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Author's Note: This is one of the descriptive passages I cut out of the original one-shot, because its lengthiness messed with the story flow. It explores the nature of Artemis and Dick's married relationship a little more deeply.

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Extras: Connection

Today's surprise dinner had reminded her of Dick's uncanny sixth sense when it came to her needs.

Even if she hadn't told him about her bad day or if something had gone wrong or if she had just gotten word that Lawrence Crock had died of a stroke in prison, Dick was already on top of it.

An encouraging text message would come out of nowhere, or he would call her on the job, his bright but soothing voice helping her through the rough spots if he couldn't be by her side. Her favorite kinds of food would be waiting for her in the refrigerator when she came home. Zatanna would suddenly come over for a visit and drag her out for a girl's night, never mentioning that Dick had asked her to stop by because Artemis needed a friend.

One particularly awful Friday, she had arrived at the front of their apartment complex to find Dick revving his red motorcycle. He had two day-bags packed and a helmet in hand for her, and they took a road trip out of town. She returned home refreshed, her bad day completely forgotten.

In return, she gave him sinful back and foot rubs (among other things), and like any good wife would do for her husband, she kept Dick honest. She knew just which areas were tightest and when a twitch of his fingers meant he was hiding something, or when the limpness of his arm indicated a poorly-bandaged laceration on his bicep under his shirt.

She could read him physically as well as he knew her emotionally. While Artemis used Dick's body language, because he was a physical person who had become too adept at saying words he didn't mean, Dick read her in ways even he couldn't completely explain.

The connection was subtle at first, but years of being together had sharpened their understanding to a razor-edge, cutting past their pretenses and the masks they both wore. It was the kind of communication money and couple's counseling couldn't buy.

M'gann once made an off-handed comment about "latent telepathic powers" triggered by "a strong emotional connection," when she and Conner visited the Graysons.

At this, Artemis laughed, and Conner frowned at his wife skeptically.

"Telepathy?" Artemis choked out between chuckles and wiping away tears of mirth. "Really? I mean, we've lived together for over a year, and of course I understand my own husband, but telepathy?"

Dick waggled his eyebrows. "Nope. We've got something even better."

"And what would that be?" M'gann asked.

The Grayson couple exchanged looks packed tight with meaning.

"I'm not sure there's a word for it..." Artemis replied, pausing so Dick could finish her sentence for her.

"...but I believe the closest translation is 'the ability to get Traught.'"

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