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BLUEBERRi once again found himself flying around the Dream Gate, looking into the far distance of the black sea. Owl popped up when he flew toward the fountain.
"If you collect dream drops," he said, "they will appear in this fountain."

"Shut up, Owl," BLUEBERRi replied, "I don't care."

"BLUEBERRi, how mean!" Exclaimed NiGHTS.

"Sorry, but I really couldn't care less." BLUEBERRi stated.

Owl disappeared; somewhat shocked that someone had been bold enough to tell him what he or she really thought about him.

"Look what you did, BLUEBERRi."

"What, tell the truth?"

NiGHTS landed on the ground and stomped his/her foot. BLUEBERRi would have blushed if he could, but alas he could not. That's when the Dream Gate opened and a Visitor walked through.

Ah, BLUEBERRi thought, saved by the Dreamer.

"What's your name, Visitor?" NiGHTS asked as s/he flew toward the frightened Dreamer.

"Mike," the human managed to say. "Who are you?"

"I'm NiGHTS."

"And I'm BLUEBERRi." He said as he drifted downward.

Owl popped into existence again, and BLUEBERRi restrained himself. "Hello there Visitor," said the bird, "I'm Owl, and you are in the Dreamworld."

"You don't want to listen to this bird do you, Mike?" NiGHTS wondered.

"Oh, okay, I see how it goes. I'm not allowed to say what I want to about Owl, yet you can say THAT to a Visitor?" BLUEBERRi crossed his arms.

NiGHTS ignored the other Nightmaren. "Fly with me, Mike."


"NiGHTS has the power to dueilize with Visitors." Said Owl.

"As do I."

"Well, how 'bout it, Mike?" NiGHTS asked.

"What's dueilize?"

"Due-a-lize and it's hard to explain unless you know what it's like, so how about it, Mike?" NiGHTS asked as she held out her hand.

Mike was hesitant.

"Aw, come on, Mike," said BLUEBERRi, "flying's fun."

Mike slowly held out his hand and touched NiGHTS and there was a bright flash of light, and Mike was no longer standing there, but floating.

"Woah," said Mike through NiGHTS.

" 'Woah' is right." BLUEBERRi said.

Mike looked up. "What's that thing?" he asked.


Mike tried to move upwards, but it seemed like he was stuck. "How do you move this thing?"

"'This thing' is my body and you move it like this" NiGHTS said as she showed him.

"Oh, okay."

"You try it now." NiGHTS said as she went limp and started falling toward the ground. BLUEBERRi wanted to rush towards NiGHTS and catch him/her, but he did not because he knew that NiGHTS would take control if the Visitor couldn't. All he could do was watch. Just as it looked too late, and as NiGHTS was about to take his/her body back, she stopped falling; she was upside down, but she had stopped. BLUEBERRi sighed in relief, and the Visitor struggled to right himself. He did so and tried to fly up, the way NiGHTS showed him. Mike quickly soared up into the sky. When he got up really high Owl appeared again and said:

"You can't go up that high, Visitor, for it will strike too much fear in your heart."

Mike floated down as Owl disappeared again.

"Is he always like that?" Mike asked.

"Pretty much yeah." BLUEBERRi said, suddenly beside Mike making him jump. "Oh, sorry, I thought that you heard my star trail…" BLUEBERRi held up his right hand and Mike saw that there were little star-like sparkles that came out of it. (Or was it coming out of his sleeve?) "NiGHTS has a star trail, too."

Mike held up NiGHTS's hand and saw the little sparkles. "What are these for?"

"Paralooping, if you fly in a loop you paraloop if you fly into the stars in the star trail."

"What's Paralooping?"

"I guess your kind would describe it as a sort of vacuum. It sucks up nearby Nightopians, Nightmarens, and blue chips."

"Please, can we just chase Octopaw already?" NiGHTS wanted to know.

"Where is he?" asked the Visitor.

"Just follow the rings."

Mike looked around, and sure enough he saw these yellow rings. "Let's try it."


Mike sped off towards the rings.

"Now," said NiGHTS, "You'll want to fly through the middle of the rings."

"Like this?" said Mike as he flew through the first ring.

"Yes, exactly like that."

"What happens if we catch Octopaw?"

"Well, if we do catch him—"

"But most of the time we don't really," interrupted BLUEBERRi.

"Thanks for the interruption, BLUEBERRi." NiGHTS said.

"Your welcome."

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, if we catch Octopaw we just let him go."

"Why?" Mike asked.

"So we can have our fun while the Dreamers are in the waking world." BLUEBERRi stated.

After NiGHTS had taught Mike how to fly, Mike had a question. "BLUEBERRi," Mike asked, "you said something about Nightopians. What is a Nightopian?"

"It's easier to show you than to try to explain it." BLUEBERRi answered.
"Umm, okay."

NiGHTS flew to one of the doors at the Dream Gate.