.

"We need to get her to the hospital!" A man from the street said. The traffic had all stopped.

"My mom's hospital is near here Seiya," Ami told the youngest light.

Ami even dialed the phone number and an ambulance came to get Usagi. The men took her in the back of a ambulance. Ami got in the back with Seiya.

"Seiya," Usagi muttered as Seiya grabbed Usagi's hand feeling sad, tears were coming. "I love you."

Everytime Usagi talked blood dropped from her mouth.

"It's best not for her to talk," Ami told Seiya.

"A-Ami-chan I need to," Usagi muttered. "I think I'm dying." Usagi's eye would flutter open and gen close.

"Odango, no! Don't think that way!" Seiya said as tears came down her face.

Usagi took a shakey hand with scars and quicking bruises and touched Seiya's face. The look in Usagi's eyes was full of sadness, saying goodbye, thanking Seiya for the fun times they had and to take care of Chibiusa.

"Seiya, tell everyone...goodbye for me..." Usagi said her voice sounding scratchy.

"Odango, don't go," Seiya begged. Usagi closed her eyes, and they arrived at the hospital and two men took Usagi into a room. Seiya tried to follow.

"Sorry..miss..." a doctor said.

"Jii-san, step aside," said a voice Ami knew, it was her mother. "These two may go in." Seiya and Ami dashed in the room.

Ami went to Usagi's left side and Seiya the right.

"Seiya..." Usagi muttered. "They is my last breath." Usagi pulled out her transformation locket. "Keep this, please...remember me."

"Odango! Odango!" Seiya yelled and then...the bunny was gone. "No!"

Ami took Seiya to a pink chair to sit down, a limp Usagi only five feet from them. Seiya cried, tears making her face look horrible.

"Seiya," Ami said as tears came to her eyes. "You-you know Usagi wouldn't want you to cry..never cry."

"Ami," Ami's mom said. "The doctors said your friend is gone..I'm so sorry." Ami hugged her mom and Seiya went to the bedroom one more time and kissed Usagi's cheek and tears slipped down from her face.

"Eternal sleep, Odango..." Seiya saidher eyes closed then open. "I love you...I will always love you."

No words exchanged and Seiya left with Ami down the street.

"Hey, Seiya," Ami said looking at Seiya."Do you want to stay at my house? Chibiusa is there and all."

"Yes." Seiya went home with Ami and went staright to the brown and blue haired girls house.

Seiya walked in and Taiki saw in very gloomy.

"Seiya?" Taiki asked.

Ami handed Seiya a blue night gown and a new tooth brush with tooth paste from the bathroom. The black haired girl shut the door and brushed her teeth.

"Mama?" Chibiusa asked. "Seiya...?"

"You can see her soon," Ami told the child then pulled Taiki to the corner and told her what happened.

"Oh god," Taiki said.

"Chibiusa be with Seiya tonight, okay?" Ami told the little girl as Seiya came from the bathroom.

Seiya walked past Ami and Taiki grabbed her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Seiya," Taiki said hugging her leader. "Get some rest." Seiya went in the bedroom with Chibiusa.

"Seiya," Chibiusa said pulling the blankets up. "Where's Usagi-mama?"

"Don't worry," Seiya said. "Go to sleep."

Seiya held the little girl close, scared to let her go and loose her too. She saw Usagi's locket on the night stand and grabbed that and held it close to get the feeling the bunny was there.

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