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Word Count: 339 words.

Of Gears and Screws

He watches her she fiddles with the components of the contraption. The contraption that they collaborated in order to create from the ground up. He admits, his troubles with meditating were made up for by what a fast learner she was at machinery. Even if she messes up every now and then.

"And unless I've done my work wrong, this gear goes here, doesn't it?" she asks. She knows she isn't a master at the hobby, but she believed that trying new things was fun and an educational experience within itself. For one thing, she certainly knew more about robotics than she did before they walked into the basement.

He nods, and she plants the gear there. He closes the panel and screws it shut, and allows her to do the honors by turning the machine on with the press of a button.

With the final gear in place and the others all adjusted, the machine starts up. First, it's eyes open, then it's tail begins to wag rapidly, it looks around and smiles. It depicts this by sticking out it's tongue, composed out of a recycled Ultra-Hand, and panting happily.

It's the cutest puppy she's ever seen.

The puppy jumps into her arms and nuzzles her cheek, "Oh! My, he's quite a jumpy one, isn't he?"

He gives another nod, and the robotic dog happily licks her cheek, "This is quite different than holding a natural creature. But I believe we're all friends, and nobody should be judged for who they are, inside or out." she pokes the dog's nose, and it barks in joy.

"According to his aura, he seems to enjoy our company. Here B, why don't you say a little hello to him?" she holds the robotic dog in front of him, mere inches away from his face.

He opens his mouth to speak, but the sudden lick of the dog's tongue is enough to interrupt him. Dawn giggles at the sight, and the dog resumes it's cheerful panting.

It's already grown to like him.