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Kon: (Notices his teddy bear body on Jinta's waist) Why is my sexy body attached to that brat's pants strap? Damn it! I'll take it back! Definitely!

Jinta: (After whistle sounds) Take that! Jinta's Dribble! Everyone watch the landing!

Kon's team: (Sweatdrops as Kon clashed into Jinta) What are they doing? Breaking the rules! Breaking the rules! (Ururu shakes head) Huh? It's okay? And since when is she the referee?

Ichigo: (Pops up on screen) Since when were they Shinigami?

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Prologue: Yoshino's Decision of Death

In Soul Society...

"We have not been able to find the former 5th Squad Captain Aizen Sōsuke, the former 3rd Squad Captain Ichimaru Gin, nor the 9th Squad's Tōsen Kaname." Tula started the Captains' Meeting. "Luckily, according to the information about this development, Aizen must make preparations before he can go to Hongoku. It is thought that on top of a great deal of time needed for his preparations, once completed, they will need time for maturation. It has been decided that there should be no need to worry until next year. However, it does not change the fact that these three men are a threat to both Soul Society and the real world. As such, you have been changed into Search Squads, and will be mobilized as such. Until further information comes in, you are dismissed."

Some time later, in the 12th Squad Communication Room...

"So you're here after all." Hitsugaya entered the room.

"Hey, the kid prodigy came huh?" Kyōraku remarked. "Wanna one?" he raised his sake bottle.

"I'll pass." Hitsugaya retorted. "Excuse me."

"Captain Hitsugaya." Tula nodded.

"What are you two old men doing?" Hitsugaya inquired.

"Just a little survey." Ukitake replied. "Suì-Fēng is currently sending us some data from the real world."

"Was the Senkai Gate closed for this?" Hitsugaya blinked.

"Well, yeah." Kyōraku answered. "It's easier to gather data on alien elements if we stop soul movement."

"Alien elements?" Hitsugaya echoed.

"Right." Tula nodded. "We are trying to find out what they really are."

"There couldn't be a connection between this and the Aizen incident, could there?" Hitsugaya pressed.

"I don't know." Tula admitted. "Everything will be known after this?"

"It's arrived!" Tsubokura Rin reported. "We have the sample. It arrived safely."

"What is this?" Hiyosu peered closer as his monitor. "It's not found in our database. Fine! Analyze it again."

"Okay." Rin replied.

"What do you think?" Ukitake inquired.

"Yeah, it's strange." Hitsugaya agreed.

"At any rate, it seems that we need to study it some more." Kyōraku noted.

At a much later Captains' Meeting...

"We're coming in." Matsumoto and Yoruichi declared.

"I wonder what you were doing at this important time?" Kurotsuchi demanded, "If you were part of the normal guard, I would feed you to my pets for your incompetence."

"Tula-sama, what was it that you wanted to tell us?" Matsumoto looked over at the young Goddess.

"I'm the one who has something to tell you." Kurotsuchi snapped.

"In an attempt to keep this from spreading, Captain Commander Yamamoto had me act as a decoy." Ukitake supplied.

"Now then, would Captain Kurotsuchi of the 12th Squad explain the situation?" Tula prompted.

"This isn't a 'situation' or anything like that!" Kurotsuchi snapped. "This was my databank! Someone snuck into the databank and stole from it!"

"Stole from it?" Yoruichi blinked. "What?"

"Bount." Kurotsuchi replied. "I wonder if saying this surprises you. On top of this, he set up a trap. If I tried to remove it from that data, then that data would be destroyed. Do you understand what this means? Huh? As Captain of the 12th Squad, as well as the person in charge of data, this is a most contemptuous affront! If there is someone you might think to be the culprit, tell me his name! He needs to be caught immediately!"

"Don't be harsh, Kurotsuchi." Tula cut his rant off. "We all share a responsibility in capturing the culprit."

"Have you forgotten that among those responsible captains there have already been some traitors?" Kurotsuchi reminded.

"This is something that could endanger all of Soul Society." Tula pointed out. "We should try to avoid acting rashly."

"You're useless, aren't you?" Kurotsuchi snorted. "Well, it's alright." he relented, unnerved by the girl's impassive stare. "But if there is another instance of someone trying to anger me, I'll have an idea who it might be. Be prepared!"

Some time later, at the 12th Squad Headquarters...

"What is that?" Hitsugaya blinked as data after data flashed across the main screen.

"Something I borrowed." Kurotsuchi replied. "There is no such thing as data that I may not access here in the Department of Technology. I undid the lock, though it took some time. Now then, let me explain. Nemu."

"Yes, I'm putting it on the monitor." Nemu answered.

