A/N: Alda, BLUEBERRi, and Mike are my fan characters but the Nightmarren concept belongs to SEGA.

Mike walked in through the Dream Gate, and when he saw Alda and BLUEBERRi kissing on the fountain he had an idea, for he could tell that NiGHTS and Owl were purposely keeping their distance. Mike decided that he would do what he does when he sees this best friend making out in the school's hallways with his girlfriend.

He walked over to the two. "Hey, guys!" He was practically yelling to get their attention. "What's up?"

Alda broke away from BLUEBERRi and looked like she was about to go dragon on Mike. She growled at him, wanting BLUEBERRi to send him back to the waking world.
BLUEBERRi looked at Alda, and he could tell, for it was clearly written upon her face, that she wanted Mike out of here. "Mike," he said, "perhaps you could do your flying with NiGHTS tonight. Alda and I are preoccupied."

"Ummmm, sure?" He was confused, for that was not the reaction that he was looking for. He had wanted them to completely break away from each other. The kiss was done, but they still had their arms wrapped around each other. Mike wanted them to be embarrassed, but the only emotion on their faces were pure annoyance. He thought about this as he walked toward NiGHTS and Owl, up in the trees.

NiGHTS looked at him and shook his/her head. "You should not have done that," s/he stated as s/he floated down towards the dreamer. "They are celebrating." He held out his hand to Mike.

As Mike took the hand he asked what they were celebrating.

"Why visitor," Owl answered, "they are celebrating love."


"Yes," NiGHTS added, "BLUEBERRi asked Alda to be his wife just a few minutes ago."

"You all get married?"

"No, not really. There's no point when most of our kind is created. But, you see, BLUEBERRi and Alda are special, they were made exactly for each other. I suppose Wizeman was experimenting when he made them. No, we take the idea of being married, and other customs, from the minds of our dreamers as they shape our world."

"Have they set a date yet?"

NiGHTS laughed, "I do not think that they have gotten that far.

Mike heard a bark at the bottom of the tree that they were sitting in. "What's down there?"

"Oh, that's just Pongo."


NiGHTS called Pongo up and started petting him as s/he told the dog's story to Mike and how they obtained him.

"So, Wizeman sent this Nightmaren named Eva and revived Jackle to get you again?"

"Yes, but we are all quite alright. And I learned to stay on Alda's good side, which it
seems that you are not doing at the moment."

"Yeah, I know I should apologize. It's just that everyone around me has someone, and I'm alone."

NiGHTS paused, clearly confused as to what to say. Humans are so touchy about these things. They are always beyond my grasp of comprehension.

"You know what, I thing I want to go back. I have a paper I need to write. Can you send be to the Waking World, NiGHTS?"

"No, only BLUEBERRi or the Awakers can do that. Come on, let's go down and ask BLUEBERRi to send you back."

As soon as NiGHTS's feet touched the ground the Nightmaren and the Visitor separated.

"Excuse me," Mike began as he ran towards the fountain, "I know what I did before was rude, Alda and BLUEBERRi. I'm sorry about it. However, I want to go back, so could you wake me up, BLUEBERRi?"

"You're fine, Mike." BLUEBERRi replied. "Apology accepted." He took one had away for Alda, and waved it front of Mike, who disappeared.