Have you ever wondered What if? What if I had been born to different parents? What if some situations in the Harry Potter books were different. Right now, this is a one-shot, but personally I've had many What if ideas while reading Harry Potter, so expect a lot of one-shots in this series. What if? Bits and pieces will be compliant with the books, but others will not (obviously). I own none of the characters or the setting, or in the instance of Crucio the situation, I'm just tweaking one written by the fabulous J.K. Rowling.


Twelve of the thirteen people in the room held their breaths, as Dolores Umbridge pulled her wand out of her pocket and looked into the defiant eyes of Harry Potter. "What Cornelius doesn't know, won't hurt him." Harry stared back at her, pulling against the restraints in the chair, even as she raised her wand, and pointed it at his face.

"No!" Yelled Ginny Weasley, breaking away from the Slytherin holding her, to move towards Umbridge and Harry.

But the word had alreadly slipped through the lips of the unruly professor, disguised in a snarl. "Crucio!"

The room started to seemingly move in slow motion, as Harry's back arched off of the wooden chair, in the headmistresses office. His body started to twitch, and he almost levitated in the air, writhing in the utter agony of the Cruciatus curse. Gregory Goyle caught hold of Ginny around the waist, and yanked her back. "Don't make me do it to you, you dirty blood traitor."

Harry stopped writhing, and stumbled to his feet, struggling against the curse, that was causing his pain, and stumbled towards Goyle and Ginny. His arms, twitching at his side, bending at odd angles, he fought, step by step to them and glared through the intense pain into the mundane eyes of the Slytherin. "DO. NOT. TOUCH. HER!" Harry snarled, before falling into a ball and yelling out in pain.

"Harry!" Yelled out his friends.

Dolores Umbridge silenced the Gryffindors and Ravenclaw with a wave of her wand, momentarily releasing the spell on Harry, who lay slumped on the floor, at the feet of Ginny and Goyle. "Mr. Potter, do you intend to answer my questions now?" She asked, in her high-pitched voice.

All that could be heard for a moment was Harry's ragged breathing. "You-" he started, before swallowing and rolling onto his stomach, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees. "You can torture me all you want, but know that if Voldemort couldn't break me," he glared at her, still dazed in his pain, "then neither can you!"

"Yes I can!" She growled, pointing her wand at him.

Ginny broke through the arms of Gregory Goyle, by stomping on his foot, and kneeing his groin. She ran forward, and dove through the air, trying to stop the unforgivable curse that was about to be used on Harry again. Arms spread out in the air, her eyes meeting his for a brief second, before they rolled into the back of her head, and her back bent so far because of the pain, that she touched the back of her head with the heel of her foot.

Harry's chest seemed to contract, before magic burst out of him, like a bullet from a gun. "GINNY!" He yelled out, as Umbridge and the Slytherins fell to the ground, unconcious from the magic that had burst from him. The members of D.A. fell to the floor as well, and sat up looking at the sight in front of them. Harry pulled himself over to Ginny's body, and lay his head on her stomach for a second, before pulling himself up so that he could see into her face. "Ginny?"

Ginny's eyes flinched open, and slowly met the glowing emeralds that looked deeply into her soul. "I'm sorry Harry," she whispered, reaching her hand out for his.

"Why would you do that?" He asked, slightly furious that she would endanger herself because he was in pain. "What were you thinking, you silly girl?"

"I.. I didn't want to see you in pain."

Harry's hand reached to caress her face. "So you thought that putting yourself in pain was the thing to do?"

Ginny looked sheepish, through the grimace from lingering pain. "It was the only thing that I could do. I.." She paused, before she got a determined look on her face, and stared into his eyes. "I will do anything to protect those that I love from pain."

Harry's hand froze. "You.. you love me?"

Ginny blushed and nodded. "I always have."

Ron coughed. "Sirius? Harry, what happened in the fire?"

Harry's eyes flashed for a second, before he pushed himself up onto his knees, and turned to the group of people. "Kreacher said he's at the Ministry, and that he'll never come back."