Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a story. I hope to update regularly. This chapter is the poem I wrote that I am basing a multi chap off. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Broken glass

The beauty made by something terrible is amazing. The beauty of a smashed hope is the most entrancing thing in the world.

No matter how shocking and dangerous

Terrible, horrible

That sight may seem

In your eyes

The light that will bend through those shards

Makes a visual spectacle

Almost worth the smashing

What you see

And how you will react

It is terrible

It is beautiful

It is fate

The stunning beauty

Of something gone

Of something terrible

The awe of it

And the stunningness

Makes us all know

Shattered hope

Is still amazing

Shattered hope

Is not hope lost

It is what will happen

It is not what we want

But when it comes

Maybe the sight

Of broken glass

Is true beauty

Not perfection-it can never be perfect

Perfection is broken glass