Fire and Water don't mix

Korra defeated Amon, got her bending back, and gave Lin back her bending. Mako confessed his love for her but she hasn't given him a reply. Things became awkward between them as Mako awaits an answer. Growing impatient he asks for advice from the airbender kids. In the moment of it all he may end up not in his time.

Staying in the South Pole wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be. Bumi and Iroh had to leave back to the United Nations HQ to make repairs to their ships and restock in supplies. They said that they would arrive in Republic city to help restore the balance with Korra, while the rest of them await the next ferry to take them to Republic city.

Mako stepped outside of master Katara's house. He had gotten used to the cold. He picked up a firebending trick called breath of fire that kept him warm. He was still shaken from his past encounter with Korra. Her Icy cold glare lasted only milliseconds but it was enough to freeze his heart. He loved her and he wanted her to love him back. He shuddered as he remembered what she said "Fire and Water don't mix, I think history taught us that." The days with her around became awkward; she would glare while Mako would stare. She was beautiful.

Out of pure boredom and disappointment he began looking through the small bag he packed with him to the South Pole. He pulled out 3 sets of clothing, his fire ferret pro-bending belt, a picture of him and his brother, a pocket knife, and then he found something unusual. A small book with a leather clasp, Flashback…..

A couple months before Korra's arrival.

Buthaka( the owner of the pro-bending arena and pro-bending itself) walked into the Mako and Bolin's apartment. "Gentleman," He greeted them awkwardly smiling , "this is my fiancé, Marta." A woman in a slimming purple dress with a deep V-neck walked in behind him. They stood arm and arm and she was smiling elegantly. She was clearly younger than him by 20 years, give or take a few. Mako and Bolin were thinking the same thing, that she was just marrying him for money. They hated to see him get hurt, he took them in and let them compete. But they didn't want to be rude so they introduced themselves.

"I'm Mako and this is Bolin my brother." He smiled awkwardly.

"Oh I know, Buthaka has told me all about you," she replied with her pearly white smile.

"Oh," was all Mako could say.

"Tell them about your idea for the stadium Marta," Buthaka said.

"Well, I'm a poet. I love books, stories, and literature. I was thinking about the lasting legacy that pro-benders might leave over time that this stadium stands. As we know bending changes over time. Things such as metalbending have been considered impossible till several decades back. We were thinking about creating a time capsule to leave a lasting memory of those who practiced pro-bending. I'll take them up in a couple of months and we'll bury it, so it can be re-discovered in another couple decades or so." Then she simply left and Buthaka with her.


Mako remembered asking for advice on what to put in and Marta suggested writing a short journal description of his life. Making it as vague as possible so people in the future could relate. He remembered starting it and never finishing it. Since Korra and the Championships there was never really time to worry about a stupid journal.

He scanned through the book looking at all the familiar faces sketched onto his pages. He saw people like Bolin, Asami, Buthaka, Tenzin, Hasook, Lin, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo , Pema, Pabu, then it came to Korra. Her page was bland. Those were the words he wrote as a friend, he needed to write like a lover. Not afraid of what she might think of this he began writing and sketching explaining his true feelings. When he was finished the page was beautiful, just like her. Then he wrote down what she said on a small sheet of paper Fire and Water don't mix, I think History taught us that. What did it mean? History? He locked it away in the book and put everything back in his bag.

He passed by the airbender kids practicing the forms when Jinora jumped and ran over to Mako. "Is that a diary?"

"oooooooh, can I see? Can I see? Can I see? "Ikki squealed.

"What's a diary?" Meelo asked.

"It's a place where a person can express their thoughts and feelings" Jinora explained.

"It is not a Diary." Mako exclaimed. He stormed away brought out his pocket knife and engraved in the front TIME CAPSULE. He didn't want this to be the first of many times that is was mistaken for a diary. He tucked it deep into his bag under all of his clothes and sealed the bag shut. He sat on a block of ice and sighed. He was thinking about Korra and if she would ever love him back. Before he knew it he was faced with 3 airbender kids. Who rushed over here with their incredible speed.

"Thinking about Korra?" Ikki said facing him. "You should brew a Potion of rainbows and sunsets that make two lovers sprout wings and fly to a magical castle in the sky where they get married and eat clouds with spoons and use stars as ice cubes in their moonlight punch forever and ever and ever."

"I read a book where a firebender burned down a country and dropped into a volcano to proclaim his love." Jinora suggested.

"That's happened before and the avatar stopped it" mako responded steadily.

"My point exactly, the avatar, Korra, you know."

"Are we in history class?" Meelo asked.

"That's it!" Mako exclaimed. "History, the past, in the time of the 100 year war."

"Yup, that's what it means" Jinora blandly stated.

"What was avatar aang's love life like?" mako pondered. That must've been what Korra meant. Her past life, but what happened in that past life. "Spirits, I wish I knew."

The world started to spin. Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo looked confused as the ground beneath them disappeared and they fell into a deep sea.