Chapter 5

What did I do? Most importantly why did I care! I was trapped for goodness sake. Or was I. I mean he has not really done anything unpleasnt, but his anger... I scared me. With a sigh I decided to go find him. I was never a mean child, I wanted to work things out, because really? Why can't we be friends.

Leaving the house with my stomach growling I went searching for Jason. I didn't know where to go, what if I went to far. Would he hurt me and try to keep me? Kicking rock out my path in a random direction I heard a crack. Slowy I crept around the cabin only to see Jason shirtless...

I felt the heat rush to between my legs and my cheeks. He was wow he had abbs. He was dead, was he. Was he a zombie. He was so attractive tropping wood. I was surprised he wasnt killing people. Then again it's pretty quite here. As he bent over for somemore wood I saw his chest muscles move and I gasped in shock.

Jasons POV

I remembered what happen. Was me dangous to her? I liked her. Did she like me. Did she want to stay. My mom sure approved of her. She upset me. She's pretty, why she no see it. I looked at her. She was red not her normal ivory. With my machete I wrote "You feel ok" in the dirt.

"Um ya, it's just hot outside, I im Me, I mean I think I'll go for a swim." Kayla said stuttering. "Has clothes, no suit" I wrote. " Well, I'll just have to make due wont I?" Kayla said before she sauntered off.

Kaylas POV

He's dead and hot no biggie. I thought as I walked to the beach. What are you thinking Kayla major biggie! I yelled at myself as I kicked off my sandles. I wonder where my parents thought I was. My friends, do you think they sent a search group looking for me? I onder what they though happpened. He killed me, tourchered me, rap.. I shook the last thought out of my head. Shaking out of the summer dress I walked straight into the cool water in nothing but my blue bra and matching panties. I had just dived under about just a dozen waves when I turned around to see a shirtless Jason watching me.

Jason POV

Was watching Kayla. So perfect. Hope I was not creepy. She noticed me and slowly walked out. "Hey" she said dripping wet. Her body. Athletic. Lean. Curved. "PURE" my moms voice popped in. I shook it out as I stared. "ummmm" Kayla said staring at her toes. Slowly I pushed her brown wet hair behind her ear. She looked up. "pretty face." I stated. With that said she turned away. I grabbed her arms, making her stare into my tense eyes through my mask. She then started crying.

Kaylas POV

"I'm sorry." I sniffed. " I was bullied like you. I mean of course it didnt get as bad as you like you know... but I actually had to live with it and now you complimenting me. I just think its a joke" I hiccup. Jason tilted his head as if asking how. "I know, I know, I'm not ugly or so you say. But you know I have a big nose, large forehead, big eyes. Those things are imperfections in media. Things people make fun of you about" I say my tears slowly streaming down my face. "Teach" Jason writes in the sand and pulls my hand to follow him. Teach me what?