"These are the Bount that are causing a commotion in the real world." Kurotsuchi brought up the pictures. "They are a clan that appear human and eat souls in order to lengthen their lives. And there are the Quincy that everyone is already familiar with. At one point in the past, these two clans, the Bount and Quincy, had a battle. It seems that the one who recorded this was doing it as a distant spectator." he added as the video rolled. "Look at this." he had Nemu play back the record. "The Bount were clearly targeting the Quincy."

"And the rest of it?" Tula asked after the record fizzled out.

"There isn't any." Kurotsuchi replied. "It is old, after all. This is all we have."

"It's to be continued, huh?" Kyōraku mused. "I'm interested in what happened next."

"I don't know if the Bount there got the Quincy or not," Kurotsuchi remarked. "But if you look at the big picture... Nemu, continue." he ordered.

"Yes," Nemu replied. "It seems that after this fight, they continued to absorb humans' souls."

"What?" Hitsugaya was stunned.

"Originally, the Bount supposedly had a law that said they were never to absorb anything but a deceased human soul." Nemu explained. "However, for a short period after this incident, they continued to absorb living souls. The data concerning the amount of damage does..."

"Don't say unnecessary things!" Kurotsuchi cut her off.

"What happened after that?" Ukitake asked.

"I don't know." Kurotsuchi replied. "But, whenever they do something big, they break their clan's law and attack living humans. On top of this, for some reason, they need the special human Quincy clan. Just how much of what is occurring in the real world matches up with this old record? That is something I do not know. Only this is for certain. The Bount will start to seriously attack humans from here on. Living humans."

In the real world...

"I've waited for this moment." Kariya grinned as Yoshino's Spirit Particles started gathering at his feet. "Pursue the pain, Noin Raven!" he started his chant when a bright golden light shone from a rooftop, diverting the Spirit Particles away.

Uryū watched in shock as a white-winged Pegasus landed beside Tula, the Ice Goddess having summoned the winged horse. The Stallion Rêve in hand, Tula collected Yoshino's Spirit Particles within the container. "Helios." she turned to the guardian of Elysian.

"I understand, Young Mistress." the Pegasus replied, his golden horn flashing at every word. The stallion Rêve vanishing within him, the Pegasus disappeared back to Elysian.

"Even if most of Yoshino's life is out of reach, I can still do this with what little life-force that is left." Kariya snapped, as a red seal manifested under his feet.

Below, Ichinose and Koga disengaged Renji and Ichigo. The two Shinigami watched as dozens of eggs emerged from the seal and hatched into insect-like creatures. Ugaki was very excited that a new Doll was being born. Jin then disappeared, along with all of the insects.


New Intros: Time Loop Version, FUBAR, Part One

Naruto: (Blinks as world starts to come back into focus and realizes was in another FUBAR loop) Fuck.

Ranma: You have no idea.

Naruto: (Looks at much younger Ranma) Saotome?

Ranma: Welcome once again to the Hogwarts fused loop.

Naruto: Again? Okay, I know it wasn't on my end.

Ranma: Mine either.

Harry: Excuse me, can I… Shit, who fucked up?

Naruto: None of us, Harry. Might want to move though, I want to see how many got into this loop with us.

Harry: (Expands compartment) Just make sure one looks for Anko or First Year Anko. I'd rather have a head's up.

Ranma: So what now? True, seven years is a lot better than the usual one I'm stuck in. But still we don't even know what accident shifted us here … again.

Harry: (Four new faces show up) Shit.

Naruto: Damn newbies.

Ranma: Of all the fucked up realities.

Harry: You know them?

Asuka: What the hell are you idiots chatting about?

Ranma: May I present Asuka, Rei, Shinji, and Kaoru. They come from a series called Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Harry: So then, what did you four newbies do to try and escape your loop that led to this fucked up scenario?

Kaoru: Oh it was quite genius, based on the religious tone of Adam, Eve, and Lilith, they tried to use the three Evangelions to combine and force the time loop to end. I must say it failed rather well. I rather not experience a full planetary cascading explosion like that again.

Naruto: You blew up a damned planet.

Asuka: Hey, it would have worked!

Ranma: Everyone always says that, though blowing up a planet is a whole new level of FUBAR. Congrats, you guys have outdone anything we've done.

Harry: Obviously it didn't work. Take a seat, and welcome to the Everlasting Loop of Hell.

Shinji: You … you mean we aren't alone in this?

Ranma: Not really, seems every reality has one stuck in this loop.

Asuka: Then how do we get out? I want a Sweet Sixteen damn it!

Harry: Oh you'll have one.

Rei: Very well. Now excuse me, but I wish to become one with Shinji once more.

Naruto: (Everyone stares as she drags said boy away) She does know we're eleven now, right?

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